Contrary to popular belief, it is possible, and relatively easy I might add, to request refunds for purchases made on the App Store. This includes both in-app purchases and regular app purchases.

Refunds on the App Store aren’t automatic, and require approval by an iTunes Support Advisor. With this in mind, it’s best to use refund requests sparingly. In my history with the App Store, I’ve probably requested a refund twice, not including today’s request, which brings the total number up to three.

It’s also possible to request your refund directly from your iPhone, which makes it super easy to initiate and complete the request as soon as you recognize you’re not satisfied with a purchase. In the post that follows, we’ll show you every step involved.

How to get a refund for an app purchased in the App Store

Step 1: go to Apple’s Report a Problem website and log in.

Step 2: locate the purchase associated with the app that you want refunded, and tap Report.

Step 3: select a reason for your refund request via the Choose Problem drop-down box. Note: in some regions, you may have an “I wish to cancel this purchase option,” in which case, you should use this option, which will expedite the refund process.

Step 4: type an explanation for your issue indicating why you want a refund, and tap Submit.

You’ll see a message stating that an iTunes Support Advisor will contact you within 48 hours via your Apple ID email address.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting until the iTunes Support Advisor contacts you. In most cases, you should receive a refund. Again, be sure not to abuse this provision, and you shouldn’t have any issues with the occasional refund for an app that just doesn’t meet your expectations, doesn’t work, or doesn’t meet your needs.

For the record, we did not request a refund for Pixelmator, which is a great app.

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Have you ever requested an App Store refund? If not, did you realize it was this simple?

  • I selected “I wish to cancel this purchase” and didn’t need an explanation, the message that appeared afterwards said that items can be cancelled up to 14 days after purchase and that my refund can take up to 3 working days, I then got an email with my right of withdrawal acknowledgement, I’m in the uk so I’m not sure if our consumer rights are different to yours in the US

    • I don’t see an “I wish to cancel this purchase option”. You must have different options due to your location as you noted.

      • Shankar Dasika

        EU has different laws they have a “No questions asked 14 day refund policy” lucky them

      • Just purchased an app from the store and had this message popup, it’s the first time I’ve seen this and hopefully it’s a step towards easier refunds like on the Google play store

  • Here’s the option I used in the UK

  • Dexter SherloConan

    Is App deleted from iTunes library after the refund completes? If you save the ipa file, is it possible to sync App back?

    • It used to be to my knowledge and did once when I requested a refund. Believe this still applies.
      However, if it’s backed up manually it would probably be fine – not the case for AppStore purchase history in my experience.

  • Akim Danial

    Thanks Jeff

  • Jared

    Does this work for apps that Apple has since pulled from the App Store?

  • redjazon

    I never had a problem getting refunds.
    I remember an incident where I even got a free 1 movie rental and music download to “appease” me.

  • Alexander Sundiev

    I got a refund for Fallout Shelter as it took my money and started crashing. Reinstalling it would mean that I’d lose all the data and things that I’ve purchased.

  • reloadux

    I hope someday Apple will introduce a “cancel purchase” function right inside the App Store app, just like in the Play Store

  • Okada San

    Anyone else have this problem? I clicked on the link to go to Apples Report A Problem website. Then I clicked in the Apple User ID field but was redirected to the iForgot password retrieval site before I even had the chance to enter my user id. Weird.

  • Nerijus

    I got a message for iTunes: We have received your request to cancel the purchase of ………. made on 28 November 2017. You should receive your refund for this item in five to seven working days. So that mean they refund money for me?