GeoHot came up yesterday with an updated version of BlackRa1n called BlackRa1n RC2. This new release supposedly fixes a bunch of issues that some of you may have encountered, especially while trying to jailbreak an iPhone 3G.

This step-by-step guide and tutorial will show you how to use BlackRa1n RC2 to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch, either on a Mac or a PC. This works for all iDevices, except for the iPod Touch 3G. This tutorial was made using an iPhone 3GS but again, it should work on all devices except the iPT3G.

I already wrote a BlackRa1n tutorial and the steps are identical but a few people emailed me or tweeted me asking to write a tutorial for BlackRa1n RC2.

Before we start, you have to understand that BlackRa1n is a jailbreak and jailbreak only. BlackRa1n will not unlock your iPhone. As a matter of fact, if you want to unlock your iPhone, do not use BlackRa1n as it will update the baseband and make it impossible to unlock for the time being.

If you want to unlock your iPhone, I suggest you use PwnageTool. PwnageTool will help you create a custom IPSW that won’t update your baseband, thus allow you to unlock using UltraSn0w.

How to jailbreak your iPhone with BlackRa1n RC2:

Step 1: Update iTunes to the latest version available and reboot your computer.

Step 2: Download BlackRa1n RC2 from our iPhone downloads page and install it, then reboot your computer.

Step 3: Plug your iPhone in your computer and launch BlackRa1n RC2. Click on “make it ra1n”.

Step 4: Your iPhone will enter recovery mode. The regular recovery mode image on your iPhone will be replaced by a picture of GeoHot (same as image above).

Step 5: BlackRa1n will run on your iPhone and then it will reboot.

A pop up will show up asking you to donate. If you successfully jailbreak your iPhone, I suggest you send $5 or $10 to GeoHot.

Step 6: Once your iPhone reboots, you will have a new icon on your springboard. This is BlackRa1n. Now make sure you have internet connection and launch BlackRa1n on your iPhone.

blackra1n installed

Step 7: Choose what installer applications you want to install on your iPhone and then tap “Install”. I suggest only installing Cydia but you may install them all if you want to.

blackra1n app

BlackRa1n will download and install the selected applications.

Step 8: Once done installing, your iPhone will respring and you should see your installer app on your springboard.

blackra1n cydia installed

Step 9: Once your installer app (Cydia in our case) is installed. You can safely uninstall BlackRa1n by launching the app and selecting “uninstall balckra1n”.

uninstall blackra1n

Step 10: Reboot your iPhone. You’re done!

Hopefully this jailbreak will go more smoothly than with BlackRa1n RC1. If you have any question or comment, please leave a comment below.

  • kalman

    3GS-32 with 3.1.2
    JB with blacker0in RC3
    No 3G service, although the 3G logo appears on top. Only Edge connection.
    when reseting networks, it restarts in DFU mode. .
    very anoing.

  • ashl

    How long should it take for your phone to reboot? I get through everything and get the pop up saying it is complete when your phone reboots but I have tried this several times and it will not go past there, I get a black screen and thats it. I dont know if I am doing something wrong but its been like two hrs that I have been trying to get this to work!

  • Yeah.

    It doesn’t work.

  • Sick N Tired

    I have the iPhone 3GS 16GB just over a month ago.








    Oh, and before you start ripping me and calling me stupid I build custom PCs and have hacked many other consoles or gaming devices that involved far more techinal procedures.

    Im fucking sick of this fucking program it’s a piece of shit and doesn’t work for me.

    I have tried EEEEEEVERYTHING. Airplane mode, on, airplane mode off, i’ve tried restoring factory settings, i’ve updated itunes, i’ve tried to download an older OS. update to most recent OS.

    When running I’ve unblocked exe, run in vista, run in xp, run as admin, i’ve tried the home and power button trick, i’ve tried unplugging usb and replugging usb and running again.

    I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted. You name it I’ve fucking done it.

    NOTHING works. All i get is either a hang up saying “wait for reboot” or the ONE time it rebooted by itself i still had NO change.

    I’ve checked my iphone is compatible (non fixed) the serial starts 85002, the version is 3.1.3 (7E18), Model – MC131B. So I’m assuming piece of this piece of shit program isnt working, that my iphone is too new?

    So my questions are….

    Does allowing the iphone to resync to backed up settings affect the install?

    Is my phone compatible?

    Is it an OS problem?

    Should I be using RC 1, 2 or 3?

    I’ve spent 4 fucking hours with this turd of a program.

    None of these solutions have worked.

    Someone please tell me what the fuck is wrong?

  • desiree

    how long does it usually take for the ipod to reboot?

  • afraz

    i have a question – my iphone 3G 16 gig is a 3.1.3. will it work????

  • Mike

    I need help…everytime i reboot my iPod Touch, it says, that my iPod is in recovery mode and needs to be restored? What do I have to do??

  • nice tutorial… will try it and let u know of the what happens later… thanks to share

  • dave

    i did everything that was said and mine still says no service

  • NightAngel

    When will jailbreak for 3.1.3 software come out? really want it!

  • John

    why the hell do everyone have questions, but nobody in answering them? kinda pointless :/ but anyways, i want to know if i need to down grade to 3.1.2 to make this work? cuz its not working for 3.1.3.

  • Girl 09

    does this really work and will it kill my iphone ?
    my iphones only new and friends told me about it and wanna give it ago, but not if its going to kill my iphone!


    I want to jailbreak my itouch, but you said that we need a connection to download Cydia. My wifi button says no wifi and is greyed out so i cant click it. So i have no internet connection!!!!! Is there any way to jailbreak an itouc h without internet connection??? PLEASE HELP ME );

  • Bob

    I’m about to try it…hope it works!

  • Bob

    Jordan ( comment 97-98) is fucking hot!

  • Fafy

    How can I download 

  • Infrared

    does this actually work?
    tried 3x, 2x waiing for reboot for ages, 1x it just froze while “raining”
    Effing iphone 2G stuck on itunes/emergency call. lot easier when I did it the first time on a MAC.