3d touch

3D Touch is the biggest new feature to come to the iPhone 6s, and it brings a whole new interaction paradigm to the iPhone. 3D Touch is possible by means of a new pressure sensitive screen used in Apple’s new iPhone hardware.

By tapping into this new input method, Apple and third-party developers are able to lend users access to quick Home screen shortcuts, in app previews, and quicker access directly to specific pages within an app. Not only is 3D Touch an awesome feature today, but its potential for the future is even more exciting.

In the following video, I’ll share over 15 different points on 3D Touch. Perhaps you’ll find something in this list that you weren’t aware of.

3D Touch on the Home screen

You can press on an app icon on the Home screen to access quick shortcuts to specific locations within an app. Eligible apps include the following:

  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Mail
  • Camera
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Safari
  • Notes
  • App Store
  • iBooks
  • Wallet
  • Clock
  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • FaceTime
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

There are other Apple made apps that can be used with 3D Touch as well, such as iMovie, Find Friends, Game Center and more. You can also 3D Touch on the Lock screen if you’re using Live Wallpaper to see the wallpaper animate. See our top 20 iPhone 6s features post for more details.

3D Touch can be used with supported Third Party apps

More and more third-party apps are being updated to work with 3D Touch as well. Some of the currently released apps that support 3D Touch are:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • Things
  • Shazam

If an app that supports 3D Touch isn’t working, launch the app first, as the 3D Touch apps are dynamic, so the app has to be loaded once beforehand. Of course, not all apps will work with 3D Touch, as developers have to build in support for the feature.

Use 3D Touch without lifting a finger

Keep your finger on the screen and drag from a 3D Touch action for even faster results.

Using ‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’

Peek slows you to preview and back out of you want. You can also slide up on a peek in order to perform additional actions.

Pop lets you fully commit to a peek, it’s the second level of pressure that’s applied.

In the mail app, you can slide after a peek to perform bonus actions like mark as unread and delete.

Preview Maps

3D Touch on an address to peek and see a preview. Press harder to pop into the full Maps app.

Preview web links

Tap on a link from anywhere to peek at the corresponding webpage. Press harder to pop into the full Safari browser.

Access Contact information

While in the Mail of Messages app, 3D Touch on a contact photo to bring up contact options.

View recently taken photos while in the Camera app

You can 3D Touch on the photo preview window to quickly glance at all of your recently taken photos without leaving the Camera.

Disable 3D Touch

You can disable 3D Touch in Settings →  General →  Accessibility. More info here.

Adjust 3D Touch sensitivity

You can also adjust the sensitivity of 3D Touch via the Accessibility section of the Settings app. I personally prefer using light sensitivity. You can test how the changes in sensitivity affect your usage right from the preferences. More info here.

Using wiggle mode to edit app icon layouts

If you want to enter wiggle mode on your Home screen and not invoke 3D Touch, simply tap and hold lightly on an app icon instead of pressing on the screen. You can also press on a folder, since folders don’t respond to 3D Touch.

Use trackpad mode to move your cursor

You can turn your keyboard into a trackpad with 3D Touch, which is downright awesome. Simply press on the keyboard and drag your finger. You can move your finger anywhere on the screen while in trackpad mode, not just on the keyboard.

Highlight text using trackpad mode

To highlight text, enter trackpad mode and press on the screen while your cursor is next to the text you wish to highlight. Once the text is highlighted, you can drag to select more text. More info here.

Swipe to activate the App Switcher

Press on the left edge of the screen, drag right to the middle of the screen, and release.

Quickly toggle between two apps

You can quickly switch between two apps using the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture. To do so, drag all the way to the right side of the screen. This lets you quickly switch back to the last app in one swipe.

Pressure sensitive drawing in the Notes app

3D Touch can also be used to draw darker strokes inside the Notes app. By pressing harder on the screen while drawing, strokes will be darker.

Have you found any additional 3D Touch actions that you’d like to make us aware of? Sound off down below with your comments.

  • Wow, that’s one hell of a video that explains pretty much everything there is to know about 3D Touch!

    • DevXav

      That’s exactly what i was gonna say..

      Excellent video Jeff, nice work there!

      I can’t wait for a jailbreak and see the community reveal 3D Touch’s full power.

    • Siddharth Desai

      The animations of 3D Touch (mainly when pushing on an icon) on my 6s plus aren’t as smooth the ones on Jeff’s phone. All other animations are pretty smooth.

  • S2k03

    When you going do a test on their LTE band 12 on T-Mobile?

  • Cones1r

    Great video ! It looks like we finally have Zephyr in iOS. Even though we didnt need 3d touch to use it back then.

  • Gucciipad

    I agree who would want to turn off 3d touch

  • Jens Dideriksen

    Use trackpad mode to move your cursor -> bye bye Swipe Selection
    For every iOS Update I get another reason NOT to jailbreak

    Sooo when we see IOS 13 i guess that I dont need jailbreak anymore?

    • Rowan09

      I hope not

    • Jake Platt

      I agree. The ideal 3D Touch use would be for the settings menu and allow the user to select what shortcuts in the settings menu they want to access with the force touch press.

    • Fanboy 

      I think we will always have a reason although it’s shifting more towards hardware vs software now. Most software features are being taken care of on stock iOS, but when Apple releases new devices with new hardware such as Touch ID and 3D Touch, their full capabilities are always limited. So we will always want to JB to unlock the full potential of the new hardware.

  • Damian

    Trackpad feature just takes the breath away
    All the copycats are getting ready

    Oh and it seems like Tage, tweak of the year somehow could be replaced natively

  • Giel Konink

    WHY is there no 3d touch fore the settings ?

  • Shadowelite123

    Well Apple just semi implemented tage into stock iOS….one less reason to need a jailbreak now lol

  • GadgetQueenn

    Great video, Jeff!

  • Faisal

    Does anyone know how to play a youtube video in HD on iPhone’s safari browser? I have to open YouTube app to view these videos in good quality.

  • Jamessmooth

    Excellent video Jeff! There were actually a few things I didn’t know (force touching a contact picture in messages brings up different ways to contact that person, for one).

  • Jeff; you must have shot this video with an iPhone 6s; it seems extremely clear and vivid.

  • Zach Krase

    Hey Jeff! Few things you missed with 3D Touch! You can press on messages you have in the messages app and drag up for some quick replys without actually opening the message. Also, in Safari, when your looking at all your favorites, you can peek into the website before actually going to it!

  • @sexyhamthing

    So much of this could just be tap and hold instead of a proprietary force click.

    Or just for legacy?

  • Andrey Savostikov

    Thank you Jeff, great video! I am a Apple fanboy, but this 3d touch is so stupid. Everything can be done by just clicking. It is not saving time, it is wasting. From year to year Apple is becoming just worse

    • Andrey Savostikov

      Just put in existing iPhone 4 GB RAM, that would be ideal phone, but no, nobody would buy next one. Marketing…

  • Noohar

    Excellent vid Jeff! My upgrade is in Jan & I can’t wait for my 6s. I see weather is one of the commonly used Apps that is not 3D Touch enabled…

  • JJGadgets

    Switching between apps = Tage + 3D Touch. Imagine if the iPad got 3D Touch. The Mac will be less used.

  • SkyDriver

    Does anyone know where to find 3D Touch in settings? Also, how do you change what web browser Siri searches from?