Jailbreaking iOS 5.0.1 is about as easy as it can get on both Mac and Windows, but Windows users might encounter a couple of hiccups along the way if you’re not careful.

The main thing to remember is that RedSn0w works best on Windows when you use XP Compatibility Mode and run it as an Administrator. By following those handy suggestions, the jailbreak process on Windows is just as easy as it is on the Mac.

Check inside for a video tutorial that shows how to perform an iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak on a Windows 7 machine…

How to Jailbreak Untethered on Windows

Step 1: Download RedSn0w from our downloads page and right click and select Properties > Compatibility > select Windows XP Compatibility mode, then click OK.

Step 2: Right click on RedSn0w again and run as an Administrator.

Step 3: Put your iDevice into DFU mode, and click Jailbreak.

Step 4: Your device will now jailbreak, and afterwards you can run Cydia.

See? Easy as pie. For more information on RedSn0w, be sure to check out our dedicated RedSn0w page with more in-depth tutorials and explanations that showcase the inner workings of this great jailbreak tool.

Have you performed an untethered jailbreak on your iDevice yet? If so, let us know how the experience went.

  • Timothy JuinHaw

    Hi, I’ve tried with the RedSn0w 0.9.10 beta 6 but failed, it says there “A5 jailbreak disabled” due to incomplete iTune libraries. I’m certain that i’m using the current iTune. Also, there’s a message saying “Couldn’t load Mobiledevice.dll”. Could you please help me with this?

  • Anonymous

    Can i jailbreak my iphone 4s 5.1

    • W P Skrzypek

      Yes! If you do not already know. Use “ABSINTHE”.

  • cydia wont open

  • jesus flores

    when u jailbreak it do all ur apps and music delet

  • Anonymous

    I’m trying to jailbreak my iPhone 4 after updating it to the 5.1 software. Everytime I put the DFU mode it says “Identifying…” and then an error pops out saying it wasn’t successful to enter the pdh something i dont know. I have the latest version of redsn0w and my internet connection is working properly. what’s the problem? please,help!

    • W P Skrzypek

      R u sure u r in a successful DFU mode. To test it iTunes should run and say u r in recovery-that is a sure way of knowing u r a good DFU mode.

      Try agian but first, restore, DFU mode, hit jailbreak on Redsnow. I hope these helps u

  • W P Skrzypek

    I have read all the commants about the jailbreak problems

  • W P Skrzypek

    Sorry about my previous comment, I started but clicked post by accident

    I am first time, “Jailbreaker” and I fallowed the tutorial for windows jailbreaking a4 iphone running ios 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak Redsn0w version 0.9.10b8 and I have not encontered any problems, Cydia is working fine.

    Trick is fallow thier instructions to the dot!!!!!!

  • W P Skrzypek

    I would like to add something about jailbreaking.

    Very important!!!!!! Before, “JAILBREAKING” wheather it is your first time or your attamping another jailbreak, cause your previous tries where not good but with errors.

    1. Restore your device before trying agian
    2. LEARN HOW TO HAVE YOUR DEVICE IN THE “DFU MODE”- if do it good, iTunes will start and say your recovery mode(iTunes says that, YOU R IN DFU MODE)

    3. FALLOW, iDownloadblog tutorials to the dot!!!

    P.S. if you do that , u should have error free jailbreak on your device and abule to use Cydia for downloading the tweaks and ect.

  • W P Skrzypek

    I have also a iPad 2 and I have jailbroke it, using ABSINTHE.

    Absinthe is a new jailbreak solution and works on iPad 2 and iPhone 4s running ios 5.0 or 5.0.1 with the A5 chip. The jailbreak is untethered!!!!!

    Very eazy!!!
    1. Download it
    2. Extract the zip
    3. Disable your antivirus on computer
    4. turn off your pass code and vpn on your device
    5. run compatibility mode
    6. run as adminstrator
    7. run the Absinthe software
    8. hook up your device and let program recognize it
    9. hit jailbreak(on your device it will say restore in prog and then complete) Part of the Jailbreak
    10.Then once previous step is done, Unlock the phone
    11. Select the Absinthe app logo and it will complete second part of the jailbreak
    12. your iDevice will reboot
    13. go back to where you Absinthe app logo was and u should see Cydia in replacment of Absinthe app logo
    14. Your done

  • Anonymous

    hi i’m trying 2 jailbreak my iPod 2nd gen with red sn0w, everything loads but then it just says exploiting with steaks4uce and the coding on the ipod never loads. does any1 know how to help ?

    • W P Skrzypek

      I would restore your device and re do the JailBreak-it should help your situation.

      Let me know if it works.

    • I have the same problem (iPod 2nd gen, trying with redsn0w). Now I have it restored but the same problem occurs again when I’m trying to jailbreak.

  • hey, i accidentally unlocked my AT&T locked iphone 4 ios5.0 bb4.11.08…
    what happened was it restarted and asked for activation, then POOF! signal bars! i dont really know what happened, what i did was to hard reset my iphone… try it!

  • I have 2 problems, when i try to put my ipodtouch in DFU mode it only restarts, and i don’t have the option to run redsn0w has administrator, when i click on it, it opens itunes