Hide All Apps on Mac

I’m pretty messy when it comes to working on my Mac. I multitask a lot, and as such, I always have a gazillion windows open at any given time. But sometimes I need to focus, and when those times come, I like to get rid of every potential distraction and hone in on a specific app. macOS contains a very handy shortcut that allows you to do just that.

How to hide all apps except the current one

To hide every other app except for the app that you’re currently working on, do the following:

Step 1: Open the app that you wish to keep open.

Step 2: Click the name of the app in the menu bar.

Step 3: Click Hide Others.

You can also use a simple keyboard shortcut: Option (⌥)+Command (⌘)+H and that will hide all other applications as well.

I seriously use this handy shortcut every single day that I use my Mac. As someone who always has a ton of different windows open, I couldn’t live without this shortcut.

What do you think? Do you often hide other apps so that you can focus on a particular task? Sound off down below with your thoughts and use-cases.

  • Although Aero Shake does pretty much the same on Windows, I haven’t really used it in my daily routine. Most of the applications I use (except File Explorer and a few other apps) remain maximized to the desktop, so, I only see their content when I’m using them. In the situation I usually have multiple windows open but not maximized, I like keeping them non-minimized for single-click switching of focus.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Bryan James Bassett

      yeah but unless you use a third party app on mac, windows typically arent maximized. also why are you commenting about windows when this is about mac?

      • ‘Cause it’s talking about something that’s common between the platforms and I want to.

  • M L

    Know of any way of a different to make easier hotkeys for these actions?

    • dawaske

      BetterTouchTool 😉

  • Script

    Do people actually work like this? I use all my applications in fullscreen mode?

    • Scott

      I open multiple screens and have each app full size on each screen. can’t stand clutter

    • Bryan James Bassett

      yes, full screen mode is annoying

  • tsiv

    There’s a Mac app for that: Hocus Focus. Hides all other open windows as you switch from program to program leaving you with only the foremost window in view. And you van choose if you want windows hifing immedoately or after a defined period of time.