Deleting iPhone contacts

If there is one app that hasn’t changed much since it was released along the first generation iPhone, it is the Contacts app. Besides a fresh coat of iOS 7 paint, it didn’t see any noticeable features added to it, leaving room for third-party apps to come in and offer more functionality.

If you’re wondering how to delete several contacts at the same time on your iPhone for example, then don’t waste your time playing with the Contacts app, because it won’t let you do that. You can painstakingly delete one contact at a time, but you’re not able to delete several of them at once.

That’s where App Store apps come in handy.

How to delete multiple contacts at once on iPhone

If you want to delete multiple contacts at once on your iPhone, you will have to download an app from the App Store. There are many that offer the ability to do that, but I’ve been using Cleaner Pro previously, and although the free version is limited, it does offer many options, including the ability to remove several contacts in one shot.

Step 1: Download Cleaner Pro from the App Store. That’s the free version.

Step 2: Launch the app and go to the All Contacts tab, then tap the Edit icon.

Step 3: Select the contacts you want to delete, then tap on the small Trash icon at the lower right corner.

Step 4: Confirm you indeed want to delete these contacts by tapping Delete.

How to delete all contacts on your iPhone

If you want to go thermonuclear on your contacts and delete all of them at the same time, then Cleaner Pro will allow you to do that too.

To do so, follow step 1 and 2 from above, and instead of selecting contacts one by one, tap the little check mark icon in the upper right corner. Doing so will select all contacts.

From there tap the Trash can icon and confirm you do want to delete all your contacts.

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  • leart

    damn apple waited till ios 8 to implement this basic feature. pfff

    • Apple hasn’t implemented this feature. It’s a third-party app.

      • leart

        huh, currently dont have any ios 8 device, i thought it was implemented LOL

  • GThomas

    well I definitely needed to do this because I had about 30 contacts that were now obsolete, but the free version linked in this article only allows for 10 contacts to be deleted, for more than 10 you need to pay the $1.99 upgrade price.

  • gittlopctbi

    “Apple does everything right.” No they don’t. Management of Contacts, Mail, and Notes are three examples.

  • iPhoneWINS

    How can i teller all elected emails?

  • lancecooper

    The free version only allows you to multi-delete a limited number of contacts. Lame.

  • I purchased the upgrade and while I have been able to merge some duplicates I have a lot of just emails in my Contacts on my IPhone and this app fails miserably when I try to delete them.

  • Tim Seifert

    You just like the developers of this app fail to mention that you need to purchase the full version ($9.99 yearly) to merge or delete more than 10 contacts. Total fail.

  • FredNerx

    Wasted time downloading the free version. Only deletes 10 contacts. Should have been stated in the review.

  • Post updated on February 2017 with better app.

  • terez.d

    I used the Cleaner to delete about 400 out of 700 contacts, yet the iPhone Contacts still showing the original 700. What am I missing here??

    • Carol Seguin Zielinski

      Me too! Can anyone explain this? Why are they not disappearing from our iPhone contact lists?