Now that pod2g’s untether exploit has been made public, the benefits are now being felt in our living rooms. That’s because the team at FireCore has updated their Seas0nPass Apple TV jailbreak tool to take advantage of the untether exploit.

Now you can enjoy all of the benefits of Apple’s latest Apple TV update — which includes AirPlay mirroring — coupled with an untethered jailbreak that allows you to do all sorts of interesting things.

Check inside for the full tutorial…

How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4.4.4 With Seas0nPass:

Step 1: Download and run the latest version of Seas0nPass.

Step 2: Click Create IPSW.

Step 3: Once the IPSW is complete, connect your Apple TV 2 to your Mac with a USB Micro cable. On your Apple TV Remote, hold Menu+Play for 7 seconds and release.

Note: If you have problems with DFU mode, you may need to plug in your power cable. Otherwise you should not need your power cable.

Step 4: Your Apple TV 2 should now enter DFU mode, and iTunes will automatically restore using the custom created jailbroken firmware.

Step 5: Once complete, hook up your Apple TV to your television and enjoy. You can verify the jailbreak by the FireCore watermark on you Apple TV’s Home screen.

Of course, that’s just the begining. To really reap the benegits of a jailbroken Apple TV, you need to install ATV Flash Black.

How was your Apple TV 2 untethered jailbreak experience?

  • what is Apple TV? and why it needs jailbreak?

    • if ya don’t know what an Apple Tv is YET…then ya don’t need one.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always wanted to know what was the point of Jailbreaking an Apple TV?

    • Anonymous

      I never understood the benefits of Jailbreaking the AppleTV, that is of course until I discovered Icefilms plugin for the XBMC. With Icefilms, you get almost every single movie available in the market, especially all the new releases like Hangover II, Columbiana, etc. all for free. Google “Icefilms on AppleTV” and you’ll see what I am talking about.

    • if ya didn’t understand from reading this post then ya don’t need to jailbreak it.

  • I kept getting an error 9 in iTunes during the automatic restore, but I got around the problem by doing the manual restore to the patched .ipsw that Seas0npass created. As for why a person would want to jailbreak, it’s the same as for any other iDevice . . .to get functionality beyond Apple’s stock services. For me, the web browser & the ability to stream non-mp4 video files was the big draw of the jailbreak.

    • But unlike an iPhone or iPad jailbreak you have to pay for these other benefits.

  • Anonymous

    Benefits* in 2nd to last paragraph. I can’t wait to get me one of these!

  • is the same process for windows?

    • You need a Mac to jailbreak an apple tv.

  • couldnt get season pass to see my apple tv in dfu mode but itunes did any ideas?

    • Hi Alan.
      It happened to me as well but the solution to it is the power cable from your ATV2. When I connected micro USB cable the light on my ATV2 didnt flash rapidly so I connected power cable and then the light was flashing. Then press “Menu” + “Play” together for 7 sec. and it should work. Make sure you will disconnect power cable from ATV2 as soon as you see restore process in iTunes. Let me know if it worked for ya:-)
      Good luck

  • In step 3 connect power to Apple TV when you are connecting the micro USB to the computer. Then you should be able to hold Menu + Play for 7 second to go in DFU mode.

  • Anonymous

    Tried this – I had to have my power cable plugged into my AppleTV as well as the micro usb cable. Got the IPSW made, but in iTunes, I kept getting error that it was not eligible for the update. I tried a manual restore, same thing. Tried SeasonPass again, this time it seemed to be working, but again, got the error. However, while iTunes said it failed, SeasonPass said it was successful. So I plugged the AppleTV into the TV again, and it seems to look normal….I do not see any FireCore watermark anywhere. Is this right??

  • Richard Cruz

    i get error 3194

  • I can’t seem to get mine into dfu mode! Tried several times. Wondering if it’s because I’m using a Logitech remote. Can’t find my original. Arg!!!!

    • 1/ pwr off apple tv
      2/ plug in pwr cable first then the usb cable ….(yes leave pwr cable inn and put in usb cable !)
      3/ wait 5 sec ..remove the pwr cable
      4/ now press the buttons for dfu …etc

  • Anonymous

    IMHO, I feel like I lost $30 on ATV Flash Black. Once I bought it, it only gave me the option to install NitoTV and XBMC, which I already had XBMC installed through SSH. I guess its geared more towards the less tech savy :/

    Anyways, XBMC + Icefilms plugin = Cancellation of my Netflix subscription. It took me freakin forever to get the Icefilms plugin to work correct becaues I kept getting hte Script Failure message when trying to cache movies. I will hold off on canceling my Netflix subscrition once Icefilm is working solid.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone think having XBMC + Icefilms on a jailbroken AppleTV make our Netflix subscription obsolete? I mean Icefilms provides you with everything Netflix has to offer plus a ton more. Am I missing something here?

  • I’m using windows and when using Seas0nPass I get to the “Custom IPSW created successfully” screen then nothing. I can’t restore the custom f.w.

  • Kevin Peña

    i made every step but when i’m about to restore it …it says this device isn’t eligible for this build… please help! email me @ [email protected]

  • iTunes does’t see Apple TV after DFU mod. What can I do…

  • Jailbreaking the Apple TV opens it as it does the iPhone/iPod touch allowing you to install apps not yet approved by Apple, you can watch other formats like .avi files and such

  • Hey bambino molto gratzie por tuia tutoriale jajajaja thanks man !!! your tutorials always rock’s !!!!

    chao bambino arrivederchi !!

  • FINALLY SUCCESS!!! After pounding on this for days I borrowed a friends apple tv remote. Previously I used a Logitech Harmony universal remote that appeared to have all buttons function as expected but perhaps multiple button presses were not registering correctly. I have not updated the remote in a few months so don’t know if any improvements have surfaced.

    After borrowing my friends original ATV remote, I followed the standard procedure and BOOM! Seas0npass picked it up and everything just ran as it was supposed too.

    The odd part is that I was able to achieve at least 3 blink patterns with the universal remote. The one that the original achieved was 3 blinks, pause, 3 blinks, pause. Anyhow. Hopefully this helps anyone that’s stuck with a lost remote like I was.

  • I’m at Step 4. When iTunes is extracting software, I get the unknown error message 3194.

    Can someone help with what to do from here please.

  • I’m at Step 4. When iTunes is extracting software, I get the unknown error message 3194.

    Can someone help with what to do from here please.

    • Samm Maiava

      Now its an unknown error message 1602

  • I already Jail broke my Apple TVwith Seas0nass 4.4, but still asking for apple id and credit card, Do I missing something here
    Also I install aTV Flash (black) , how can I see free movie????

  • Anonymous

    very easy to understand and very easy to do. Thank you!

  • Nice guide. Didn’t realize it was do easy to do. Going to pick one up now.

  • works with windows ?

  • I finally decided to try this, While it is attempting to install the Custom IPSW File, iTunes comes up with ‘Error 2″ anyone have any idea what this is? Tried searching around could only find replies that were iPhone related.

  • It does all the above, but i get the 1602 error “Apple TV could not be restored unknown error occurred” in itunes. I can’t figure it out

  • Hi,
    I’ve tried more than a dozen times now. I’ve rebooted, done it all..
    I’m on a PC, using Win7, tried disabling AV, using different USB ports, etc… nothing doing!
    it keeps saying “Preparing Apple TV for Restore…” for ages and then suddenly a popup comes up saying “The Apple TV could not be restored. Unkown error occured (1601).”
    Earlier on it was error 9.
    Anyone have a clue? Please…?

    • Ok it doesn’t work at all on Win but works fine on my wife’s MacBookAir…!!!!!!

  • John Villegas

    I’m getting restore failed on the Itunes, any help all else worked just as planned…

  • John Villegas

    I’m getting Restore failed in itunes all else worked as demonstrated any suggestions.??
    Thanks…. john

  • It doesn’t work at ALL for me… I have tried too many times (more than 20). I’ve followed the instructions to the letter…

    First off, there is NO way to enter DFU mode using only the USB cable. It has to be plugged in. I’ve tried several USB Micro cables. It makes no difference at all. It has to be plugged in.

    So, plugged in I get the lights to flashing really fast… Seas0nPass gets to work. All goes well until the last screen where the firmware is located to be installed. If left alone it will sit there doing nothing for all night. It will NOT open on its own. If I click “open” it eventually provides a message the firmware is not compatible.

    Is it me, my Apple TV, or what??? I’m aggravated at this and want an answer. It’s really too bad there is no one to connect with to ask questions… Or is there? Anyone reading this have any ideas I am very interested to get this going.

  • Anonymous

    Got arrested for buying a jailbroken iphone. Took an Apple with me to jail. was free in a day. the guard got apple, i was jailbroken. jailbreaking and apple go together. Get an Apple.

  • Im getting (sorry this device is not supported by seasonpass) what do i do?

  • PJ

    The Apple TV does not flash or activate when i plug in, nor does it show up in iTunes

  • thanks

  • Becky Rich

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