OS X El Capitan Safari Pinned Tabs Featured

Like Google Chrome and other browsers have been able to do for some time, Starting with OS X El Capitan, Safari now allows you to pin tabs. But pinned tabs work a little differently in Safari for Apple’s in-development OS update than they do in other browsers. In this post, we’ll walkthrough the new tab pinning features, and show you what’s different about the way Apple goes about its implementation.

Pinning tabs in Safari

Here is a summary of some of the things that Safari tabs can do in macOS:

  • Right click on a tab to create a pinned tab
  • Drag a tab to the left to pin a tab and to the right to unpin
  • Pinned tabs are persistent across all Safari windows, even when you quit Safari
  • Pinned tabs sync content across windows, including video
  • If you right click on a pinned tab, you can close all unpinned tabs

So while it’s true that pinned tabs are nothing new, as usual, Apple has taken a feature and implemented a version that goes the extra mile, feels extremely polished, and adds value for the end user.

I can see myself using Safari tabs for the websites I visit on a regular basis. What about you? Is there anything you would change about the way Safari tabs work?

  • philip Mills

    wow nice video jeff

  • I like how you pronounce El Capitan. :))

  • :L

    I want Safari to fullscreen like Chrome with absolutely nothing showing (No sidebars, no address bar no tabs nothing) then i’d use it

    • scott71

      You mean like this? Easy. Top choice in the View menu.

  • I still find them utterly useless and gimmicky. Why would you want or need to sync content between the two windows anyway? Now, if they could notify me every time there’s a change or a new content on the pinned website, that would awesome and quite useful.

    • QuarterSwede

      I was thinking the same thing. The only thing I could come up with is that if you want to research using the same site an not lose your spot you could open a new window and I pin the tab. That way it starts exactly where you are in the current pinned tab but you can move on from there. Saves some steps.

      • scott71


  • Hi

    First thing I do: pin iDownloadBlog.

  • Mitchell Ribbons

    Hi, great post. Just wondering if you might help me out.. I’ve got safari 9.0 (seed 6) and nothing is showing up about pinning tabs & I can’t find any setting to turn it on either. Any advice? (I have not yet tried re-installing safari).

    • Ethan Humphrey

      Same here on the public version!

  • Windlasher

    I would offer the ability to rename them.

  • Heitor Castro 

    Any way to disable sidebar from appearing everytime I rest cursor on the left side when using Safari in fullscreen?

  • Hatotoro

    why i want to sync my browser window? why apple? why? why i wanna have the same content from a website on 2 browser windows at the same time? why? why, I wanna watch a video on one window and the same video at the same timeline at the other window… why? why? why? apple, why?

    • scott71

      For the life of me, I can’t figure out why you wouldn’t want it to.

  • madrich

    Cool! Your tutorial helps a lot. Thank you!

  • Simon Parker

    I’m guessing that this is also a neat memory saving feature. I’m terrible at closing down tabs and eventually Safari slows down when switching tabs !

  • Dylan Tyler

    Does having a bunch of tabs pinned slow down your mac?
    Thank you!