Callout cursor OS X El Capitan

Have you ever woken your Mac up from sleep, and couldn’t find the mouse pointer among the mess of windows and desktop icons. We’ve all been there before.

Starting with El Capitan, macOS is hoping to help out with that, courtesy of a brand new addition to the operating system. It’s certainly not a headline feature, but macOS can help you quickly locate your mouse or trackpad pointer by simply shaking your mouse or swiping your finger back and forth on the trackpad in quick succession.

Watch our video inside to see how it works. We’ll also show you where to go to disable the feature in System Preferences.

As you can see from the brief video walkthrough, locating your cursor is as easy as shaking your mouse, or swiping quickly back and forth on your trackpad. When you do so, your cursor will enlarge for a second in order to help you find it.

If you don’t care for the new cursor finding ability in macOS, you can always venture over to System Preferences to disable the effect. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open System Preferences.

Step 2: Click Accessibility.

Step 3: Click Display.

Step 4: Uncheck Shake mouse pointer to locate

shake mouse pointer to locate

By the way, that’s an interesting naming decision on Apple’s part. A lot of users on macOS will be using trackpads and not mice. I guess I’m just feeling extra nitpicky today.

What do you think about this new feature? Do you think it’s useful, or just a gimmick? Will you be keeping it on or turning it off?

  • Chad Garber

    Off. Detested it while testing.

    • Did you accidentally activate it often?

      • Chad Garber

        I think it was auto-on. I never did anything in Accessibility to begin with, but it didn’t bother me enough to hunt down a way to turn it off!

      • work2survive

        I definitely never activated it!
        I find ridiculous they released active by default, is like to assume that everybody who owns a apple has a kind of disability… hum… ok windows fanboys take it from here.

  • That’s funny. I rarely if ever use it. I always forget it’s even there.

  • That_Fruitarian

    Wow!! Must be one of those days…

  • Merman123

    It doesn’t always work for me. Weird.

  • OneBigInFiniteJoinT

    Jeff, What script are you using for ad blocking? i see you have no extension for it?

    • I was testing ghostly for a post, but it’s causes so many loading issues with the various sites i visit.

      • Morgan Freeman

        What about the other times, Jeff? Come on, out with it… you block ads and don’t want everyone to know it, because the internet relies on them…but we all hate them, including you! 😉 Am I right? 🙂

      • I’ve definitely blocked ads before. That’s no secret at all. I’m just not at the moment, and I’m not using any Content Blockers either. Will I ever? I can’t say for sure, I’m just telling you what I’m currently doing. Do I think content blockers are bad? That’s a complicated question. Some ads are bad too, but I do think you should support the sites you regularly visit. And that’s why I’m not currently running iOS content blockers. Love your movies, BTW.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Just giving you a hard time! Thank you, by the way. I appreciate the work you do as well!

      • Okitavio

        I use Adblocker like many many people here but I recently decided to deactivate it on iDB. I just thought after many many years pf reading and watching your great content I can at least see the ads on the page too 🙂

  • Logan

    If you’re like me and you put the sensitivity to max on the Mac computers, t’s effectively worthless. Also, I don’t know if there is any third party software that replicates this, but in a really old version of Mac, (I’m talking like 10.2) there used to be a way as like an accsesabilaty feature to have like a black box around the mouse. I always thought that was the best way of doing something like that. Man, I miss the good ol days.

  • Stephaughn Alston

    I think this is ideal for a bigger display, but when using the beta of El Cap on my 13inch I didn’t find it too useful, actually forgot about it. Pointer seems to get lost more easily on a bigger display.

  • port87

    i want to change the cursor to john cena, and every time I shake it, I feel as though “you cant see me now”

  • :D

    I keep my Mac connected to a 40 inch TV and never lose the cursor, so this must be best for people who use a really large monitor or TV about 60 inches +.

  • David Labbe

    Most stupid feature on an OS i have ever seen…period.

  • Rechain

    Well, it was enabled on my MacBook Pro after installation of El Capitan..but it’s not working here.

  • YemSalat

    To be honest though the problem of finding your cursor is much more prominent on a mac then on pc because its colour is black.

  • Mine stopped working and I can’t turn it back on


    I Diable this feature in my MacBook po but it is working on my lock screen not in main page