Dark Mode Dock Yosemite

Dark Mode is a new feature that can be enabled in macOS by going to System PreferencesGeneral, and checking the Use dark menu bar and Dock option.

Dark Mode will make the Dock, the menu bar, and Spotlight Search darker in appearance. If you do a lot of work on your Mac at night or in a dark room, Dark Mode can make using your computer a bit easier on the eyes. Check out the video after the jump to see Dark Mode in action.

Unfortunately, Dark Mode seems limited in scope when it comes to system assets, as it only affects the menu bar, Dock, and Spotlight and doesn’t appear on the Finder. Hopefully this is just the beginning, and Apple decides to roll out Dark Mode support for all of its native and first-party apps.

Dark Mode Spotlight

Some third-party apps, such as 1Password, support Dark Mode mode, but the support is limited to the menu bar and it’s unclear at this juncture if developers will ever be able to expand their support to the actual app itself. Below rests a shot of 1Password’s dark mode support. It’s nice, but it’s still doesn’t affect the chrome around the actual app outside of the menu bar.

1Password Dark Mode

What’s your opinion on macOS’ Dark Mode thus far? Are you a believer? Sound off in the comments below.

  • workin

    How to get rid of all the white on ios?
    My eyes are burning and sight is damaged from this. So much so that I need a bigger screen size phone- oh that’s why the 6+ is so big! ;P

    • You could enable “Grayscale” or “Invert Colors” in Settings –> General –> Accessibility.

      You could also ask developers to add a Night time mode / dark mode in their apps. For example my Twitter client of choice Twitterrific has a dark mode and light mode and automatically switches between them when it’s day and night…

      • workin

        Got f.lux on iphone, meh. Jony I’ve a bone to pick #nometaphor
        Invert ain’t no solution. Got no greyscale

      • The reason you have no grayscale option is because you’re not on iOS 8…

      • workin

        Thanks. Know that but missing the point. Bad design and though we are off topic, Yosemite is another weak design-besides flat, colour less, it isn’t even fully finished, glitchy, idiosyncratic

      • Yosemite seems fine to me. I’ve had it restart on me once (which really could be for a whole host of reasons) and a few issues with Safari having to force-reload webpages but that’s it…

  • andyr354

    So far this “dark mode” is disappointment. Until it also darkens applications I don’t really see the use for it.

    • Just use flux! It’s the best piece of software you’ll ever use and your eyes will thank you for it

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        having everything fugly orange-ish? thanks but no thanks

      • You should seriously give it a try (if you haven’t before). You can disable it if you’re watching videos / movies (in fact it comes with a mode called “Movie mode”). It also changes throughout the day so it isn’t “fugly orange-ish” as you put it all of the time (just when it’s dark).

  • ready1take1

    Some of the third party icons in the menu bar need to be updated. Some icons can’t even be seen at all like f.lux, evernote, magic prefs, and google drive is really bad.

  • Meh…