Transfer iPhone contacts to computer

There are several ways to transfer iPhone contacts to a computer, but the quickest and easiest way to do that might just be with an app. The concept is simple: use an app to export contacts, then email that list of contacts to yourself, or to whoever you want to share the contacts with. In this post we’ll show you how to use an app called Easy Backup to transfer contacts from an iPhone to a computer.

Note that while this post was made using an iPhone, you can as easily follow these steps to transfer contacts from an iPad to a computer.

Step 1: Download Easy Backup for free from the App Store. Although there is a pro version of this app available, the free version will work just fine.

Step 2: Launch the app. It will invite you to sign up or sign in, but you don’t need to do any of that. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the Skip button to avoid signing in.

Transfer iPhone contacts

Step 3: The app will ask access to your Contacts list. Allow it access by tapping OK.

Import iPhone contacts

Step 4: Your contacts will then be automatically imported in the app. Tap the Next button at the bottom.

Step 5: Tap the Backup now button. This will prepare a single file containing your contacts. The file format is .vcf, which is a standard format, meaning it will be readable on virtually any computer, regardless of what you use to manage your contacts.

backup contacts to transfer

Step 6: At that point, you can email the file to yourself or somebody else to transfer the contacts from your iPhone to a computer. Tap on the little Email icon to create a new email and attach your contacts to it automatically. Make sure you are very careful not to send your contacts to the wrong email address though.

Transfer contacts by email

Step 7: On your computer, either a Mac or a PC, you can open the email you sent to yourself and save the .vcf file anywhere you want. Depending on what you want to do with the file, you might want to save it to your Documents as some sort of backup, or if you want to import it to a Contact management app, simply open this application and import the .vcf file.

Again, there are several ways to transfer contacts from an iPhone or iPad to a computer, but this is certainly one of the easiest as it doesn’t require any cable or seemingly complicated steps that my mom would be afraid of.

Additional tips you might find handy

  • :/

    Don’t know about PC but on Mac this is definitely not the easiest way…

    iPhone: Sync contacts to iCloud
    Mac: Open contacts
    Mac: Press cmd + a
    Mac: Click + button in contacts
    Mac: Click export vCard. Done

    • ARX8

      This doesn’t include profile pictures

      • :/

        Yes it does. also I meant right click on any name not click + button

      • ARX8

        I thought you were talking about batch-exporting

    • Rebecca Tia

      Instead of the way mentioned above, I often use another
      contact transfer tool called Apowersoft Phone Manager to move my iPhone contacts to computer.
      1.Download and install the program on your computer.
      2. Connect your iPhone to computer through USB cable and click “Trust” button when a dialog pops up on your phone.
      3. Tap on “Contacts” icon after entering into the main interface, choose the contacts you want to transfer and then click “Export” button to transfer contacts on PC.

  • J™

    MCBackup…works exactly the same

    • Jack Wong

      Is it available from App store?

      • J™

        Yes… just get the free version it works perfectly

      • Jack Wong

        Is that the official name?

        The reason I ask because I wasn’t able to find it under App store.

      • J™

        try entering “My Contacts Backup” u should be able to find it 🙂

      • Jack Wong

        Hmm I though he could move around the contact between different address book?!

        Hmm I have all my contacts under iCloud and exchange, I don’t need another backup, thanks anyway.

    • weztimonial

      Agree, been using mcbackup for very long now. Able to email and backup to Dropbox too.

  • ARX8

    Here’s a way to sync contacts to Windows
    Turn off iCloud contacts on phone
    Choose to keep data
    On iTunes, in the info section of the phone, set it to sync with windows contacts
    Clear your windows contacts (because it’s a 2 way sync)
    Sync phone

    iTunes will sync all iCloud contacts with contact images to windows
    After sync finishes, turn on iCloud contacts on phone and merge contacts

  • abdullah575


  • Chetan

    Point is you don’t need to backup when there is iCloud. Even if you need then on Mac they are automatically synced and if you have windows then also there is a iCloud app which can even sync all contacts to Outlook. Though they are synced and safe but even then, if someone is worried then there is an option to export all contacts as vcf/vcard in both Contacts app on Mac and outlook on windows.

  • Joe

    If your have over 1 000 contacts you need the PAID version. Strange, how reader is not told that up front?

  • hamiltoncharles

    It is complete solution to transfer the contacts of your iPhone to computer without iTunes. I suggest to try out FonePaw iOS Transfer which not only transfer, and also support you edit, delete and merge the contacts. And since it can be useful to you, then why not at least back up your massive iPhone contacts in minutes?

  • Judy Bee

    How long until you get the email with the attachment?

  • Mark Phillips

    Doesn’t work on iphone 4 as it needs ios 9 or later to install the app 🙁