This step by step guide and tutorial will show you how to unlock your iPhone 3G iOS 4.0.2 using UltraSn0w 1.1-1. At the time I am writing this, it will only work with the iPhone 3G since there is no jailbreak for other devices.

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 3G using RedSn0w.

Step 2: Go to Cydia and search for UltraSn0w. If it’s not there, you might have to add the following repo:

Step 3: Install UltraSn0w.

Step 4: Reboot your iPhone.

You’re done. You should now be able to use your iPhone 3G with any carrier.

  • fredy

    i have 3g 3.1.3 [7E18] and i done jailbreaking and unlocking, its working fine. i want to upgrade to 3g 4.0.2 but i want to know what happens. will the phone lock again??? do i have to do everything over again???

  • Thank you all for all your hard work on this. This allows me to use Iphone on T-Mobile. Thanks Again.

  • Hi Paul..i have 4.0.2 firmware on my 3g just upgrade and was unable to unlock please tell me the kind of firmware [FILE]to use to jailbreak and unlock it .

  • Gr8…my Iphone 3G with IOS 4.0.2 got unlocked and its working …Thanks a lot for post

  • faraway64

    Hi guys,
    Please help me. I upgraded my i phone while abroad.I had it on Airplane mode to avoid roaming charges. Just wanted to charge it and at the end of the process I got a message saying the sim card was not recognized. It is AT&T! I had this problem before and it seems was something related to the backups,so I deleted them stupidly and now my phone is dead and i got now backups.I ended up buying the i phone 4 but I still want to fix it. Can you help me jail breaking and unlocking my 3G? I guess if I unlock it, it won’t matter if it doesn’t recognize the Sim. I have tried to restore it and downgrade and I always get an error. I just restored it to the factory settings and same message, the Sim card is not recognized..Help me please!

  • Chris

    Faraway64, did you call AT&T (or go to your account settings online) and add the Extended Roaming plan?

  • khan

    hi i hav install ultrasnow even after that im unable to use any carrier…….im gettin unable to load network…plz if any one knows the solution plz help me…thanx

  • Adrian

    hye.. izit possible for me to downgrade my ip 3g from 4.1 to 4.0.2? so that i can unlock it using ultrasnow

  • tony

    hi. please i need help, i have an iphone 3g by mistake i updated to the last OS, but i ready downgrade to 4.0, I did the jailbreak, i install ultra-snow, everything look good except that i can’t use this on t-mobile i have the cydia and everything but still lock, how i unlock this phone,thank you.

  • KayKay

    Hi all!! I recently got an iPhone and it is running on version 4.0.2 and I see tha you all have an unlock for it because I am with T-Mobile an I want to use it…Well I am a bit discouraged because it seems like lots of people had tried to unlock their phones but to no avail!! I am a bit confused as far as the ultrasnow and firmware and cydia goes…Does this go on the phone or on the computer? If anyone could send me step by step instrictions (literally) to my email that’s be great! [email protected] Thanks in advance!

  • adbhatty

    i did the jail break on ip 3g 4.0.2 and then i installed ultrasnow but after when ultarsnow installation is going to end i get a popup saying “could not activate cellular data network” and the phone is still locked with rogers, help needed plz.

  • puedes hacer un jailbreak al ipod toch y iphone 3g y 3gs pero no liberarlo

  • john

    thanks for the tips i did it i unlock my iphone

  • Saddam Alvi

    when latest version of ultrasn0w will be release?? please inform me @ [email protected]

  • Eager2learn

    Thanks Paul, iTunes has it now 4.0.2 free, I don’t have access 2 my iTunes and want the, any way?

  • Natasha

    Please some body help! I have an iPhone 3gs i believe that it is jailbroken because i have the cydia appt, that is the only way that I know to check, any way so I go from jailbreaking to unlocking because I have an out of network provider, I have followed all the appropriate steps I believe to unlock it with no success. All the information I can provide you is that in my cydia icon has a red circle with a white one inside, when i get into the appt, manage, sources i have 7 items, i don’t have a clue what is what so I am going to list all that I see. Here it goes, (on the left hand of this there is a gray box with a white question mark inside), BigBoss,, (the same gray box with question mark), SiNful iPhone Repo, Telesphoreo Tangelo, and ZodTTD & MacCiti. I purchased a new 3g sims card today hoping this would fix all of this crap, PLEASE HELP ME! I have spent 9 hours collectively today on trying to unlock this phone.

  • Marmoura

    Hi all,
    Please need help; i made all the steps related (step1 & step2) and at the end of the third step (step3; install “ultrasn0w”) and after i push the ‘install’ button, he always respond:
    Note: Les modifications demandees ne peuvent pas etre appliquees a cause de dependances ou de conflits impossibles a identifier automatiquement”
    Do u know how to resolve this problem?

  • ive tried to use this but now no matter what sim i use it just says “searching” .. help please ?