New Folder Selection OS X

macOS allows users to create new folders with pre-selected items, and to be honest, it’s one of my favorite features of the Finder. All you need to do is highlight the items you want to place in a folder, right click, and execute the command. It makes cleaning up files extremely quick and easy, and I find myself using it on a daily basis.

Step 1: highlight the files and/or folders that you wish to place into a new folder

Step 2: right click while the items are selected, and click New Folder with Selection

New Folder With Selection

At the end of the New Folder with Selection text, you’ll see the number of items that will be placed in the folder inside parentheses.

Step 3: type the name of the new folder and press Return on the keyboard

New Folder With Items

You can also use a keyboard shortcut to combine all selected files into a folder

Step 1: highlight the files you wish to place into a folder

Step 2: press Control+Command+N on your keyboard

The keyboard shortcut has a slight benefit over using the right-click action, as the keyboard shortcut allows you to place a single file into a new folder as well. If you want to undo the new folder and move the item(s) back to their original location, just execute an undo command (Command+Z).

Not only is the New Folder With Selection feature extremely handy for quickly organizing files, it’s accompanied by a pretty sweet looking animation as well. Features like this is why I adore OS X so much, in case you couldn’t already sense my admiration.

What do you think about this feature? Do you use it?

  • Nicolas Pratt

    I agree that this is one of the most useful features of Finder!

    • Love it. And I really love the animations.

      • Ian Leon

        Automator tutorials !!!! plz ???

  • One more tip I wasn’t even aware of. Thumbs up!

  • Redha Hassan

    Jeff .. I just want you to continue those mac tips .. I realy appreciate those videos .. Short, usefull and very handy .. Even very small features can make huge difference in the user’s experience … Thank you again!

    • Thank you. Comments like these are what motivate me to keep doing so.

  • Wow I honestly didn’t know this existed. All this time I’ve been doing Cmd+C –> Cmd+Shift+N –> Double Click on the folder –> Cmd+Alt+V

    • Yeah, it’s not much, but it adds up to some time saving after while.

  • Bruce Milyko

    Great tip. I just tried it inside a folder creating sub-folders. Works but without the animation. Great time saver.

  • John Smith

    Thanks i never new about this feature. All the tips are so useful to an OS X newbie like my self and i now have the dock on the left hand side as well 🙂 Keep it coming!

  • Handy little time saver indeed. This is similar to Window’s “Move to Folder”/”Copy to Folder” options, but by default, there’s no keyboard shortcut to activate it and you don’t get such sleek animation.

  • Tronjheim79

    This is one of the little things that I love in OS X. Too bad the animation is limited to the Desktop.

  • wow pretty usefully thanks!

  • Ian Leon

    YO!!! stop giving away the super awesome secret tricks bro. Thats not cool.