TaiG Mac Jailbreak

As we told you about earlier, the iOS 8.4 jailbreak is now officially available on Mac from TaiG. The TaiG jailbreak tool for Mac is a simple and easy to use tool to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad on your Mac without having to resort to using a virtual machine.

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to jailbreak iOS 8.4 on your Mac using the TaiG tool.

Note: Before starting, it is best to start with a fresh install of iOS 8.4. Also, you’ll need to disable Find My iPhone and passcode lock. You should also place your device into Airplane mode prior to starting. Your iOS device should be connected to your Mac via USB. You may have to tap Trust on your iPhone if you’re prompted to do so (if it’s the first time connecting to your Mac).

Step 1: Download TaiG for Mac from our downloads page, mount it, and drag the TaiG jailbreak tool to your Applications folder

Step 2: Close iTunes, and open the TaiG jailbreak tool for Mac

Step 3: Make sure that the tool detects your iPhone

Step 4: Uncheck the 3K assistant option

Step 5: Click Start and wait for the tool to finish

That’s all there is to it. You should now be jailbroken on iOS 8.4.

What do you think about finally having a TaiG sponsored jailbreak tool on Mac? Are you excited? Or is it too little too late?

  • Satrop 

    If anyone gets this warning “Please close iTunes and Xcode before jailbreaking” and you don’t have either open, rebooting my Mac removed this warning and I’m happily jailbreaking right now.

    • Satrop 

      Also had an issue with my iPhone being on and connected to my WiFi. It seems as though TaiG was still finding my iPhone (I’m jailbreaking my iPad) and throwing a warning saying that there more that one device connected and it would continue with the process. Turned off my iPhone and the jailbreak is a success 🙂

      • Rockee

        I had the same issues – Had to reboot my Mac before it would “detect” my device while in the process of Jailbreaking.

  • Dimitri M Ballas

    I’m stuck at 10%. My phone keeps restarting.

  • Richard

    well this sucks, after the jailbreak was done. I launched cydia and it got stuck for about 15 min. so turned off my device and restarted and now my app store icon is gone, and if i click on cydia it just crashes. HELP ME JEFF!!!

    • Satrop 

      My iPad mini keeps bailing on the process. You wight want to do what I’m about to. Back up, always back up! Put device into DFU mode, in iTunes “Restore iPad”, this will download (if it hasn’t already) iOS 8.4 and then install that. Leave the device as a blank slate, then try jailbreaking again, if successful, do a “Restore Backup…” from within iTunes. I shall return in a bit to let you know how I got on.

      • Satrop 

        I can confirm that this method DID work for me. Good luck, Richard!

      • Richard

        I got it working. I just re-jailbroke and it worked. Cydia launched. But now I have another issue. My camera, App Store, and calculator app are now missing. And I can not find any way to fix it. I guess my only choice is a fresh restore of 8.4 then jailbreak. And make sure the jailbreak is running good. Then restore from iCloud backup.

    • mrgerbik

      What device?

  • Jesse J. Huelbig

    The version of Taig I downloaded from this site is only in Chinese and this is what it looks like. I need some serious help!

    • Mr. Van

      I see the same thing, What are we doing wrong?

      • alain

        You need Yosemite !

      • butterfield

        don’t spread false information, dimwit.

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    And the troubles begins,:-(…same o, same O

  • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

    my jailbreak failed with airplane mode on, but when turned off worked perfectly!

  • coLin

    I just used PP Jailbreak the other day. Worked fine

  • Dante Arellano

    Jailbreak allow some hackers get in the root of your i0hone during the conection to internet using the browser jb almost is open door to ur data including apple pay and your touch id and if u think little bit feder chines jackers having done this in the past for emulate the itunes store app store thats why now they are very good making posible the jb the jb it’s totally necessary and complemets the ios experience but the price can b very high

    • khmi

      What? English please?

      • mrgerbik

        I think he’s saying be careful because all your data on the phone is exposed to the jailbreak tool when its being jailbroken. I agree but I haven’t heard of any exploits being found in jb tool yet…

  • Black Hillary Clinton

    *that awkward moment when you realize people would actually use this method over the PP jailbreak*

    • Mr. Van

      Chronic endorsed this jailbreak. What do you say about that?

      • Black Hillary Clinton

        Comex also endorsed this jailbreak, and he gets my respect. Don’t know Pod2g at all. He seems arrogant.

  • Josiah

    Took me a few tries but it eventually did it.

  • Johnny T Dane

    I couldn’t Jailbreak with TaiG Mac version so I used the PP version yesterday. But now in Cydia I have an update pending for the TaiG Jailbreak, but it fails if I try to install it. Anyone have the same issue and a solution?

    • IsaacLHawk


  • Out5poken

    Too little too late…. I went the PP route and everything is a-okay!

  • iPhoneWINS

    just use the PP jailbreak for
    mac its much less buggy than TAIG

  • GadgetQueenn

    A little too late. PP is way better, and no hangups at a certain percentage.

  • David Harrell

    I really have to upgrade to Yosemite for this to work?

  • Ron Morgan

    Wow, it took away my camera app and now cydia won’t open so I can’t just download the cydia impactor. There goes my morning, now I have to restore my phone

  • The Zlatan

    What’s the clock on the picture of the youtube video?

  • mantime

    When will this be available for 8.4.1?