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As most of you know by now, Facebook acquired Instagram, the popular photo sharing service, for a cool $1 billion, about four years ago. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the cheerful announcement from his Facebook page.

But not everyone was excited about the buyout. In fact, when that happened, a lot of folks told us that they’d plan on ditching their Instagram accounts now that the social network is in charge. So we’ve put together this easy guide on how to do download your Instagram photos, and close your account if you decide to…

How to download Instagram photos

Before you cancel your account, you’ll want to make sure and save your pictures. Luckily, there is a free service called Instaport that enables you to export your Instagram photos both quickly and easily.

Simply login to the Instaport website with your Instagram credentials and you’ll be given the option to export your vintage coffee photos to your Flickr account, or download them to your hard drive.

How to delete your Instagram account

Now that you’re photos are backed up, you can safely delete your Instagram account. Do this by visiting the service’s account removal request page and entering in your account information. This is a point of no return, so you’ll want to be sure about this before moving forward.

And that’s all there is to it. No more Instagram.

That being said, it’s interesting the see how many people actually considered leaving Instagram over the Facebook acquisition. Now that several years have gone by, it’s safe to say Instagram is more popular than ever. True to Zuckerberg’s press release from back in the day, the service has remained largely unchanged.

  • Never used Instagram but I’m not going to either now. You know Facebook sells your Personal Info to other companys? Or so thats what most say. How else is “facebook free and always will be”?

    • Anonymous


    • leart

      the same is with google and android probably

  • iPhone users had Instagram before it was cool

    • Anonymous

      i had facebook before it was cool. I had facebook when it was restricted to only college students.

  • People are over reacting to the whole topic of FB buying out IG. And majority of those people didn’t even read the press release you quoted in the article. Understandable that many people dislike FB, as do I as time goes on, but i’m not ready to drop IG because of it. As long as FB keeps it separate like they claim they will, IG will fine.

    • Why pay 1b and not use it for their social network?

      • Because he can

      • Anonymous

        Photos contain tons of metadata including locations. In a short period of time they will know you circle of life. Has anything been done about camera roll access yet?

  • I just hope that the app remains unchanged, or at least that doesn’t suck as much as the FB iPhone App.

  • ?

    Instaport always gives me a 500 error

  • Lol. I’m about to download it for the first time

  • Doin the whole instaport thing now, I understand the merger I’m just not happy with it. Im not waiting to see if it does change or not, knowing Facebook they will change it. All Facebook wants is instagrams user database, no matter how much it costs.

  • They will probably integrate it with Facebook, so when any picture is uploaded, you can just edit it with Instagram tools, nothing else comes to my mind right now.

    • Anonymous

      Probs sell all images taken with Instagram to companys that harvest pictures for ads.

  • Does this mean I’m gonna have to view pictures of babies AND food in one feed? I wanted separate apps for that. Thanks a lot, Zuckerberg.

  • Anonymous

    Followed the steps, I then tried to log in account was still there.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only person that is excited about this buyout….it’s an awesome idea, I hope the app changes. Right now instagram is fun and simple but I think it can be improved to be more then what it is. I cant see them messing it up.

  • Just delete my Instagram account. Why does FB have to mess up everything?
    Thanks for the information on how to download and save pictures. Before canceling account. Worked great.

  • why is it a big deal?

  • I left instagram 10 seconds after I heard that anouncement. I wish instagram was just for us iPhone users again!

    • seriously? You are that big of a pre-madonna? How in the world does it change by allowing Android users, or *GASP* Facebook users to interact with it? Just means more of your friends can post photos to it….and that’s the point! Sometimes my feed goes hours without anyone posting stuff. Since Android was added, a bunch of new people to follow popped up and I’m sure the same goes for when FB integration is added. Stop crying so much.

      • leart

        omg after 4 years your comment looks pathetic, yeah respect for people why don’t give a f to be facebook slave

      • Zachary Sloane

        4 years later I still DGAF what u think or say

      • leart

        you didn’t deserved a response from the person who you spamed the comment, you just defended Facebook and Instagram .. sheep

      • Zachary Sloane

        baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa

  • Anonymous

    Instagram is a business not a charity, stop bitching about Instagram not being an iPhone exclusive service anymore. And since when does Facebook have this reputation of ruining anything they touch? Nearly a billion users deserves substantial respect; obviously they know what they are doing.

  • fuck mark zuckerberg!

  • David Breitbarth

    I deleted my Instagram account within minutes of the news. I only care about jailbreaking the new iPad.

  • the android move by instagram was far more unsettling than this

  • Jürg Allemann

    downloaded IG, tested it, *crap*, read news, deleted account, deinstalled IG

  • NO WAY, deleting right now

  • I would just wait and watch for the time being….

  • What bumper/case is on that iPhone?