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When you take a screenshot on your Mac, macOS will by default name the file “Screen Shot Date Time” where “Date” and “Time” are the actual date and time when the screenshot was taken. This makes for long file names that aren’t necessarily helpful. If like me you want to have more control over that file name, then read on as I show you how to change the default name of screenshots on Mac.

How to change screenshot file names on Mac

Step 1: Launch Terminal.

Step 2: Copy/paste or enter this command line, and replace “iDB” with whatever you see fit. Hit Enter when done.

defaults write name "iDB"

Change name of screenshot

Step 3: Copy/paste or enter the following command line, followed by Enter.

killall SystemUIServer

Whenever you take a screenshot, the default name of that file will be replaced with whatever you chose.

Note the date and time will still be appended to the file name, but if you want to get rid of that too, make sure you check out how to remove date and time from screenshots file names.

Mastering screenshots on Mac:

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  • Skoven

    Hey Sebastien.
    Could you do a tutorial on how to run multiple instances of applications on Mac (dropbox, skype ect.)?
    Thanks og keep up the good work 🙂

    • Lorde

      Do you mean having 2+ more of dropbox running an or have 2+ skype applications running?… Not sure if that’s possible, buddy.

      • Skoven

        Yeah… having multiple instances of the same application running. I’m currently trying to run 2 instances of OneDrive, but haven’t figured out how to do that yet 🙁

      • Lorde

        For Skype, you may run two instances the following way:

        1) First instance run as usual

        2) Second one run in terminal:

        sudo /Applications/ /secondary

      • Skoven

        Thanks… 🙂 that works for skype, byt not Dropbox, OneDrive and so on.
        I’m not sure if i like the fact that Skype will be running with root privileges though.
        I wish there was an easier way of running multiple apps at the same time – like just copying the app it self and renaming it, or something like that.

  • Yes, an improper use of Terminal can mess things up, but the chances this would happen when trying to change the screenshot name are close to 0.