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Apple Music on iOS includes an option to stream your music at high bitrates over a mobile data network at all times. As you know, Apple Music defaults to high-quality streams on Wi-Fi.

With this new toggle, you can control your cellular data usage by enabling or disabling high bitrates when streaming or downloading music over your carrier’s cellular data network.

How to turn high-quality cellular streaming on and off

Step 1: Launch Settings on your device.

Step 2: Tap on Music.

Step 3: Flip the Use Cellular Data and High Quality on Cellular switches to the ON position, as shown below.

iOS 9 Settings Apple Music Cellular

Enabling hight bit rates ensures that songs you stream or download for offline listening are delivered at the highest quality at all times, whether on Wi-Fi or cellular.

Apple doesn’t disclose exact Apple Music bitrates, but reports claimed audio streams max out at 256kbps in the AAC format.

Higher bit rates consume more cellular data and songs may take longer to start playing. You might want to disable the aforesaid options in order to limit Apple Music to Wi-Fi connections only, which ensures that streaming won’t eat up into your mobile data.

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  • Amit

    Higher bit rates consumer more cellular data


  • Jason B

    I wish there was an option for setting the quality for offline music. I just converted all my Spotify offline playlists over to Apple Music and cancelled my Spotify subcription, however, when comparing the storage used by both apps, I found that my Spotify app was using about twice as much as Apple Music, which on Spotify, I had offline set to the highest quality.

    • That’s because Apple users a more efficient AAC code which delivers the same, or better, audio quality at 256Kbps than 320Kbps MP3 streams from the likes of Spotify and others.

  • GadgetQueenn

    Good thing with T-Mobile, it won’t count against me. =)

  • William Melendez

    I’m glad AT&T increased their “unlimited” to 25 GB before they start slowing your internet connection.

  • iByron

    Use the “Late Night” equalizer setting and sound quality in mobile devices is vastly improved even with standard earbuds.