The iPhone iSight camera has received several remarkable improvements over the year, headlined by its ability to shoot 4K video. Another big feature is its ability to shoot slow motion videos in 1080p. Older iPhones, like the iPhone 6, were only capable of shooting “Slo-mo” videos in 720p resolution. With new iPhones, you can now enjoy slow motion videos in full HD glory.

Recording Slo-mo videos in 1080p on iPhone

Like the 4K video recording option, you’ll need to enable 1080p Slo-mo via the Photos & Camera settings.

Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap Photos & Camera.

Step 3: Under the Camera heading, tap Record Slo-mo.

Step 4: Tap 1080p HD at 120 fps.

Enable 1080p HD Slow-mo 120fps

There are two downsides to recording Slo-mo videos in 1080p. First, videos shot at 1080p take up more space than their 720p counterparts. It’s not a huge difference, though:

1080p Slo-mo = 375 MB a minute

720p Slo-mo = 300 MB a minute

The second downside is the reduction in frame rate. 720p Slo-mo videos feature 240 fps for a more pronounced slow motion effect. 1080p slow motion videos are limited to 120 fps.

Obviously, there are trade offs being made with either mode you choose. My advice is to test both of them out, and stick to the one that seems to work best for your circumstances.

  • Why can’t it record slow-mo videos in 4K? Is it because of technical reasons?

    • mobilemann

      you can’t figure out why the phone would have trouble dealing with 240 frames of 4k video vs 30 frames of 4k video per second?

      • Correct. It has a 4K camera so is it just a case of it can’t record that many frames per second or is it a limitation in terms of computational power or storage? Where is the bottlekneck?

      • mobilemann

        Apple was touting their new memory controller, and the ipad pro was seen pushing 3 4k streams, but that’s about equal to 90fps @4k, (no where near 240fps) and it has a more powerful processor and much larger thermal envelope.

        I would guess both. It’s honestly a huge task, that i would expect would put massive demand on a high end i7 desktop rig with a PCI ssd.

    • Fabian

      • Umut Topuz

        means, it may because of cpu power, writing speed or thermal issues

  • Bobdole

    because it can only shoot at 30 frame per sec in 4k. If you try to slow it down it will look very “choppy”.
    I guess it needs more processing power and a better camera to improve on that

  • SimonSays

    My iPhone 6 Plus used to be able to shoot 120fps at 1080, until I updated my iOS. Now it’s only 720 at 120fps and 240fps. It appears Apple purposefully downgraded this so I need to by the iPhone 6s Plus?

    • rohan ninan

      No, your iPhone 6 Plus could not record Slo Mo at 120fps at 1080p.