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One of the first things that I do on a new macOS install is adjust the trackpad and mouse settings to my liking. I absolutely love using things like tap to click and the three finger drag gesture.

Imagine my horror when I could no longer find the three finger drag gesture as an option in System Preferences. It’s simply no longer in the place where it usually is: System Preferences > Trackpad. Well, as it turns out, things aren’t so grim as they at first seemed.

Apple moved the three finger drag gesture option to another location, although the move doesn’t make a lot of sense if you ask me. In this post, I’ll show you how to enable the three finger drag gesture on macOS.

Three Finger Drag OS X El Capitan

How to enable the three finger drag on macOS

Step 1: Open System Preferences.

Step 2: Click Accessibility.

Step 3: Click Mouse & Trackpad.

Step 4: Click Trackpad Options…

Step 5: Click Enable dragging.

Step 6: Select three finger drag in the drop down box.

Not only does the three finger drag gesture allow you to move around windows and other desktop items, it also allows you to select text. It’s an absolutely instrumental gesture for trackpad users and I honestly have no idea why Apple would have buried the option so deep in its settings.

Do you use the three finger drag gesture?

  • Elliott Balsley

    Yes, I love the three-finger drag. It’s the main reason I put up with the Magic Trackpad and its lousy wireless signal. Logitech trackpads have better range, but they don’t have the three-finger drag feature. It’s strange that Apple decided to bury this in the Accessibility options.

  • Thanks for sharing bro…

  • KG

    So much panic! Less so now THANK YOU.

  • JanSapper


  • thanks! you are cool!

  • Lyden Deth

    I kept forgetting where it is. And why is that cool feather is so hidden?

  • Alexandre Suguimoto


  • Paul Littlewood

    Thanks! This is bonkers that Apple moved the option to accessibility.

  • Aavi Kumar

    Thanks Buddy………

  • Alex Denne

    Funny that they hide it in the accessibility settings seeing as it’s so damned useful!