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If there is one thing that I very much dislike in my workflows, it’s processes that automatically start without my consent or prior agreement. The latest culprit to date is iPhoto, which automatically launches every single time I plug my iPhone in my computer. I’m not sure if this is iPhoto default’s behavior, or if I accidentally triggered this annoying feature, but fortunately there is a quick and easy way to stop this from happening again.

How to prevent iPhoto from launching when plugging in your iPhone

Just like most Mac apps, it’s all in the Preferences.

Step 1: Open iPhoto.

Step 2: In the Menu bar, go to iPhoto > Preferences…

Step 3: For the “Connecting camera opens” option, make sure to select “No application.”

Step 4: Close the Preferences window.

From now on, every time you plug your iPhone or iPad in your computer, iPhoto or no other application will launch.

  • fernando

    Off topic, but since i jailbraked my device (iphone 4s 8.1), i cant enter the still wallpapers page in settings

    • Cody

      Spelling police! Jailbroke* not jailbreaked.

      And your issue, you should try doing a restore, it might as well be a tweak that is intervening with the wallpapers or something else. I would personally restore now and re-jailbreak before Apple releases 8.1.1

      • Ali Ghanem

        Apple already released 8.1.1 to dev now!

  • Ryan Bartsch

    Omg thank you!!!!

  • Lhu

    What about iTunes? how to stop iTunes from launching every time I plug my iPhone?

    • thaSa1nt

      Click on the device summary and scroll down and uncheck the box that says to open iTunes when the device is connected.

      • Lhu

        thx 🙂

  • A’s Network

    This is actually a feature of iPhoto so it will automatically sync to your Mac… However I think they should make it less obtrusive since I hate how it pops up and interrupts whatever you do.

  • Chinch07

    So creepy. I was just looking for this about 10 min before you posted this.

  • Don

    Ok, well how about this problem? Since upgrading to Yosemite, iphoto opens whenever I plug in my ipad. It’s driving me nuts. The FIRST thing I did myself was make sure it was on “no application” to open as you suggest here. Yet it STILL does it. It’s driving me insane. Any ideas?

    • Anekin007

      Same here. I think its a bug in yosemite. My iPhoto was and still set to no application but everytime I plug in my iPhone the iPhoto app would open up.

      • d.i.j.

        Change the option. Close and reopen Preferences. Select “no application” again. Close Preferences.

        This worked for my iPhone issue.

      • Don

        I had done that a dozen times or more before I found this thread. Nothing I have tried works and I’m VERY computer knowledgeable. I think we have a bug here for sure.

      • Qlty > Qty

        I found I had to repeat the process twice but closing iPhoto each time. Once that was done it seems to be sorted. However a separate issue is it is not deleting photo’s from iPhone when told to do so 😡

      • Don

        The update for Yosemite that came out shortly after I posted that reply took care of my problem. So I was right, it was a bug.

        A lot of people are starting to complain about apples continued screw ups by releasing half baked software the last couple of years. So it is becoming a problem. Let’s hope they listen and get back to the old way of doing things (making things that work”).

        If Tim Cook will make up his mind to be a CEO instead of a politician and civil rights leader, maybe things will get back on track. I’m not impressed with him so far. Keep in mind almost everything they have came out with til now was already in the pipeline while Steve Jobs was alive and they were his ideas.

        About now actually, Tim will have to start standing on his own. I think what is coming out after the watch is going to be on his shoulders only. He’s going to have to focus on the company rather than trying to spread the rainbow to Alabama, etc. Lol.

        To each their own, but if he can’t run the company right, he doesn’t need to be focusing on other things.
        That’s where Steve had it right. He lived apple and focused on nothing else. And it showed!

  • InfiniteMischief

    Here is my issue, my iPhoto won’t recognize my iPhone which means I can’t sync my photos. I have to use a third party app to manually move my photos from the iPhone, to the Mac hard drive then I have to move all those photos into iPhoto manually. So the question is. Why doesn’t iPhoto sync with the iPhone? If I do it Manually I read somewhere that it might be some of the pics I took or saved to my phone that keeps it from syncing. Can anybody help me out?

  • Blip dude

    Thank you!!!!

  • Hassan

    i had that problem, but now since i don’t have iPhoto, Image Capture keeps opening when i connect my iPhone. and i can’t seem to turn it off!!
    please help 🙁

  • Ali Ghanem

    Thanks! Helped a lot!

  • What about image capture

  • sriram varadarajulu

    on a completely unrelated topic… dark mode in yosemite doesn’t seem to change the file explorer’s color.. it still stays white.. is there a way to make that black also?

  • HowardBrazee

    I like the old way, where photos (or image capture) would open only if my phone had photos in it.