This RedSn0w guide & tutorial will show you how to unlock your iPhone 2G using RedSn0w. This guide is to unlock the iPhone 2G only. If you want to unlock the iPhone 3G, you will have to jailbreak your iPhone first using this guide, then run UltraSn0w, the unlocking tool for iPhone 3G.

This tutorial was originally written for jailbreaking firmware 3.0 but it also works with firmware 3.0.1. I just updated this guide with the latest information.

Note that this RedSn0w tutorial is for Windows users but I assume the steps are similar on a Mac.

1. Before doing anything, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and the latest firmware 3.0 3.0.1 installed on your iPhone 2G.

2. Create a new folder on your desktop. In this folder, download RedSn0w as well as the 3.0 firmware (not 3.0.1) for your iPhone 2G from our iPhone downloads page (make sure you pick the right firmware). Also download the following bootloader files: BL 3.9 and BL 4.6

3. Unzip and launch RedSn0w.

4. Click “browse” and select the 3.0 (not 3.0.1) firmware you downloaded in a folder in step 2.

5. Once the firmware has been successfully identified, click “next”.

6. Select “install Cydia” and “unlock”, then click “next”.

7. Browse for the bootloader files you downloaded in step 2, and click “next”.

8. Make sure your iPhone is plugged into the computer and that it is off. Click “next”.

9. RedSn0w will then guide you to put your iPhone into DFU mode. Hold down the power button for 2 seconds. Without releasing the power button, also hold down the home button for 10 seconds. Without releasing the home button, release the power button but keep holding the home button for 30 seconds.

10. If done correctly, your iPhone should reboot and the jailbreak process should start. This step may take up to 15-20 minutes so be patient.

11. Once this process is over, you will get a message saying that it is “done!”

12. Click the “finish” button and reboot your iPhone. The reboot may take up to 10 minutes so again, be patient.

13. Congratulations, you just jailbroke and unlocked your iPhone 3.0 3.0.1 with RedSn0w.

  • ross

    hey i was wondering if any1 could email me there orginal iphone 2g 3.1.2 firmware? ive tryed downloading it like 20 times but its just not happning 🙁 would really aperiate some help guys 😉

  • ouy

    i jailbreaked my ipod touch FW 3.1.3 with redSnow and FW iPod2,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw
    i done with instruction and……..was trucked at” waiting for reboot”
    …..i wait about 30 minute…not response
    …….unpluged and plug again……..not response.
    ……can i do anymore??? help me please…….

  • AG

    So… I did the jailbraking with blackra1n and when I tryed to unlock with blacksn0w the screen of my iphone started only to show the apple image.
    Help please!!What should I do???

  • KuKu

    Again, I can guarantee this guide works 100% as well as the previous Sebastien’s “Unlock your iPhone 2G with QuickPwn (2.1 firmware)”! Now I “updated” my 2G from 2.1 to 3.0.1. firmware :).

    Unlock & Jailbroke my iPhone 2G under 5 minutes, flawlessly! Just follow the steps carefully!

    Clear & pure quality – Thank you so much for this :)!


    Didn’t work for me after 37 trials… iphone 2g with itunes 9
    this other other one did work

  • zammy

    perfectly done, thank you very much

  • zammy

    got a question here.

    how about the 3.1.2 firmware? should it work with this step?
    i.g my firmware is 3.1.2 and then i take the step above instead of
    3.0 firmware i should change it to 3.1.2 firware so that its updated?

    please reply if its work. thank you

  • Chris

    SO, here’s a question for everyone. I am not very intelligent when it comes to this stuff (I have a massive collection of “For Dummies” books. I have an iPhone 2nd Gen with the 3.1.3 firmware. WHat do I need to download from the download page to jailbreak and unlock it? One part says 3.0 redsnow, one says 0.9.3 and I am now officially confused.
    Or should I just fork out the money to one of these sites to pay for the software and instructions to do it?

  • palywaly

    For those who relentlessly get the USB connect to Itunes after running the resn0w… When it is stuck on slide to use for emergency screen limited use after jailbreaking… I found a solution. You must restore the 2Giphone to an older (3.0) firmware first, using the method of restoring with Itunes and pressing SHIFT while pressing the restore button, and when it brings up the options you select the OLDER version you downloaded for the older firmware.
    Once it restores it to the older (3.0) firmware you can then run the redsn0w again and choose the same firmware, and it will work this time. I did it every other way imaginable, but the only way it worked was to use the Itunes restore, and restoring to older version.
    To do this, open itunes. Hold the Power and Round (Home) button BOTH together for 10 seconds and when it restarts you hold ONLY the HOME button. This will show you a simple USB and itunes logo, which is the restore screen. Itunes will give you the message of needing to restore it, and you say OK. Then WHILE PRESSING SHIFT you select the Restore button, which will bring up the browse box. YOu then find the previously downloaded firmware.
    It finally worked.

  • ade

    I attempted to restore my I phone 2g but after I thought I was done,it went off and the message saying my ”sim card is not supported” appeared and it has continued to be so.It also says that I should ”insert the SIM CARD which came with my i phone ”while of course there was non! How do I unlock my phone or sim card/jailbrake in order to use the phone again. It is even difficult to know whether there is a firmware in the phone since I cannot even access it!
    Please help me?

  • Dean

    Chris, I paid for one of those website’s “unlock your phone” softwares and I’m here now. I thought it would be easier than having to follow such a tutorial as this, but three hours into it and $29.95 poorer, I ended up here. The “software” I paid for is just a tutorial like this one, where you have to go through all of these steps, so it is basically a scam. Unfortunately, I tried this redsn0w one twice and it also has failed to work for me. Feel lucky for all those guys who get it to run perfectly on the first try!

  • jack’s fan

    jack’s comment totally helped man thanks! and anyway this guide was good too!

  • Doomrot

    Thanks a bunch for this. My phone locked up and my only recourse was to update and download the new patch. Between this site and Jack’s advice (redsn0w too without saying) I’m back up and running

  • rora

    do this progress with or without the sim card in?

  • thanks,

    this is exactly what some people are doing and charging for it !!!

    thanks !!!!

    now I need to get my TMOBILE SIM to work.

    any ideas ?

  • rick

    I had the issue where I couldn’t get the process to finish after entering DFU mode, followed the suggestion to quickly disconnect & reconnect the USB lead and sure enough it worked just fine from there.

  • Arihant

    I did as told and it works phone. My phone got unlocked but i dont get any signal now :\. No matter wat i do.
    Plz help

  • Bills

    Wow This totally fuked up my Iphone. It is a the apple logo and it keeps shutting on and off.

    Its been doing this for about 15 minutes And it said that i was already done.

  • Maria

    Jack knows Redsn0w! Thanks!

  • cinnamon

    this was incredibly helpful! thank you so much for the clear instructions!

  • Herman

    Wow, on the first try, the USB icon and the itunes icon woldn’t go away, but then i synced it to itunes again and tried again and it worked. The trick was to hold the home-button during the whole operation. Thanks a lot ppl! 🙂

    • Sunil


      Could you tell me how were you able to sync the iphone with Itunes.

      I am able to make and receive calls but not able to get the usb cable and Itunes logo out of my home screen.

      Thanks & Regards

  • Help

    same problem as Bills, its just the apple logo that shows and the phone turns off and on now and then.. PLEASE HELP?

  • Andrea

    Omg!! thank you so much .. i update to 3.1.3 from my old 2.1 but i got “@#ck” so i decide to go back but was unable to.. so i instal the 3.0.1 and deblock it .. thanks to you!!
    U r the best!!

  • how are you!This was a really fabulous subject!
    I come from roma, I was fortunate to search your website in baidu
    Also I obtain much in your subject really thanks very much i will come again

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  • Hitendra

    hi guys, I have iphone2G, i was not being able to make calls, somebody asked me to update software, and i did so. It got updated, but now it is showing Emergency Calls only. Is it locked? I am trying to unlock it with the help of redsn0w, i have downloaded all requisites. Can anybody plz let me know if shall I keep SIM card inserted in iphone or not?

    • Sunil

      It worked for me with the sim card inside the phone.

  • Sunil

    I tried to restore my iphone2 to factory setting (was having issues with istore). Now I only see the USB Cable and ITunes Logo on the iphone screen. The screen read “Emergency Calls” but I am able to receive and make calls.

    Could somebody advice on how to restore the original settings on i-phone.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Hitendra

    I have done it successfully on my iphone 2g. first of all you, restore or upgrade your iphone to iPhone1,1_3.1.3_7E18_Restore.ipsw. Then you start with redsn0w-win_0.9.4. While doing this with redns0w, you will be asked to downgrade your OS, that time you will require to iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw. Make sure you have downloaded all necessary things beforehand. Following are ncessary things.

    That’s all

  • anonymous

    This might sound completely stupid and i’m sorry about that. I’m a noob.

    What .ipsw do i need to get for a 2g ipod touch running 4.2.1, and where do I get it?
    (I can’t find any ipsw in the redsn0w folder, either before or after unzipping it. I can’t find the thing for including unrecognised files either, so that could be my problem.

    I have redsn0w and a windows xp dell vostro computer and firefox. So from the sound of it I have almost everything except the .ipsw.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hitendra

      you won’t find any .ipsw file. What you will have to do is, while downloading iPhone1,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore-or-like file, you will have to change its extension from zip to ipsw. That’s it.

  • cashe r

    finshed but no cydia??

  • jb

    I have the same problem as Sunil… And I dont know what to do… I’m from Philippines…

  • I have iphone 3GS (16GB) version 4.2.1, baseband 05.15.04. I bought a software to jailbreak and unlock it. Everything went smooth, but eventually, i am not being able to load carrier list. When i go to carrier section; it is already selcted as “Automatic” and says “unable to load carrier list.” Is there any way to solve this problem? Response of you guys will be very helpful and will be greatly appreciated.
    Hiten (India)

  • Ron

    did all steps, gives me itunes plug in screen with em calls, cant restore iphone in itunes?

  • Ron

    restore with power + home in itunes, worked first time after restore, thanks (but i shift loaded 3.0)

  • Daz

    Help, ive downloaded many versions of the .ispw file that i want to use which is 4.1, it comes down as a zip file ok, but when i click browse on Redsn0w it cannot ee the file! please help

    • Daz

      i have changed the extension to .ipsw

  • heeellllpppp!!!! the Redsn0w cant recognize my firmware.. what shud i do? i dont even know what kind of firmware that ran on my Iphone.. please help me… you may contact me at [email protected] for the solution…

  • Anonymous

    i have a ipod 2nd gen which has gone in to disable mode so i can not get on it. Can some one please help me as i can not get on my itunes as my pc broke Thanks …..Help me i need my tunes back…..

  • i tried all the steps and they went great…now i am stucked at the final reboot…its been about 30 minutes and my device is still on the apple logo state…any help please !!

  • read all the instructions carefully again and tried jaibreaking my device with followings steps:

    1. restored with itunes to 3.0
    2.jailbreak by holding the home button

    my device started but as it started itunes logo with usb cbale appeared…

  • Hi good wurk you doing I wanna know plz when unlocking my iphone if I’m loosing my contact and all my other staffff thankz

  • Schneizel_sama

    hey, i followed all instructions and everything went well untill it came to the bootneuter 2.1 screen, where it tells me to wait while it determines the current settings and thats where it hangs… is there anyway to get around this?! please help..