Apple offered up a few new Mail app features in iOS over the years, making the app more and more robust. In iOS 7, Apple added some fancy new features to the Mail app that make it possible for you to get more out of your daily email connections. One of those new features is the ability to edit, reorganize, and hide your mailboxes. If you don’t know how to do this, we’ve got a short tutorial to explain it to you.

You may have already noticed the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the mailboxes section of your Mail app. That little button will give you a whole new way to organize your mailboxes.

Hiding and un-hiding mailboxes

Are you one of those people that hates the VIP mailbox feature and have always wished you could get rid of it? Well, now you can. Plus you can add new mailboxes, such as unread messages, messages with attachments, flagged emails, and more (see image above).

Step 1: Open the Mail app and go back to Mailboxes.

Step 2: Tap “Edit” in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Select or deselect the mailboxes you want to see or want to hide.

Step 4: Tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

Adding new mailboxes

You can also create new mailboxes from folders in your email account. If there is a particular folder in your account that you access regularly, this feature makes it possible for you to get to it from your Mailboxes section.

Step 1: Open the Mail app and go back to Mailboxes.

Step 2: Tap “Edit” in the upper corner.

Step 3: Scroll down to “Add Mailbox…” and select it.

Step 4: Choose an email account to add the folder from.

Step 5: Select the folders you want to create new mailboxes from.

Step 6: Tap “Done” in the upper right corner

Reorganizing mailboxes

How to edit mailboxes 4If you like having your personal email account on top and less important accounts listed down below, you can do something about that now by customizing the order they are listed in your Mail app.

Step 1: Open the Mail app and go back to Mailboxes.

Step 2: Tap “Edit” in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Tap the three lines on the right side of the mailbox you want to move.

Step 4: Drag the mailbox to its new location.

Step 5: Tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

Now you know how to edit, reorganize, and even hide unwanted mailboxes. Do you have a favorite email account? Are there any folders in your email account that you access more often than others?

  • Jonathan

    Thanks. 🙂

  • Mike B

    Every time I try to create a new mailbox folder, I get an error message saying “Unable to create mailbox – the mailbox couldn’t be created on the server”
    My main account is a domain. Could that be why?

    • I don’t think that would affect it. Do you already have folders in you msn email account? The “add mailbox” feature lets you turn existing folders from your email account into mailboxes. You should also try turning your iPhone off and back on again. That will oftentimes fix minor glitches.

      • Mike B

        Figured it out. It wasn’t set up as an outlook account. Now it works perfect!

      • excellent!

      • Howard Isaacs

        I’m still getting this message. In Settings, it is set up as an Earthlink account, so I don’t see what I would change. Is this anything to do with POP vs. IMAP?

  • Manuel Molina

    Thanks – didn’t know this and it got rid of that pointless “VIP” inbox that I don’t use. And here I was going to say “slow day for news”.

    • Rowan09

      I actually use the VIP inbox a lot, so I can have a cache of important emails particularly from job offers.

  • Amad

    Thanks, it helped me alot i should really know this but some how i don’t.

  • Guest

    Mailboxes only support gmail account ?

    • The iOS Mail app supports all email accounts. If you are using an account through your company, you may need additional information for security purposes. Ask you IT department for help if you don’t know how to add your email account to the Mail app.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Cool! I’m not using iOS 7 yet but these are welcomed features. I wonder if it got easier to move or copy stuff from mailboxes to subfolders.

  • Hector

    When i open my mail app, it automatically opens one of the three mailboxes that i dint care to have as the default. I put that mailbox on the bottom of the list and it still opens that one, please tell me how to make it open the mailbox i want by default when i click the mail icon, thanks!

    • Matthew Stroh

      It is frustrating that the app seems to open in one email account rather than all inboxes. The one it chooses is top of the list of ‘accounts’ in the lower half of mail app, so if you choose ‘edit’ you can drag your preferred account to the top of the list and you should find it opens that account.

  • Z Cooper

    hi, i want to keep emails on my iPad Air even after they are deleted from the server like i do on my desk top. Is there any limit on the number of emails per mailbox that can be stored on iPad Air ?

    would appreciate you r help

  • Shoshannah Smith

    Thank You – I woke up this morning to my email boxes completely out of order! This was very helpful in getting them back into the correct order so my OCD is no longer nagging. Much appreciated!

  • Steve

    I have an iphone 5. I do not use the gmail app, instead I go to gmail using safari. My username shows up everytime I go to sign in page. I would like to permanently disable. How do I do this?

  • David Dewhurst

    Thanks for the tip on adding regular folders to above the accounts line.

  • dude1394

    Hi…Thank you so much for the tip on adding the inbox folder, I had just added one and my emails were lost. But I would still like to be able to see ALL of my email in my one giant inbox as WELL as the seperate inbox. Is this doable as it seems right now my “all inboxes” doesn’t pick up this subfolder.

  • pradcliffe

    Thanks. I learned something new and really helpful.

  • bo ure

    Doesn’t work. Cannot delete VIP mailbox. Delete in the edit list is not available. Deleting mailer’s star does not get rid of the mailbox. I just don’t want to see the mailbox. I don’t want to use stars. I’m trying to get rid of things I don’t use. I’ve read all the instructions I can find and I’ve read all the unhelpful snark about simply not wanting to see an extra box and not appreciating all the wonderful extra things so useful to other people (whose homes are most likely overly decorated with gee-gaws and tchotchkes imposed on them by friends and relatives.)

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