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As we told you, the Pangu Jailbreak tool for iOS 9 was just released a few minutes ago. We’ve taken the liberty to test it out, and can vouch for its legitimacy as far as jailbreaking the iPhone goes. We tested it out with our iPhone 6s and were able to jailbreak and load Cydia successfully. In this post, we’ll show you how to do the same.

Update: This guide was originally written for iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1, and iOS 9.0.2, but the Pangu Team has recently updated their tool making it possible to also jailbreak iOS 9.1. We suggest you read up about the iOS 9.1 jailbreak limitations first, then make sure you download the latest version of Pangu and follow these instructions to jailbreak your iOS 9.1 device (64-bit device only).

Note: You must be running iOS 9. This tutorial is for Windows-only, since the Pangu tool is a Windows executable. You can run a Windows virtual machine on your Mac if you wish to jailbreak iOS 9 on a Mac. This jailbreak should work for any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch capable of running iOS 9. That includes the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Step 1: Backup your device and connect it to your computer via USB.

Step 2: Disable Find My iPhone via Settings → iCloud → Find My iPhone.

Step 3: Disable Passcode and Touch ID via Settings → Touch ID & Passcode.

Step 4: Enable Airplane mode via Control Center.

Step 5: Download the Pangu jailbreak tool for iOS 9 from our downloads page and run it.

Step 6: Start the Pangu jailbreak by clicking the Start button and click Already Backup when prompted.

Step 7: Your iPhone will reboot and Pangu will ask you to put your iPhone back into Airplane mode. Once you do this, it will continue the jailbreak.

Step 8: After some time, the Pangu tool will request that you open the Pangu app on the iPhone’s Home screen.

Step 9: Once the Pangu app is run, it will ask to you to allow access to your Photo Library. Tap the accept button on the Pangu screen to continue.

Step 10: Tap the OK button on the “Pangu Would Like to Access Your Photos” pop-up box.

Step 11: Your iPhone will reboot again. Once you reboot, disable Airplane mode, and run the Cydia app.

Congratulations, your iPhone is jailbroken. What jailbreak tweaks will you install first?

If you have trouble, be sure to watch our full video walkthrough posted above. In it, I show you step-by-step how to jailbreak the iPhone 6s using Pangu for iOS 9.

  • Cameron Slattman

    I am using my Mac and I downloaded Windows 10 to use my Mac to jailbreak my phone but once I got pangu 9 downloaded it gave me a message saying runtime error. It says this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in and unusual way. Could someone help me?

  • Benji Collins

    I opened pangu and it told me that I need to buy an activation code or something. Is it sposed to do that?

  • Alex Licea

    I’m having issues with my 6 Plus… Originally I jailbreaked on 9.0, and it finalized without an issue, but Cydia crashed and wouldn’t open. Figured it was the OS so I updated manually to 9.0.2, jailbreaked again, and it did the same thing, even after a reboot. Am I missing something?

    • Alex Licea

      I’m running the Windows App in Admin mode, and I get absolutely no errors during jailbreak. Cydia just doesn’t seem to want to open.



    • Gary LE

      I am think about doing a sideload of kodi to it and then for add ons I will have to find a wizard package that includes all the add ons so I dont have to manually find them myself.

  • Erik Aukerman

    Stuck on 30% I cant find anything on google on how to fix. Can anyone help please?

  • Brianna

    The WWDC is asking for my apple password to allow access, Why is that?

  • MereUser

    please can someone out there fill me in on why pangu 1.1.0 isnt acknowledging a connected iPhone 6.. do know that i have done all steps in the tutorial above, also a clean restore was done..i.o.s 9.0.2

  • Fred

    My iPad 2 is stuck on boot loop I guess. iTunes says it can’t connect to it. Putting it in DFU mode doesn’t help for me.

    What can I do to resolve this issue? Advices really appreciated! 🙂

  • Makko Shironeko

    my iphone is already jailbroken from ios 8 and i want to upgrade, will i lose everything if i upgrade from itunes to do this tutorial? i really need help as aparently no one jailbreaking ios 9 has had their phone previously jailbroken.

  • bash

    what do you download to jailbreak ipad mini2

    • PatientlyWaiting

      2 late to jailbreak now, 9.0.2 has stopped being signed by apple and 9.1-latest release is not able to be jailbroken yet. At least not by any public jailbreaks.

  • Fawaz Kazia

    Can we jailbreak for ios 9.1 ???

  • Finally bought my iPhone 6s Plus. Still on 9.0.2

  • serdar esirger

    Hey Jeff ! If i jailbreak my device can i use touchid and findmy iphone again?

  • Niko Cobb

    is there a Jailbreak for 9.1 out ?

  • credulousgeek

    Thank you jeff!

  • Salman Siddiqi

    Hay Jeff! facing an issue plz help

  • Salman Siddiqi

    Facing an issue plz help

    • Francesco Suarez

      disable itunes backup

  • T4LiTY

    If I have updated to iOS 9.3 can I jailbreak with Pangu iOS 9.0?

  • June Stallings

    Can you jailbreak Icloud locked ones

  • Šãrrøoj Ãmêèr

    hello> my ipad mini is now on ios 9.3.1, can i jailbreak my ipad with this pangu jailbreak tool?

  • Francesco Suarez

    well as of October 18th,2016 theres anew update of the tool V1.3.1 and i cant download it and i cant jailbreak my iphone 6s ios 9.0, dont know what to do