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The menu bar is the bar located at the top of macOS that houses all of contextual buttons for apps near the left side of the bar, and all of the menu bar icons on the right side of the bar. The icons that appear there can be from third-party apps, or they can be from stock macOS system features like Wi-Fi, Sound, Bluetooth, etc.

Although you can’t alter the menu bar icons for third-party apps without a little trickery, you can easily do so for system features. In this post and video, I’ll show you how to remove and rearrange stock icons in the menu bar.

All of the stock menu bar icons can be added or removed from the menu bar by means of the System Preferences. For example, if I wanted to add or remove the volume menu bar icon, I’d do the following:

Step 1: Open System Preferences

Step 2: Click Sound

Step 3: Click the check box next to Show volume in menu bar

Show volume in menu bar

How to remove icons from the Menu Bar

You can also remove a stock menu bar icon by holding down the Command (⌘) key on the keyboard and dragging the icon out of the menu bar and releasing.

How to rearrange icons in the Menu Bar

If you’d prefer to rearrange the stock menu bar icons, you can do that by holding down the Command (⌘) key on the keyboard and dragging the icon to the desired location. The icon can only be between the left-most stock icon in the menu bar and the Spotlight menu bar icon.

As alluded to earlier, if you wish to modify the third-party menu bar icons, you can use a tool like Bartender to do so. We’ve already posted a tutorial about Bartender that shows you how to do just that.

Are you an avid menu bar user? Share your methodology and setup down below in the comments section.

  • Blaqheart

    Good job. Keep these Mac tutorials coming Jeff…

  • Chris

    Everyone tell me what’s in your status bar. Mine is
    – Fantastical
    – Box Sync
    – f.lux
    – Battery
    – Time & Date
    – Spotlight
    – NC

    Is it possible to remove NC and spotlight?

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      • OneBigInFiniteJoint

        what app is “chained” in your status bar ?

      • Chris

        Affiliate Link

  • im2slick4u

    3rd party icons move for me by holding ⌘ and draging.

    • Not without some sort of mod…

      • roygelbart

        High Sierra made it possible for 3rd party apps now…

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Wish it was possible to delete .ds_Store while having all invisible files enabled..

  • andyr354

    Get Bartender if you have to many. Great app worth the price on smaller screens or if you just want a clean bar.

  • GadgetQueenn

    I use Menubar Rearranger 2