iPhone Photography Series

We have covered a whole bunch of creativity in these iPhone Photography lessons. However, one thing we haven’t touched on is something that we all love to photograph: landscapes! I recently spent a week in the Utah desert photographing several of the National Parks with my iPhone. I thought I would share three quick tips to improve your landscape iPhone Photography…

1. Don’t fear HDR

For a quick HDR refresher, you can read my previous lesson about it. In landscape photography, HDR is a great tool for helping you to balance your exposure. As you can see in this image, the sky is far too bright which limits the details you can see. To fix this, I simply enabled the iPhone’s HDR mode.


As you can see, the HDR enabled image produced a very balanced exposure allowing all the beautiful details in the sky to be seen.


2. Look for silhouettes

An easy way to make the sunset even more awesome, is to find an interesting silhouette. By setting your exposure for the brightest part of the scene, you’ll get beautiful rich colors in the sunset and at the same time making all the foreground elements go completely black.



3. In bad light, think in Black & White

Just because the warm, beautiful and dimensional light is only around at sunrise and sunset doesn’t mean you have to give up making photos at high noon. In the middle of the day, start to think in black and white by seeking out interesting shapes and images with high contrast.



Next time you find yourself out and about in this beautiful world of ours, I hope these tips will help you make lasting memories.


Make sure you share your images with everyone and tag your photos with #iDBLandscape.

Justin Balog is an award winning photographer and film maker. You can follow is daily creative adventures at HOSSedia.com or learn more about iPhone Photography in his iBook ‘Big World Little Lens‘. Click Here for the iPad Version. To find out more about Justin, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Really nice tips

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      Really nice pics!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked them!

  • Great post! Thanks a lot!

    • No sweat, I’m glad you liked them. Hopefully they will help you make some beautiful memories of your own!

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  • Greg J.

    This is all bullshit. There Is no way a phone can come close to capturing images like an actual camera. Go back to writing tables you hack!

    • It’s not the camera only witch desides of good pictures, its also the human factor. You can even shoot good picture with an old iPhone 3GS.

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    Wallpaper in top image?

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    I’m with Xee, what is that wallpaper!

  • Another great tip: Use a tripod to keep the iPhone nice and steady. The iStabilizer Mount works with any standard tripod and you can use it with your existing case. iStabilizer also has a flexible leg tripod you can easily carry around with you called the iStabilizer Flex. Both are sold in the iMore Store.

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