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I am not sure if I accidentally initiated the download or if it happened on its own, but I have the latest iOS over-the-air update stored on my device. If the storage space used isn’t anything to worry about, what bothers me the most is that my iPhone now prompts me every morning to install that update, something I do not want to do, or be reminded of at this time.

Deleting an over-the-air update downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is an easy thing to do. If you want to regain a few MB of storage, or if like me you don’t want to be asked to install that update every day, follow these simple directions.

How to remove downloaded software updates

Step 1: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.

Step 2: Under Storage, select Manage Storage.

Step 3: Locate the iOS software download in the list and tap on it.

Delete software download

Step 4: Select Delete Update, and confirm you do want to delete it.

Of course, deleting that software update doesn’t prevent you from downloading it again when you want to. To do so, you will have to go to Settings > General > Software Update.

  • Daniel Waske

    You can also delete the updates in the “Manage Storage”-section (Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage).

    • that’s exactly what I wrote in this post

      • Wilber Alexander Flores

        Lol original poster is slow

      • Daniel Waske

        Shit shit shit of course you did, I’m sorry! I think I should srsly get more sleep… 🙁

  • czarczarczar

    Nice! Thanks for the info , I too hate that pop up reminding me to update . I’m afraid of accidentally choosing yes and losing my jailbreak .

    • Daniel Waske

      Until iOS 8 the JB disabled the OTA-Update as far as I know. Is this different now?

      • czarczarczar

        OTA update is still an option but now you get this pop up on your phone every other day wanting you to download and update . It’s pretty annoying

      • Daniel Waske

        try PrefSafety then 😉

      • leart

        that was disabled by default since evasi0n 6

  • TheShade247

    So I delete the update and after few days when I check it downloads again without my permission.

    • leart

      yeah, your permission equals nothing for apple, but to be more precise it will start to download again when a new ota version is available, definitely not for the same ios version

    • sudon’t

      Yeah, I don’t understand why that happens when I hit “cancel” everytime it asks if I want to download it. Annoying.

  • TheBoi23

    I do not see this opt

  • Hendo27

    Is there anyway to remove the app badge from the settings app?

    • leart

      when my 4s was on ios 7.1.1, the badge it remained there for exactly one year, after that one day just was missing

    • Andrew

      If you’re jailbroken, you can use “mikoto”. If not, I don’t think so.

      • Hendo27

        That worked. Thanks!!!

      • Andrew

        No problem 🙂

  • leart

    i cant 🙁

    • Tommy

      a rare ipad 2 still on ios 6!

      • leart

        its a ipad mini on its first ios… ipad 2 on ios 6 are not rare those days since they along 4s can downgrade to the 6.1.3 fairly easy without shsh blobs

      • Gary LE

        May i ask about the performance of it?

      • leart

        you would be surprised how fast and snappy it is, it open heavy apps/games on 1-3, apple stock apps instantly, battery life with brightness on the half, everything on, not les than 10 hours whatever you do

      • Dekomori

        a miss those days ahah

  • Ok, I have a jailbroken iPhone (6s iOS 9.0.2) and restored my backup. The issue is; I still have a badge on the settings icon and in software update pane. It’s irritating, any solution to get rid of that. I’m unable to find the OTA package in manage storage option.

  • sadaN

    f*cking hate that badge

  • Thank you for the help, I appreciate your response. 🙂

    • Andrew

      My pleasure 🙂

  • latifa.

    Hello, i actually know how to do this, but the updates doesnt show up on my manage storage? Can anyone told me how?
    *my mother language is not english so my english still pretty sucks,sorry*

    • Jiale Yo

      Hi latifa, I have the same problem, have you resolved yours?

  • Bobo Sims

    Now if only they would give us an option to prevent the device from autonomously downloading that crap altogether. Because this is almost like spam. This is almost as annoying as Adobe’s policy with Flash Player…

  • shuffc

    I downloaded iOS 10 and i don’t see the option to delete…

    • SherryPoppinz

      same here y’all, it doesn’t show in the list. I want that last update outta there-it swallowed up way2much o my GBs with totally unnecessary crap. Can i get a helping hand, please? Any ideas anybody? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      • Lenmarie Pascall

        Same here I need help!

  • Darren Langford

    I just did a software update now my phone is horrible i hate it and im taking it back to Samsung for a refund

  • Ankush

    Thank you so much! Works with iOS 10 too.

  • Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have an Iphone6 and recently downloaded the ios 11.0 and it crashes so much my screen turns itself of. I don’t have enough time to do that. Also it causes my screen to not respond when I touch it. Basically I have a phone now that doesn’t work.