iOS 7 Calendar app list view

Sometimes there are some features you take for granted. Take the list view in the Calendar app for example. In iOS 6, it was pretty straightforward. You had three tabs at the bottom of the app for List, Day, and Month views. So simple, my mom could figure it out.

With the iOS 7 redesign though, some things got more complicated, or at the very least less obvious. The same list view feature that was so obvious in iOS 6 suddenly became a little more subtle. In fact, it became so subtle that some people are confused as to where it went, my mom included.

I figured that if that was confusing for a few users, it might be worth publishing a post about it, because clearly my mom and the handful of readers’ emails we received about that can’t just be isolated cases. As a matter of fact, if you use the stock Calendar app, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the question at least once before: “where is the list view in the Calendar app?”

Today, I answer this question.

How to view calendar events in a list on iPhone

So, where is the list view in the new Calendar app? Is it gone? No, it’s just right here hiding in plain sight, except its icon isn’t the one you’re probably looking for.

Calendar List view

Step 1: In the Calendar app, tap the Today button at the bottom left corner of the screen once or twice to get into Day view.

Step 2: Once in Day view, tap the List view icon in the upper navigation bar of the Calendar app, as seen on the screenshot in the middle above.

This will take you into List view, showing all your calendar events into one scrollable list. It’s not very obvious, but it’s there.

A simple tip indeed, but definitely one that will help my mom and maybe yours get the best of iOS.

If the stock Calendar app doesn’t fit your needs, we suggest you check out these alternatives:

  • hkgsulphate

    Ivy should read this post

    • Who’s Ivy? You mean Ive? Jony Ive?

      • omrishtam

        ???????????????????????….. so many question marks 😀

      • hkgsulphate

        my bad -_-

      • No worries 🙂

  • Liran Belzer

    Good tip

  • Christopher

    The new app is not good at all.

  • Florisdian

    What a stupid icon. How does a magnifying glass equate to list view. What a fail. The icon should be a rectangle with lines on it.

    • Lance Baker

      It’s intention is for search.

    • Sleaka J

      While the main thought is to view the list of events, its main function is to search your events. So while it’s not obvious it does make sense still.

      • David Villamizar

        It HAS to be obvious, that icon is just wrong.

  • We are watching you !

  • Troped

    Thanks for this I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to use google next?

    • Paragraph 5 was written specifically for people like you.

    • Chris Wagers

      I assume u didn’t even read the article. Or if you did u didn’t comprehend it. Anyway thanks for the tips you give us each week iDB. I for one appreciate them.

  • Sleaka J

    I’ve already stopped using the stock calendar and replaced it with Fantastical 2 as well, but this might be useful to tell my boss. But I think she’s using another calendar app as well because of the iOS7 redesign.

  • mrhs

    I never used Calender before 😀

  • Question

    Does anybody know any way to add holiday calender to the ios calender?

    • Look online for such a calendar and then subscribe to it from your device

      • ax3ko74

        I subscribed it and then installed but they still don’t show up in the calendar app… Hmm

      • ax3ko74

        Actually they are shown in the list view, I just noticed. Wish it showed in the main calendar view as well.

  • mav3rick

    No wonder this neonOS needs such articles to get a simple function to find. Way forward thinking: eye blinding, idiotic icons and dizzyness as a whole experience.

  • brooks whiffen seale

    You should be in Chinese!

  • mwpitt52

    I absolutely hate the new IOS 7 calendar! Maybe we will get a jailbreak to go back to the old style.

  • What I’d like is to have back the option to see my month, and along it, see my list of events for the specified day. It was the best feature; I don’t want a freaking time lime of empty space to explore when it’s actually empty.

  • coLin

    @seb481:disqus WHERE ARE THE ALLDAY EVENTS from Notification Center? are they really gone?

  • MarilynRogers

    It’s unfortunate that you cannot add calendar items while viewing the “list view” that is hidden behind Search. This is why Calendar and Planner apps, such as our app LifeTopix and others, have recently increased in popularity.

  • LW

    Thanks for posting this. List View is handy, and the Search icon
    (magnifying glass) isn’t intuitive. Agree w/ Marilyn that
    you should be able to add events within List View too. :-

  • Ree Elizabeth

    Ugh! .. Thank You! .. smh @ apple

  • that icon only gets me a search box

  • Tatiana

    Wow. So simple, yet so non-intuitive. Thank you!!

  • Jennifer Krock

    How do I access it now? After the recent update I can’t figure it out!

    • girlycheckin

      They apparently changed it. Now you get a search box when you hit the magnifying glass. But if you’re in a specific date, there’s an icon at the top (to the left of the magnifying glass) that you hit for list view. Wish they’d just give the option of getting the old calendar back. This one is still horrible.

  • Jennifer Krock

    Now you have to double click the date

  • Jo

    Hi. Does this work for everyone? When I tap the search button only the option to search comes up??? If I type in a letter then it comes up with everything in my calendar with that letter in it???

  • Susan Wanish Rhodes

    When I click the magnifying glass, the key pad comes up & to bring up the list you have to type a letter & then it’s a search list of dates with that letter – so it seems there is no way to just see your calendar as a true list — IT REALLY SUCKS. I just installed 7.1.1 hoping they fixed this–but no what idiot thought this was an improvement?

  • Spartacus76

    Get your screen situated so that you are only seeing the entire month, with no daily list below the month. Double-tap on any date and your full list view will be restored!

  • Duo Fortysix

    i did what you suggested, tap the magnifying glass/search icon, but I only get the search field? It doesn’t tuen on the list view? When i cancel it just goes back to seeing the entire monthly calendar with only a sliver of the list under…and only calendar listings near the time of the event? plea help. This is on an iPhone 4 and 4s.

  • mstroock

    THANK YOU!!! I hate iOS 7 for soooo many reasons and this a typical reason why. Boy has apple lost it. Sorry for the rant. Really appreciate this post.

  • Shirley Vaneede

    Doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong. Can see only day view. It was there earlier.