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Welcome back to the lessons in iPhone photography. I hope you have enjoyed adding a little creative lens flare to your images the last couple of weeks. I have enjoyed looking at them! This week I thought we would do something a little different. I travel quite a bit with my iPhone and as you know by now, I take a lot of photos with it. I shot close to 4,000 iPhone images last year. Today I thought I would share a few tips to improve your own travel iPhoneography

Your iPhone Needs Power

I know it’s obvious, but make sure to bring a power strip along with you. By now you are probably charging an iPhone, iPad, your spouse’s iPhone and iPad, maybe another camera, electric shaver if you are the dapper type, etc. There is never enough outlets, so make sure to bring your own.



In today’s world we have access to technologies WWII generals could have only dreamed of. Anytime I’m traveling, I not only want to know when the sun is going to rise and set, I want to know where. Same with the moon. I use The Photographer’s Ephemeris to tell me just that.


Level Horizons

Nothing’s worst than a photograph of an ocean on a hill. Horizons are tough to judge sometimes, so fire up your iPhone’s ‘grid lines’ and make the sea level!


Don’t Be Scared Of The Dark

The iPhone isn’t the best performer in low light, but don’t let that scare you. Even if you don’t have a tripod with you, you can still expose for bright areas of the scene to make a photo. In this image, the candle light was the perfect light source to create a moody scene.


Look For Details

This is something that I am always having to work on. There is more to the place you are visiting than landscapes. Make sure you find the details that make it unique. Details are a great way to help tell the story.



It’s hard for your viewers to tell just how bid something is unless you include something in the photo for reference. In this image, to let everyone know that it is a big ship, I included a small boat.


The People

Unless you are traveling to a post apocalyptic world, there are going to be people there. Make sure you include them in your photos. Don’t only take their photo, talk to them. Heck, maybe they’ll invite you to play short stop on their baseball team?

Image 2


By no means do you have to travel somewhere to leverage any of these tips. For all your Instagram followers who don’t live in your hometown, your images are travel photography! Whether you are traveling somewhere or not, tag your Instagram photos with #iDBTravel so we can all follow along.

Justin Balog is an award winning photographer and film maker. You can follow is daily creative adventures at HOSSedia.com or learn more about iPhone Photography in his iBook ‘Big World Little Lens‘. Click Here for the iPad Version. To find out more about Justin, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Matthew

    Those pictures are epic.

  • PJ

    I just love those photography tips posts!!
    Keep ’em coming!

    • Cool..I’m glad you are enjoying them! I will keep on sharing them.

  • JoblessGuy2

    Question here: Is the camera on the fifth-gen iPod touch capable of producing shots such as those shown above?
    The iPhone 4S and 5 are too expensive in my country (4S costs same as at launch, 5 crosses the $1000 mark for the 32 GB version I want) and I’d really love a fifth-gen touch to replace my 4th-gen, but of late the camera has become a priority for me, and I don’t want to end up disappointed (again) as I was with the 4th-gen.
    So, how is it? Comparable to the 4S at least?

    • sambuzzlight

      i guess the 5th gen ipod touch’s camera be same as iphone 4’s camera? go ahead with the 5th gen touch you won’t be let down

    • Matthew

      Well e iPod touch 5th generation can produce shots of 5 megapixels. Which is the same amount as in the iPhone 4. Which is a pretty good camera. And the optics in the 5th generation iPod touch are the same as in e iPhone 5. So all in all the iPod touch 5th generation has a very good camera and yes I thnk it could take pictures like the ones above. Aside form the camera and some other things like color, lightning, and stuff the iPod touch 5th generation is on par with the iPhone 4S. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the 5th generation iPod touch. BTW, what country do you live in?

    • Howdy! I’m sure it is..all my photos are from my iPhone 4!

  • Thanks for showing my photography 🙂

    And many thanks for your advices.

    • No sweat, it was a great photo! Cool…I’m glad you are enjoying them!

  • Where is every one no news???

    • So optimistic

      Right… I’ve been refreshing this site all morning and only one story?? At least give us an at 90% on the jailbreak!?!

      So ready to do this!!

      • Who needs photography tips when a jb release is hours away. But good post i enjoy photography 🙂

      • So optimistic

        Maybe this is news…Cydia has updated and most of the tweeks I use are doing the same for the 6.1 update.

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  • Thanks for featuring my photo! Guys, follow me on Instagram if you don’t mind. @samerised

  • So optimistic

    Lockinfo 5 now available in Cydia along with some other awesome updates! Just trying to help out. No disrespect

    • So optimistic

      No news on anything today but photos?? I truly refreshed safari over a 100 times and it hasn’t changed.

  • im so excited ios 6 jailbreak

  • Just wanted to say Jason I was on your snapseed Webinar the other day and your tips were great. Thanks so much!

    • No sweat Chris! I’m glad you enjoyed the webinar. I have several more coming up this year so make sure to sign up for my newsletter and I’ll keep you posted.