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While working on a series of post about Find My iPhone recently, I realized that my iMac didn’t have a specific name attached to it. When in Find My iPhone, it would just show up saying “Unknown.”. I wasn’t sure how that happened, but I knew I wanted to have a proper name for it, just so I could recognize it when looking for it on the local network.

The steps to set or change a Mac’s name are quick and easy, but I figured that if you already know how to do it, maybe this post will be a reminder for you to check that your Mac has indeed been attributed a name. If not, I’ll show you how to do just that…

How to change the name of your Mac

Step 1: In the Menu bar, go to  > System Preferences…

Step 2: Click on Sharing.

system preferences sharing

Step 3: In the Computer Name box, type in the name you want to use for your computer.

change name of mac

Step 4: Close the window, and you’re done.

As always, feel free to ask if you have any question.

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  • 1Mr_Styler

    What bout how to change the user name?

    • The actual username (which can be seen when using Terminal), cannot be changed. If you want to change the visible name (shown on the login screen), it is usually linked to your contact. Changing your name in Contacts can usually change the login screen name if your user account and contact are linked.

  • James Gunaca

    Any way to change what it says in Find My Mac but keep it look the same on my corporate network so the IT department doesn’t make me keep it something like SFA063LMAT. That’s hideous naming…

    • Not that I know of

      • bashir

        its airdrop on yosemite compatible with iOS 7

      • AirDrop is part of iOS 7.

      • Andrew

        AirDrop between Mac and iOS is compatible with iOS 7 (and up) and OS X Yosemite.

  • aw81

    Screw the know it all haters, these articles are great.

    • Jonathan

      I’m a tech geek, and even I didn’t know this. So keep ’em coming iDB!

      • *clap clap clap* i agree! 😀

  • I don’t get why Apple decided to put the computer name setting there, rather than in the General section or the System Information window.

    • It kind of makes sense since the name in the ‘sharing’ section is what is shown on your network and the sharing section contains everything you choose to share on a network.

    • It’s just the name you see if you share something on the mac.

  • ssybesma

    Don’t forget the NetBIOS name if your intention is to access the Mac from a Windows machine. The NetBIOS Name and the Computer Name are changed in different places and for sanity sake should be the same. I would advise avoiding spaces in at least the NetBIOS name if the two names must be different. Windows has a problem with spaces in path names. Supposedly, you can use a hyphen in place of the space on the NetBIOS name. I learned this over the weekend with my first Mac when I was trying to access its filesystem from a Windows machine.

    Change the NetBIOS Name here:

    System Preferences/Network/Advanced… /WINS