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Those who have tried Apple Pay can attest that paying with your iPhone couldn’t be simpler. You just hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID to pay for the goods or services you bought.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could choose any provisioned card from your Apple Pay account on the Lock screen, without having to unlock your iPhone?

You can now make your purchases by double-clicking the Home button to access Wallet without unlocking your iPhone, a feature partially borrowed from the Apple Watch. You then simply choose a card and authenticate your purchase via Touch ID.

Here’s how you can enable Wallet access right from the iPhone’s Lock screen with just a few taps.

How to access Wallet from iPhone’s Lock screen

Step 1: Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.

Step 2: Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay.

Step 3: Toggle the Double-Click Home Button switch to enable or disable this feature (it’s on by default).

iOS 9 Wallet iPhone screenshot 003

“Get cards or passes ready from the Lock screen by double-clicking the Home button,” reads the feature’s description.

Step 4: You will also need to enable Wallet access from the Lock screen: go to Settings → Touch ID & Passcode, punch in your device passcode and flip the Wallet switch in the Allow Access When Lock subsection to the ON position.

iOS 9 Wallet iPhone screenshot 004

That’s it, you can now access Apple Pay without unlocking your iPhone and access your non-default credit, debit and loyalty cards in Wallet at checkout, without unlocking the device and opening the Wallet app.

Summing up, having direct access to Wallet from the Lock screen lets you prepare an upcoming payment even faster:

  • Double-click the Home button from the Lock screen and keep your finger on Touch ID to pay with your default credit card.
  • Double click the Home button when your iPhone is locked to choose between your Passbook passes or credit cards added to Apple Pay before paying for your purchase.

If you disable Wallet access on the Lock screen, you can still make purchases with Apple Pay but you won’t be able to choose your default card at checkout unless you change it within the Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay section.

iOS 9 Wallet iPhone screenshot 001

Where did my Passbook go?

iOS 9 ditched the old Passbook app and replaces it with the all-new Wallet program. Wallet does everything Passbook was capable of, and then some more.

In addition to storing boarding passes, tickets, rewards cards and other Passbook items, Wallets also stores your credit cards, debit cards and store credit cards, and keeps track of the most recent Apple Pay purchase for your convenience.

If you’re adding the credit or debit card to Wallet that’s already tied to your iTunes account, you will only need to enter the card security code. To add more cards to your Wallet, open Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay, tap the plus sign (or “Add Credit or Debit Card”) and follow the onscreen instructions.

Apple has promised customers will soon be able to use store credit cards, like Kohl’s Charge or JCPenney Credit Card, and add rewards cards, such a Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks, Walgreens Balance Rewards and MyPanera, to the Wallet app and receive and redeem rewards when using Apple Pay.

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  • Snailpo

    I always thought this was a glitch… Cause it would Happen randomly to me. Now realize it’s because I was double clicking the home button! Haha thank you

  • Kaptivator

    My cards seem to appear zoomed in as if cropped off on the sides. My debit card shows part of the e and then the remaining of the word. I have upgraded from the 5s to the 6s. Also having issues with icloud back up even after the 9.02 update. Can’t manually backup or auto back up. Any help is welcomed.

  • Careful though; don’t open it too early or you might end up paying for the groceries of the Person ahead of you….

  • Mike

    Still waiting for ApplePay in Canada :/

  • Natural Nana T

    Even with my phone locked, whenever I place it near the terminal with my finger on the home button, wallet automatically opens for me to choose which card to use. Not understanding why the double click option was needed.

  • Anything Apple Wallet-related is still a distant dream for Australians 🙁

  • I tried using Apple Pay for the first time at Staples with my iPhone 6s, and I failed badly. Felt so dumb :/

    • Your Mother

      no need to feel bad, I used Samsung Pay at Best Buy to buy the Gear S2 and I failed too. I had to hand my phone to the girl behind the counter.

      worse thing is that there was Samsung reps there filming and I felt way stupid for messing up my first purchase.

  • heronymo

    I’ve done these setup steps but I can’t access it with the double click? I don’t have any Apple Pay cards (because it’s only Amex in Canada… come on banks!) so maybe that’s the reason? But it does say “or passes” and I do have a couple of points cards.

    From what I understand, you don’t have to be at the pay terminal so I’m at home right now. Does it only work at the pay terminal? The wording implies you can bring up a card or pass at any time.

    I use Touch ID to unlock my phone so sometimes I end up unlocking the phone. But even when I’m careful with the double click, nothing happens.

    • Dijah

      Make sure you are double clicking and not double tapping. Mine accidentally pops up all of the time, so you don’t need to be near a pay terminal. Every once in a while I’ll look down and see a credit card on my screen because I accidentally double tap the home button so much.

      • heronymo

        Ah but you’ve got a credit card loaded up. I just have passes. Maybe it only works with payment cards. That’s too bad.

      • Cody

        The double click option is there so you can access your points cards without unlocking your phone then opening wallet. However, you do not need to double click if you are just paying for something. Also, for the double click option to work, you need to go into settings>touch ID & passcode, then scroll down to the area that says “allow access when locked” and turn wallet on. As well, the double click option from the lock screen (for whatever reason) will not work if you do not have a payment card in wallet. If all you have is points cards in wallet, you will have to unlock your phone.

  • hobbyfarmer178

    if you alow access to apple pay from the lock screen does this mean somebody who steals your phone can do the same ?

    • Rick C

      Yes, but only if they have your fingerprints too.