Control Center Lock screen

By default, access to Notification Center and Control Center is available system-wide on iOS, meaning that you can access both features from the Lock screen, from the Home screen, and from any app. These two features are very convenient, but can also represent a security or privacy concern. With that in mind, iDB reader Eric asked us this morning on Twitter how to disable both grabbers for Notification and Control Center on the Lock screen. In this post we will show you how to do just that.

How to disable Notification Center on the Lock screen

Unlike what you might expect, you won’t find settings for Notification Center Lock screen access in the Notification Center tab of the Settings app. Instead, it is tucked in the Touch ID & Passcode tab, most likely because of the security and privacy concerns I mentioned above.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (it will show only Passcode if you don’t have a Touch ID capable device).

Step 2: If you have an active passcode on your device, you will be asked to enter it to proceed.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Allow access when locked section.

Step 4: Turn off the Today and Notifications View toggles.

Turn off Notification Center on Lock screen

Once this is done, you won’t be able to access Notification Center from the Lock screen. To revert it back to its original state, just follow the same directions and turn Today and Notifications View back on.

How to disable Control Center on the Lock screen

Hiding Control Center from the Lock screen is a little more straight forward than doing the same with Notification Center.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Control Center.

Step 2: Turn the Access on Lock Screen toggle off.

Turn off Control Center Lock screen

Once this is done, you will still be able to access both features when the device is unlocked, but assuming you have a passcode on your device, no one will be able to peak at your pending notifications or access some of the vital settings of your iOS device.

  • Waleed

    You can hide most/Any UI elements on your iDevice using Hideme8
    even can disable control center or Notification center from lockscreen.
    really love it so much on iOS 8.1

    • furrnace

      Waleed, what font is that?

      • Waleed

        Thats “NeutraFace CS..” from dbk1ng Repo (Google this repo) (:

      • VITICO

        Do u install it using byta font?

      • Waleed

        yes u need bytafont 2
        just add the repo, and install that font, and open bytafont app, now apply the font 🙂

      • VITICO


    • Martin Laesker

      No it cant disable Notification center from lockscreen.

      only in ios settings i works!

  • waz wayell

    Can anyone help me with this problem? It became really weird after jb…..

    • TechLove

      It’s not really a problem, but just that your icons wanted to have sex with each other.

    • TechLove

      It’s not really a problem, but just that your icons wanted to have sex with each other, so they are kinda fu€ked up.

    • Jonathan

      Looks like the wrong image is being used to display the icon. You probably know this, but there’s multiple sizes made for icons, and it’s probably just grabbing the wrong one.

    • iNeedANameHere

      Maybe try iCleaner. I know when my device does random stuff like that running iCleaner and a respring or reboot fixes it 98% of the time

    • hkgsulphate

      one of the reasons I don’t jb
      I hate seeing these glitches -_-

      • iNeedANameHere

        The benefits far outweigh the minor glitches

    • waz wayell

      i have solved it. it the bug of iconOmatic .

  • Albort

    i wouldnt mind control center on the lock screen, but airplane mode on control center kinda scares me…

    • yermum

      Wait for cccontrols to be compatible. That coupled with bioprotect does wonderful things for security. Something apple should have done from the get go.

      • f96lrs

        ccsettings is

      • yermum

        Ccsettings doesn’t offer half the features (or toggles) that cccontrols provides, let alone fine granular security controls over when and how toggles are activated. It provides you with the option to have a completely different set of control center toggles on the lockscreen, plus you can secure each one with touchid or password, plus its themeable from within the settings app. Plus it works in conjunction with bioprotect to even further enhance device security as a whole.
        Basically makes ccsettings look amateurish.

    • Bobdole

      having an airplane mode toggle, or a physical power button on the side of your phone is basically the same for someone stealing your iphone… (assuming someone stealing your phone and making find my phone useless in 5 sec was your issue)

  • Diego

    Is there someway to block some toggles on lockscreen when using CCSettings?
    For exemple: block Airplane mode, block Data, block Respring….

  • furrnace

    Yeah thanks! And he has a lot of other great fonts too. I’m using Gotham iOS8 now.

  • Diego Milano

    Thanks for this article. I never really thought I’d need one of these to disable Notification Center in the LockScreen.

  • Martin Laesker

    Thenks!! i need that!

  • Margie Walls

    If i am perhaps not mistaken (and i could be) if you obtain these update applications from your company it’s added on top of your monthly bill also.