Sometimes you write a post and you think, “Does this really need to be said?” In this case, it unfortunately does.

There have been recent reports that people have been scammed into paying for fake iOS 5 untethered jailbreaks. You should never, ever pay for a jailbreak… ever.

International Business Times:

“A tethered jailbreak, dubbed Redsn0w 0.9.9, is released by Dev-team while an untethered version is out from named FastRa1n 0.5.

Even though the tethered Redsn0w seems to be completely authentic as it is free for download and comes from the Dev-team which has been making programs to jailbreak iOS for time and time again, the credibility of FasRa 1n is in questions.

The first doubt strikes iOS 5 users when charges $24.99 for the untethered jailbreak. And the second one comes when they read a comment from a Dev-team confirming the untethered jailbreak a fake.”

I’m going to assume that the large majority of our esteemed iDB readership would know that something like FastRa1n is fake as fake can be. But for those that would be easily fooled, know this: you should never have to pay for a jailbreak, ever.

The developers that work hard to create jailbreak tools like RedSn0w and GreenPosi0n do it for the jailbreak community. They sometimes take donations, but these developers release jailbreaks for us all to use for free. That’s what jailbreaking is about: freedom. Paying for a jailbreak goes against the very philosophy that jailbreaking stems from.

Sites like iDB provide the internet with news, tutorials, downloads, and reviews for the jailbreak community. Tools like RedSn0w and Sn0wBreeze can be downloaded for free and used to jailbreak your own iDevices for free.

As far as the untethered iOS 5 jailbreak goes, Cody explained the state of the iOS 5 jailbreak yesterday. There hasn’t been an official untether released yet, so disregard anyone you see on the internet trying to sell you an iOS 5 untether. Unless it comes from iDB or someone like MuscleNerd, it’s a scam.

Patience is a virtue. The real untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 is almost here.

  • Yeah, I never pay for jailbreaks I do know their scams and they hire people so they share their sites on Social Networks.

  • KRM

    Thank you very much for these informations, and i actualy never heard of paying just to jailbreak the iDevice, but still .

    And we still waiting the untethered jailbreak, but i have a question : does the untetherd jailbreak include the iPad 2 ?

  • Alex

    when will untether came out for iphone 4gs?

    • Jimmy

      Quit asking stupid questions ffs, it will be out when it’s out .. Evereytime there’s a new firmware or device there’s a constant stream of morons asking when the untethered is out, just fucking wait like every1 else has to !!

      • Alex

        umad?! 🙂 😉

    • Jamie

      It never will… Haha

    • Ethos

      u dumbass

      • Steve

        LOL!!!! So fuckin funny! It will come when u learn to read!

    • inliferound

      Definitely mad! Especially when you call it the ‘iphone 4gs’…

  • Craig

    “Don’t Ever Pay For a Jailbreak Ever” .. That doesn’t need Ever twice.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for any1 who pays for a jailbreak, if you are such a dumb fuck you’d actually pay for it, you don’t deserve to be jailbroken. There are far too many simpletons posting on blogs like this, asking the most trivial, often stupid, questions.

    It’s actually quite funny to think of all the chumps who’ve been scammed out of money, some people don’t have the brains they were born with, judging by some of the questions that get asked on here aswell you’d think they’d never heard of the words “Google search”

    • Daniel

      When I got my iphone 3GS I didn’t know of this website and didn’t understand the jailbreak situation at all – firmware, baseband. Initially it’s not straight forward, it’s not because I’m thick. Anyway I used one of those websites and yes it was a scam but simply got american express to reverse the charge which want difficult.

      • Applebee

        What happened when u opened it

  • Unghostly

    I pay people for allowing me to jailbreak their phones

    • Selcuk


    • AJ

      You pay them???????

  • AJ

    LOL there’s an ad on top of this page that says ” Did you ACCIDENTALLY upgrade to iOS 5?” Who updates by accident?

    • Steve

      People that don’t know what they are doing. The same people that they want to pay for a jailbreak.

  • Rob

    This is the shit that people new to appreciate from the dev team. They could easily charge this if they wanted. They put in lots of hours and ask for nothing. They are trying and if you want it sooner start paying them. Lol. Everyone always wants more. It’s free and usually not that far behind. Hasn’t even been 2 weeks yet and people are crying about the untether not out yet. There’s a tethered option. Get it or wait. Don’t be so impatient people.

  • Alastion

    I always wondered, what do they give you after you pay? Anyone knows?

    • Daniel

      You simply get the files on this website.however if your firmware hasn’t been jail broken yet it’ s no good.

  • Onyxxx

    Remember folks, with the coming of the 4Gs and new carriers getting the phone, a LOT of people are new to the jailbreak game and simply don’t know any better.

    Everybody isn’t a veteran iPhone owner. IJS

    • Bryant


    • kokhean

      It’s the iPhone 4S, not the 4GS. Same for the iPhone 4, it’s not the 4G either.

  • josr


  • AmyLeon

    So, what happens if someone comes out with a legitimate untethered jailbreak tomorrow and puts a price on it? Or, how about if a legitimate jailbreak for the iPad 2 (and iPhone 4s) is released at a price after months of hard work? Do we ignore a jailbreak because of that person’s request for payment? Simply because we assume that the developer should expect sufficient compensation via donations? And if this is the case, shouldn’t all apps and tweaks for jailbroken iPhones be free, of course with the option for donations? Isn’t that also part of the philosophy of freedom from payment? Are you equating freedom to no monetary charge? In this regards, shouldn’t freedom only apply the ability to do what you want with your phone? Yes, people need to be careful, but how do you give advise and start by saying “But for those that would be easily fooled, know this…”? Isn’t this site a source of information and a grounds for learning? Is it foolish to learn from an iDB post instructing a beginner level tip, which so many readers then jeer at in the comments? And…, if in the future someone does ask to be paid for his or her jailbreak, should we point out the bold text and say ‘but Alex told us not to…’?

    • kokhean

      What the post is trying to say is that people should never pay to free their devices.

    • Ken

      Do you think people will buy from him honestly since you can download pirate?

      • AmyLeon

        Ken, how is that a reasonable argument? Can’t we pirate just about any software or digital media? Does that mean we should?

        Regardless, isn’t the price of something, even a digital key, up to the producer? And, shouldn’t the outcry in this post only be directed at the false jailbreak, as opposed to the price? Should we all go clamoring after a jailbreak that’s fake (with possible malicious intent) but free?

  • Yellow

    This reminds of how some people pay their friends IRL to jailbreak their iDevices for them because they’re afraid to do it themselves. Not quite as underhanded as this, but still pretty dishonest for the person to take advantage of their less tech savvy friends for cash.

    • Me

      Do you fix everything in your house yourself? Or do you get a plumber in, and take your car to a mechanic? Paying someone to do something they have confidence in doing and have done before isn’t wrong.

      • kokhean

        That is a poor comparison. Jailbreaking iDevices is fairly simple and fixing cars is not; you need a lot of knowledge. The thing is – the jailbreaking tools are provided for free, and people take advantage of the situation to get money from their friends when they can easily do it themselves. I must have jailbroken about ten iDevices for free over a period of two months when the untether for 4.3.x was released. I didn’t code the jailbreak, so I told them not to thank me, but to thank the hackers for creating the jailbreak. In theory, it isn’t wrong, but the people who want payment to jailbreak iDevices know that their friends can easily learn how to, but instead refuses to teach them and assure them.

      • Me

        I have also jailbroken friend’s and relative’s iPhones for them. I spend the time running them through a few tweaks that I use regularly, teach them how to back up with pkgbackup, warn them against iTunes updates – if they want an unlock and their device is compatiable I’ll do that for them too. For the more technical ones, I run through Sn0wbreeze with them so they can update themselves in the future too, preserving a baseband if they want to. A few of them have given me a small amount of cash in return for my time – I’ve never charged them, but the fact I’ve taken the time to do it and explain what I’ve done, they want to reimburse me a small amount (think a pint or 2).

        They know I know a lot about jailbreaking and understand it deeply, so rather than searching Google for potentially wrong information (ie there’s an iOS5 jailbreak…) those use me as a one-stop shop to begin their learning.

  • The only thing is that people are impatient. Like one of the posters said earlier, there a lot of new people coming into this and will be asking the same repetitive questions. It does get boring after a while. If you follow this forum, most of us get the real news from the usual jailbreak experts like musclenerd; comex; the Dev-team. Those and others like geohot and saurik are the pros at this. For a newbie, you should spend some time on the Dev-team blog and places like that to get the up to date news on any developments. The people are working hard, so just be patient. Remember, they are doing this on their own free time without asking for anything, so just be cool and show these people some love. They will come thru. Just wait a bit……..

  • Highlander

    WHY NOT PAY FOR A JAILBREAK? We need a group of dedicated people that can push this forward year after year and update after update.

    The only way this is going to keep up is IF we have someone that ACTUALLY charges for THEIR TIME!

    If this jailbreak was real I bet EVERYONE in the jailbreak community would have bought it. That is why I stress every jailbreaker to DONATE!

    Money is a VERY good motivator for just about everything.

  • Jerry

    I’ve donated

  • Dude

    Those people who ask for money to jailbreak your idevice are the real pirates.

    Its like your car having a flat tire, you can replace it esily with the spare, but you decided to ask someone to do it for you, and then he ask you for 50 bucks because he supposedly fixed other items in your car. Then you will tell yourself, “Tsk, I should have done it by myself”.

  • Limin

    And you have website such as IBT International Business Times which seems like a legit website for sources praising the new paid untethered jailbreak. Just can’t trust any news sources anymore.

  • SimonOrJ

    Too many scams around the website… There even was newer and “fake” version of Redsn0w out there an year ago, before I found iPhoneDownloadBlog very useful and safe. Do not only pay for jailbreaks, verify that the tool is real.

    P.S.: My English sometimes gets weird, for those who don’t understand me. =P

  • Don’t Ever Pay For a Jailbreak, Ever

  • I don’t have money to pay for a Jailbreak ;- )

  • I have never paid for Jailbreak either….

  • Anonymous


  • is there a jailbreak for 5.1 yet


  • it says i have to pay to jailbreak

  • Aw man! I paid $10 bucks for jailbreaking!

  • Viktor Sabóia

    I didn’t pay, but I make a donation because these guys deserve it so much!