quickly open last email draft

Even though iOS has seemingly been turned inside out over the past few years, there are still a few easter eggs hidden in the software. Earlier this month we told you about the invisible buttons on the iPad’s split keyboard, and now we’ve come across another little-known feature.

Obama Pacman points out this cool little trick that allows you to quickly access your most recent email draft in iOS. All you have to do is open the native Mail app, and hold your finger down on the compose button. This should load your last drafts.

Considering that the standard process for recalling a draft in the Mail app is a multi-step affair, this tip could certainly come in handy. Not to mention that it provides another great example of Apple’s dedication to user experience. Interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, did not know that!

  • Apple, making lives easier and better since 1976

  • Anonymous

    Nice find.

  • Nice find! =) wonder how many others trick are out there that we dont know..

  • I tried this and it did not open a draft that was previously created and saved on another iOS device. But it did work to open an email draft on the identical device on which I created the draft as a test.

  • Anonymous

    just noticed the following, also in Mail.app (on an iPad running iOS 5)
    – compose a new mail
    – type anything
    – shake the device
    – mail asks if i want to undo 🙂