Geohot’s LimeRa1n jailbreak has been released, and even though it comes with its fair share of downsides, it does work for some people. Thanks to iDB reader Whammy who send me screenshots of LimeRa1n in action, we’re now able to get a tutorial for you.

This step by step guide and tutorial will show you how to use LimeRa1n to jailbreak your iPhone iOS 4.1. LimeRa1n will jailbreak the iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4. It will also jailbreak the iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G. As usual, proceed at your own risks.

This tutorial was done with a PC but LimeRa1n will also work if you have a Mac, and the steps will the exactly the same.

Note: You must run LimeRa1n as Administrator.

Step 1: Download LimeRa1n from our iPhone downloads section.

Step 2: Plug your iPhone in and launch LimeRa1n then click “Make it Ra1n”.

Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions: hold the Home and Power button together.

Step 4: Release the Power button.

Step 6: LimeRa1n will have your iPhone enter DFU mode and will then work its jailbreak magic.

Step 7: Your iPhone is almost jailbroken and you should see the following messages.

Step 8: If you don’t see the LimeRa1n icon on your iPhone, simply reboot it, then launch LimeRa1n on your iPhone and select Cydia to install.

Step 9: Once Cydia is installed, you can uninstall LimeRa1n from the LimeRa1n app on your iPhone.

Let us know how it goes for you.

[Thanks Whammy!]

  • Sciencetor2

    Sorry to burst ur bubble guys, but you definitely do need internet for jailbreaking, and why on earth would u think you can get internet through the phone u are jailbreaking, while u are jailbreaking it?! And how are u tethering in the first place if its not jailbroken? Limera1n only works on 4.1 guys, and greenpois0n only works up to 4.2.1, they both need internet either through wifi or through ethernet to work.

    • hi my name is burhan
      when i am holding power nd …… it come Release the Power button when i am releasing the power botton it came that done and there is no limera1n picture that the green one
      and there is no limera1n in my iphone

      plz help becease i need to go london and i cant wait plz help me
      thx guys

  • Rivierauk

    Does anyone know the correct prodedure un-jailbreaking?
    I jailbroke using LimeRa1n an now want remove it to but have read that you need to remove any apps etc before you un-jailbreak or you loose disc space.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Rivierauk

    Does anyone know the correct prodedure for un-jailbreaking?
    I jailbroke using LimeRa1n an now want remove it to but have read that you need to remove any apps etc before you un-jailbreak or you loose disc space.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • aviv

    i do not know if it will work for me.

  • aviv

    i download it and when i try to open cydia it does not open…
    what to do?
    how do i erase it?

  • Calvin

    Dude…I did all those steps but limera1n still not showing on my iphone 4.2.1

    • Sciencetor2

      Im not sure how so many people keep missing this, but just to make it perfectly clear THE PROGRAM LIMERA1N IS ONLY FOR 4.1 !!!!! it will not work for any other firmware, and does not work on ipod touch 2g or iphone 3g. To find the jailbreak for your device and firmware, please google “jailbreak (your device) on (your firmware)”

  • blabla

    Will it work on a iPhone 3GS 4.0.2 firmware?

  • it works perfectly than u very much

  • Sascha

    when will there be a 4.3.4 version to download ??

  • my ipod got unplugged while it was in DFU mode
    now it wont turn on someone plz help im freaking out

    • Guest

      all you have to do is restore your ipod form itunes, if that doesnt work then you download your respective ipsw, startup itunes and and hold shift while clicking restore your ipod and find the folder you’ve downloaded your ipsw to and select it and restore.

    • Adriana Harts

      I had the same thing happened. I did a hard reboot by clicking the home button and the power button at the same time until you see the apple logo.

  • Logan Keith

    This is taking forever in DFU mode! is it a glitch or is it my ipod touch

  • Logan Keith

    My iPod Touch is taking forever in DFU mode! Help!

  • Hi, I tray to do this whit my iPod 4 i and everything STOP after Step 6, my iPod went OFF and I can not turn it On again….I NEED HELP SOON ASS POSSIBLE!!!!

    I try it to connect again to my laptop but still its dead, trying everything but it’s dead…


  • does this work with ios 5.0.1?

  • This worked perfectly! Thanks.

    I tried your greenpois0n tutorial first, but it didn’t work. This worked a lot better.

  • how long does it stay in dfu mode?

  • how long was dfu mode?

  • wenever it is dfu mode wat do i hold

  • Cydia does not show up on my ipod touch and what does it exactly mean to launch limera1n

  • Sheridan

    how long should it say “in DFU mode…… wait”? Mine has said that for about 10 minutes and nothing has happened and I have tried it a few times? Thx

  • muth21

    i did this and i didn’t work, so i rebooted and it didn’t work either. I got the message that said “done”, but not the one that said “limerain 6 month in making…….”

  • jesse

    the icon never came up to install cydia and i rebooted my ipod 3 times

  • disqus_DsdWDhwRJQ

    does it work on iOS 6.1.2?

    • Tony Klapatch

      LOL? Seriously. This is 2 years old. For iOS 6.1.2 use evasi0n.

  • arvindb02