Disk Utility

In an earlier tutorial, we showed you how to create a new partition on Mac. But what if, after testing, you wish to delete the partition and relinquish its space? In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to dissolve a partition using macOS’ built-in Disk Utility.

Deleting a hard drive partition on Mac

Step 1: Open Disk Utility.

Step 2: Click the partition that you wish to delete under the logical volume.

Step 3: Click the Erase tab and make sure Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) is selected.

Step 4: Click the Erase button.

Step 5: Click the logical volume.

Step 6: Click the Partition tab.

Step 7: Highlight the partition that you erased in step 4.

Step 8: Click the ‘-‘ sign and click Remove.

Step 9: Use the drag handle to reallocate the space back relinquished by the deleted partition.

Step 10: Click Apply → Partition.

After a few seconds, all of the space taken from the purged partition will be reallocated. After it completes, you can close Disk Utility.

Be sure to watch the video embedded above in the event that you’re unclear about any particular step mentioned. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but it still helps to see an example.

What do you think about macOS’ built-in Disk Utility and its functions? Do you find it easy to use? Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts.

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  • This is really helpful. Thanks.

    Last time I saw the grayed-out minus button, I turned to the command line “diskutil”. Turns out that I just have to erase first.

  • Great tutorial the only thing I’d add is that you can boot into a recovery environment on most Macs by holding cmd+r during boot since if you wanted to delete an OS X partition you probably won’t be able to while OS X is running…

  • Javiers

    Does anyone know of a good external display for a MacBook Pro other than the Apple’s Thunderbolt Display?

  • Kenny James


    I have a partition that was put in place prior to my El Capitan install. This partition cannot be deleted, no matter what I try to do. The issue here is that the smaller partition, 20gb, is used to boot up the OS, and since it is the boot up drive, it also houses app folder and downloads folder, and I cannot allocate any apps to the larger, 229gb, partition. Please help!

  • Wahyu Andre 

    how about deleted partition in OS el capitan?

  • Melissa Byers

    I partitioned my hard drive quite a while ago (like, two OS versions or so) and added Windows to my hard drive. I no longer have any use for it, and I’ve been trying to get rid of that partition, but the minus sign is grayed out, and if I try to drag the partition, it just creates a new partition. Any ideas?

  • Fabricio Mariani

    This is really helpful. Thanks!

  • David Voros

    Will I lose all files that were on the partition or will they remain.