The App Store has over 500,000 applications available for download. That means that your iOS device has access to some of the best mobile software money can buy — and, unfortunately, some of the crappiest.

Here at iDB, we’ve seen a number of examples of bad software. And no, we’re not talking about the 300+ fart apps out there. We’re talking about apps that you download expecting one thing, and then get another.

Luckily, there is a way to get your money back on these applications…

We touched on this process a few years back, but given all of the recent talk about counterfeit apps surfacing in the App Store, we figured it was time to cover it again.

Step 1. From your web browser, go to Login using your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Search for the item for which you want to request a refund, then click on “Report a Problem.”

Step 3. You should now be presented with a list of reasons why you’d want to be refunded. Select the most appropriate reason and give more details, if necessary. Click the Submit button when done.

That’s all there is to it! Don’t expect a refund or response right away, although Apple is usually pretty quick at taking care of these requests.. Keep in mind that the standard policy for iTunes purchases is ‘All Sales Final.’

It’s also worth noting that if Apple does refund your money, they expect the developer to refund them. And they still keep their 30% take. So make sure the app is really worth a refund, because the developer loses $0.30 on the dollar.

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Of course, we could avoid all of this nonsense if Apple would just incorporate a trial period for app purchases. Even something short — say 15 minutes — would be enough time to determine if the app worked as advertised.

  • Anonymous

    i have found that you can only get a refund once per year. i accidently clicked the purchase button in itunes on a 10 dollar app. which nothing popped up to confirm my purchase, just went ahead and purchased it. apple wouldnt give me a refund but instead gave me 3 movie rental credits. such bs.

    • In 2011 alone I got refunds for apps worth $12 in total…

  • Tyler Miranda

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. This is one place where Android really excels. The Android market is smart enough to figure out that if you delete the app from your device within 10 minutes, then you obviously didnt feel it was worth it and you dont get charged. Apple could adopt this policy and things would be so much easier…

    • What that policy would make easy is the ability to pirate apps. Yes people do that now but most do it by going to a certain source. That source doesn’t always have the apps someone is looking for.

      With the policy you are advacating, anyone with a jailbroken device can download the app and have it ripped to there computer in a matter of seconds. Then just delete it from the phone to halt payment.

      • Anyone with a jailbroken device can already download the apps without buying it. There is no need for this technique. Also, I am pretty sure that if your technique does work, Apple will figure out a workaround for it.

      • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

        most of these apps have encrypted signatures or certificates or some thing like that, so it is not that easy to do that

    • I agree Android Market has more realistic policies when dealing with app purchases. Google gives you 24 hours to decide if you want it or your money back.

  • This requires a tutorial? I got a $7 refund for Real Racing 2 by saying I accidentally purchased it instead of Real Racing (the first version), that was on sale at the time. That is just one of dozen refunds I got (I currently own around 100 paid apps). Just don’t be rude, be nice and sincere and they will most likely refund your money.

  • This why I use installous. I try out the app if it’s good I delete it and purchases it and if it’s crap I just delete it no harm no foul

    • If apple adds trials to the app store, I will have no reason for installous any more. I usually use the app for about 5 mins then either purchase it, or get rid of it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this. Hope I get my money back.

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    You can get it as often as you want. Also, don’t tell them you want a refund, just make it sound like you bought it by mistake or a friend went on your phone and downloaded it(sometimes they even give you a refund for the whole purchase session but still let you download it again for free). Also, don’t screw it up because after you submit it, you cannot submit another one for the same purchase.

  • I recently bought an album I pre-ordered over a year ago, and apple gave me my money back yesterday! I really love them.

  • I would like to know how to get a refund from Cydia. I bought software that does not work and the developers cannot fix it. One author says he can’t fix it and the other will not answer my messages.

    CallBar is the defective program and it blocks all of my custom ring tones and blocks mail received tones.

    Is there any way to get support for Cydia purchases? I have received no response to my complaints there.

  • Mr awesome

    This past month I got refunded 138 dollars. Support replied within 15 min