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Apple Music launched around the world a few years, and with it comes a lengthy 3-month free trial. But after the trial period is up, you’ll be on the hook for $10 per month, unless you turn off auto-renewal. Luckily, as with all iTunes-billed subscription services, this is quick and easy to do.

Turn off automatic renewal of Apple Music membership

Step 1: Open the Apple Music app, and tap on the For You tab at the bottom. Then tap the Profile icon in the upper right hand corner and select View Apple ID.

Step 2: Once you’ve entered in your Apple ID credentials, you’ll be taken to your Account Settings page. Locate the Subscriptions pane.

Step 3: Tap on the Cancel Subscription button.

That’s all there is to it. A popup should confirm that even though you’ve turned off Automatic Renewal, you’ll still have free access to Apple Music for the next three months. So if you signed up on launch day, June 30, you’ll be able to use all of the premium features of the service through September 30.

Some folks are disappointed that Apple made the automatic renewal of subscriptions an opt-out option, versus opt-in, but to be honest I’ve found this to be the case with most free trials, so I wasn’t surprised. For more information on Apple Music, be sure to check out our posts on the service.

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen


  • Buck

    Anyone know if the subscription charge will pull from any credit balance you have on your iTunes account *before* charging the card?

    I ask because you can usually buy discounted iTunes cards on eBay and it would be a nice way to get the subscription price down possibly

    • Melvco

      I believe I have seen my Netflix subscription charge pull from iTunes balance.

      • Buck

        Thank you!

  • Sukhpal Singh Bajwa

    That auto renewal toggle does not meet iOS design langauage.


      Is Actually annoying

      • Sukhpal Singh Bajwa

        Yup! Absolutely!

    • Totally annoying. Also the prices are for the subscription meet the old iOS 6 design !

  • Cristian Meneses

    Just realized that Apple Music subscription is cheaper in Chile, individual at USD $4,99, Family at USD $7,99… Any ideas why ?

    • Sukhpal Singh Bajwa

      In India, it’s $1.99 for individual and $2.99 for family. Low prices in accordance to compete with other local services.

      • macsmister

        Wow. Can I sign up in India instead from America? Does anyone know?

      • Sukhpal Singh Bajwa

        You need to change your country to India and then add an Indian credit card.

      • tiltdown

        same here in Philippines $2.99

        and $4.99 on family. I wonder if the contents are the same? Maybe it’s cheaper because the contents are not the same on US?

    • Dri

      in Denmark its 15$ family is 22$. we are getting ripped

    • In Romania, it’s 4,99€/7,99€ 😀

    • alansikora

      Same here in Brazil.

  • Manonymous

    do only people who sign up on the 30 of June get the 3 months free premium functions? or can i sign up a week later and get the free 3 months?

    • Cristian Meneses

      Seems to work like Spotify does. You have 3 months for free no matter when you start.. As long as you provide a valid credit card for automatic renewing

      • Manonymous

        and what if i don’t have a credit card? can i just put 10 $ on my itunes acc?

      • Jakob Se.

        yes works too

  • Tylor Jackson

    I wish localiapstore free without purchase for itunes music…

  • Noohar

    I’m not sure if I am just being dumb but I can’t opt in for the *Free* trial. When I select the $9.99 trial option it says I don’t have enough cash; (I have $8 in my US Acc btw) but it’s a *Free* trial it should just work! Any ideas…

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      even though its free, you still need at least 9.99

    • You need to have at least the amount of the subscription, or add a credit card. You will not be charged because you will have 3 months of free trial.

  • branden

    just to be clear, you do “buy” the individual plan and then turn off auto renew in the app?

  • Logan

    How do I do this on my Mac?

  • Why did they hide this option so deep?

  • Sahadev Varma

    please help me!!!!!!! there is no auto turn off toggle is it because i removed my card details