Not even a week after showing solid proofs of a successful iPhone 3GS jailbreak, GeoHot officially released PurpleRa1n, a tool to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS. The Dev Team planned to release their 3GS jailbreak after the OS 3.1 update but GeoHot just couldn’t wait.

Normally I don’t make tools for the general public, and rather wait for the dev team to do it. But guys, whats up with waiting until 3.1? That isn’t how the game is played. We release, Apple fixes, we find new holes. It isn’t worth waiting because you might have the “last” hole in the iPhone. What last hole…this isn’t golf. I’ll find a new one next week. Also your purplera1nyday files ensure that you can always get back to a jailbroken state, so if you have it it’s just a matter of tools.

Before going through a short PurpleRa1n tutorial, there are a few things you need to know:

  • This is a beta release with some major hiccups. It is not stable at all.
  • PurpleRa1n only works with 32 Bit Windows XP SP2 works fine on Windows and Mac
  • You must have the latest version of iTunes installed
  • The jailbreak is incomplete and many apps won’t work (ie WinterBoard)

Jump the break to read the full tutorial.

How to jailbreak iPhone 3GS using PurpleRa1n:

1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes.

2. Download PurpleRa1n.

3. Plug in your iPhone to your computer. Make sure iTunes is closed.

4. Run PurpleRa1n and click “Make it Ra1n”. You should get a message saying that your iPhone is “waiting for reboot”. Your iPhone will then reboot in recovery mode and you should see the image above on your iPhone screen. If you don’t see this image after a few minutes, then it probably failed and you have to repeat the process (remember, I told you it is very unstable).

5. After a few minutes, your iPhone will reboot and you will have a new icon on your springboard: Freeze.

6. Launch the Freeze app and install Cydia from there.

7. Once Cydia is installed, close Freeze and reboot your iPhone.

8. Launch Cydia and do a complete update.

9. Should you want to get rid of the Freeze icon, install CyDelete from Cydia, and delete the Freeze icon as you would delete an App Store app (hold until the icons wiggle and delete it).

10. Should you want to unlock your iPhone 3GS, simply install UltraSn0w from Cydia.

That’s it. Pretty simple, but again, it is very buggy so use it at your own risk! I do recommend for most of you to wait the iPhone 3GS jailbreak by the Dev Team. This jailbreak should come in the next few days so be patient!

All the props go to GeoHot! Thanks David for emailing me about that and getting me off my bed so quickly on a Saturday morning 😉

  • esse purplera1n é o cara, mas logo sai a versão 3.1

    então não vai durar muito =(

  • Rn3sto

    Finally!! thx!

  • Anthony

    9. Should you want to get rid of the Freeze icon, install CyDelete from Cydia, and delete the Freeze icon as you would delete an App Store app (hold until the icons wiggle and delete it).

    -I held down the icon until it wiggles. click the x. Says Not installed by Cydia “Freeze” was not installed by Cydia, and cannot be removed by CyDelete.

    Just thought I’d comment.

  • Anthony,

    First you have to enable “non cydia delete” in the settings.

    Go to Settings > CyDelete > and enable “non cydia deletion”. It should do it.


  • Anthony

    Sebastien, thanks. Works like a charm. Didn’t know the setting existed.

  • Ges@pal


  • David

    Always blame the messenger 😉

  • Rich

    This jailbreak works.
    I’m able to use this 3gs phone finally.
    Iphone is useless without a jailbreak.
    ‘Gonna donate a buck or two via Pailpal.
    Hopefully a few million other iphoners that jailbroke will donate too.
    Thanks for your time and hard work folks.
    You saved the earth from the evil apple jailers!
    ‘Round of iBeers for everyone!—Burp :p

  • thomas

    my phone keeps entering safe mode and freezes when i say restart… what can i do

  • Gspades

    Cydia is taking forever to dl
    is it just me ?

  • jusdef

    My phone will not start up–it displays the apple logo as if it is going to turn on & then it shuts down. PLEASE is there anyone out there that can help me ????? Purplera1n where are you ? Is my new iphone 3GS a brick now ????? Can someone please email me instructions. My phone was fine prior to the purplera1n jailbreak 🙁

    • Amy

      I have the same problem were you able to fix it? if so how?

  • I have a problem with my Ipod Model.:A1059 EMC No.:1995, it has a carrupted file and keeps on showing the exclaimation mark and Triangle logo.

    Please anyone help me to solve this 🙁 , my ipod has become useless.

  • im scared to dowload it…, some people say it works, others say they have problems with it right after they do it..


  • Filipe

    I got stock waiting for reboot! there is somenthing i can do?

    • GeHOTmy GS is a brick

      I had firmware 3.0.1 installed ran purplera1n with my mac it appeared to have installed ok it did not reboot after GeHOT picture appeared on the screen. I cannot turn off and it not detected by itune any more? Anyone ???

      • Mike jenkins

        try holding the power and home buttons it worked for me I had the same problem

      • GeHOTmy GS is a brick

        Worked for me too!! Still my phone was not jailbreak. I will try redsnow now

      • tom

        “I had firmware 3.0.1” Im pretty sure its stable on the 3.0 only

  • Rachel

    I have had the picture of the purple rain guy sitting on my phone for like 20 minutes now..

    It won’t turn off.. it won’t do anything!!!!


    • Rachel

      I have been holding all of the buttons and nothing works..

      Any help would be nice 🙁

      I feel like an idiot for even trying to do this to my phone now..

      I clicked the make it ra1n thing..
      It went to where it told me to plug it in to itunes and now
      it just sits there tells me waiting on phone.. and the phone
      just has the picture on it still.. blah!!

      • GeHOTmy GS is a brick

        Reboot your iphone by holding power and home button for at least 10 seconds. Worked for me!

      • hendro

        reboot it and it is solved

  • broucks

    Doesn’t work for me. I get the frozen purplera1n and have to restart the iphone and unblock the sim.
    Purplera1n finished saying done, wait for reboot but ….
    itunes starts up (after briefly flashing before purplera1n appears on the iphone)
    any suggestions – I’ve tried it twice and no freeze app ….

    • broucks

      I restored the iphone (and lost most of my apps).
      This time Itunes came up and said the iphone was in recovery mode and it couldn’t connect.
      Same result as before though – a locked iphone with Mr. PurpleRa1n occupying all the scenery.

  • ned

    same here, dude just standing there in the rain forever. bah.

  • broucks

    My phone ended up in a state where apple couldn’t restore the system. I got an unidentified error.
    As a last resort I went with the compeition and successfully loaded their firmware and all is well (until 3.1).

  • shadowbacon

    help!! i follow another instruction n didn’t turn iTunes off, now the screen is stuck on the picture.

    What should I do?

  • hendro

    Hi.. I have a problem when i want to jal break..

    It stucks when during the photo of the dude with the iphone..

    can someone help me?

  • harsha

    hi hendro…………….i am not able to reboot it……………..i’ve held the power button for almost amin………..nothing happens…………….any help? u can mail me at

  • hanhan

    Hi.. You can , hold both button, the one on the top of your iPhone and the home button..

    hold both buttons until it restart.. until the apple logo appears

  • Shadowbacon

    I rebooted it but everything the same …. Tried redsn0w but the iTunes wasn’t anble to read the restore file that was given… Tried several. Any links for 3gs?

    Thank you for any help 🙂

  • Mike

    I installed Purplea1n, plugged in my iphone pressed make it rain? all it said is waiting for iphone and it did nothing, now itunes will not recgonize my iphone what do I do???????

  • j

    pls help i have the exact same problem as mike

  • the picture comes up then nothing happends what should i do ? ive tried restarting it but then the jailbreak doesnt work

  • duhh

    haha you people are are dumb.. how many peoples comments do you have to see them sayin it just bricked their phone to make you not do it. i unlocked my first iphone do you know why? because it worked very well.. i would recomend waiting longer for another jailbreak.. sure looks like this one is junk

  • jehad

    it says purplera1n has stopped working .
    its not working with me :S any help please ?

  • kenny

    after jailbreak using Blackra1n, my phone won’t start or power up anymore totally black.
    i try to hold home and power up to 5 minutes but it doesn’t help.
    please any help. thanks!

  • collin

    purplera1n jailbreak = FAIL

  • rob

    how about this your itunes is corrupt?
    redownload itunes hold both buttons power 10 sec home 5sec you should hear a chime . itunes comes up with no firmware or any thing hoping you didnt do this on a model you didnt format. some jailbreaks need no memory .do a complete format before once jailbroke .now put your original apps you like
    please dont be mean just wanted to help.

  • rob

    sorry blackrain is the same way win some lose some but i could always fix them.
    so to say geo program works nonefficent would be false. people are not doing there home work.
    a correct install will work.

  • Mark

    i tried doing while ago but the purplera1n.exe always stop responding using vista,and i restored my iphone 3gs twice..are there any solutions for this..if so.please do..thanks

  • paul


  • Epic118

    Whoa, everyone calm down… use blackra1n instead. It’s a new (well, old now) jailbreak for 3.1.2 ALL devices, and it worked for me. Step 2 should be replaced with THIS step 2: restore your phone before continuing. Seriously. I didn’t restore, and I had the same problem – stuck on geohot for 20 minutes. I hard rebooted, restored and tried again, it works like a charm.

  • iPhone 3gs

    Hey I have the iPhone 3gs on firmware 3.1.3 (7E18) serial 7901233G3NP model MB715LL and modelfirmware 05.12.01

    will I be able to do it successfully with my phone? Will this program work? If not will any others? If it works I will definatley donate bout 10 bucks to you

  • Richard

    I was on holiday in the USA . Bought a phone at full price from Apple Naples Waterfront. Got home to SA and found that i am locked into AT&T. 41 million tourist come to florida each year. Is Apple corrupt. Tried to phone AT&T and Apple. The People at both very helpfull and sympathetic but can offer no resolution.

    I wonder if 10% of toursits are being caught like this it means 4million units a year are bricks in other countries.(Every Year …thats $2,400,000’000.00…yip 2 billion 400 million a year just in florida)) I believe a Class Action Suit should be started. Anyone else been caught like this????

    I have the 32 gig 3GS model with version 4 software with AT&T 7 locked onto it. We dont even have bloody AT&T in our country. I was charged close to 600 dollars with tax for a bloody brick. Can anyone help and should we Sue these bloody aseholes??????

    • Fury

      google jailbreak for 3gs im sure there is something out there if you can jailbreak it you can use cydia to do a carrier unlock…no more at&t lock as for sueing….apple has more money than you do i wouldnt recommend it.. also google is a great tool for times like these just be patient and dont give up