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I just got my all new iMac with Retina 5K display last week and I’m still going through all the settings to have it behave the way I want. One thing I noticed is that every time it goes to sleep or the screen saver kicks in, my Mac will require me to enter my user password when I wake it up.

What is a great security feature if you work in an office is somewhat of an annoyance to me, simply because I work from home and no one except my wife ever gets to touch my computer, making this password an extra step that I don’t need.

In this post, I’ll show you how to stop OS X from asking for a password after waking up your Mac.

How to stop having to log in to your Mac every time

Obviously, if security is important to you, you should avoid what I’m about to share. If you work in an office or if you have people around your computer, again, skip all that and maintain a high level of security on your machine.

Step 1: Go to  > System Preferences…

Mac system preferences menu

Step 2: Select Security & Privacy.

Step 3: Click on the General tab.

OS X Yosemite Security Privacy Require Password

Step 4: Uncheck the option that says “Require password 5 minutes” after sleep or screen saver begins.” As an alternative, you can always increase that time, while still maintaining a certain level of security.

Step 5: A pop up will ask “Are you sure you want to turn off screen lock?” Make sure you’re completely ok with this and select Turn Off Screen Lock.

Once this is done, you won’t have to enter your password every time you wake your Mac after it went to sleep or after the screen saver was activated.

  • Nick

    how do u stop image capture from opening when u connect your iPhone?

    • iDara09

      Look around the bottom left corner when the image capture comes up. Change “image capture” to “no application”.

  • Nick

    Congrats on your new iMac 5K. Super jealous! Haha

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I always have to enter my password twice after its asleep all day. Its super annoying ill have to look at this setting and see if that changes it

    • Elias Chao

      Maybe the first password you have to enter is the File Vault one.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Yeah I think that mightve been it. I went into the settings and turned it off. What sucks is it has to decrypt and it slowed my computer down a bit. But I think that was it. Thanks!

  • Phil Randle

    There is only one caveat to this, I use iCloud Keychain, works really well and has become an essential for me, if you disable to lock screen password it will turn off iCloud Keychain as a security precaution.

    I read there is an app that will unlock you mac when you move in front of it, using the bluetooth signal in your iPhone and Mac, but I haven’t had a chance to try it.

    • EDiTOR9

      Knock is an app you can buy on the iOS App Store and download on the Mac to “knock” on your phone to unlock your Mac without having to type your password. I mostly use my MBA at home but often times my sister in law will come over and use if and I definitely don’t want her accessing my files.

    • Komrad

      I just disabled the password prompt and it asked me if I would like to disable keychain or keep using it. It looks like they listened to users.

      when not at home , I would turn it back on. but I home I multi-task, leaving the computer to put another load of laundry in the washing machine, for example, and then I come back to continue my computer work. I hated having the computer locked when I returned to it. So I disable the lock screen password in these situations.

  • Okitavio

    What configuration did you get for the iMac, Sébastien?

    I’m curious because of The Verge’s review that suggested that you have to buy a more powerful configuration to move all those pixels, so that it works as good as it looks

    • I have the base models which I assume will be more than enough for what I do, which usually happens in a web browser.

  • How is this a new thing? I thought this feature was available in the older systems as well, live mavericks

    • He just made a simple tutorial for newbies, it’s nothing new…

  • Mac user

    Anyone here know how to turn off show preview for the messages app on Yosemite and leave it that way? When I turn off my MacBook or restart the setting reverts and message previews are on again.

  • Benjamin Intal

    Thanks for this, been looking for this option since the developer preview.

  • ifjeiorg

    What If I simply want to remove the password completely? It does not appear Apple allows me to do this. They like their control over their users I see.

    • Komrad

      seriously, there is a difference between promoting security and forcing it on people. Not every computer needs to be locked down, it’s very situational and hence the computer should be able to be configured to match the needs of the situation.

  • disqus_NqpdqkF7na

    Thank you very much for your instruction. I knew if I goggled it someone brainy like you would answer my question.

  • hello 🙂
    unfortunately the option is unselectable… any idea as to why?

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  • Fiftyseven

    Thank you for this! I upgraded to a clean install of El Capitan and this pesky nuisance emerged.

  • SIE

    Ok, that box was never checked, and my computer still requires my password every time I open it. I just upgraded to El Capitan…. what else can I try??

    • neverknowsbest4600

      i have the same problem!! it’s been difficult finding someone else with the same problem, because most forums and posts discuss their computers not waking up at all, or not sleeping after installing El Capitan.

      i upgraded my Macbook Pro for the first time since Snow Leopard, and have had no issues except the Java 6 thing and this. this is driving me crazy because it closes and opens up my chrome tabs every time, and muting the music and youtube tabs is annoying. i’m running El Capitan 10.11

  • mike

    I have done this multiple times, but my iMac still requires a password when I wake it.

  • Michelle Nera

    The above tip is not visible on my page. I only have the option to enter password, then either select sleep restart and shutdown. When I select any of them brings me back to the same page. Please help. I work from home and about to lose my cool.

  • Cleareye

    Doesn’t work on my new iMac.

  • Bruce Shayne Nelson

    Excellent. Worked fine. Thanks for the tip and technique.