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I use Apple’s stock Calculator app all the time, whether for calculating tips, computing percentages or running complex math in landscape mode—in spite of having a dozen or so third-party calculator apps installed on my iPhone.

I just prefer the convenience of quickly launching the Calculator app via the Control Center without even needing to unlock my iPhone. The problem is, the app doesn’t have a delete button. So what do you do if you’ve typed a wrong digit?

‘Oh, I can just start over,’ I hear you say. That always work, of course. But as it turns out, Apple’s engineers thought of that after all and did provide a neat shortcut to quickly delete a single digit.

How to quickly delete a single digit in Calculator app

Step 1: Launch Calculator on your iOS device.

Step 2: Type out a longer number of a complex calculation, pretending you just made a mistake at the end.

Step 3: To quickly delete the last digit, swipe to the left or right across the black area at the top. You can do this again to remove the next digit until all digits are cleared.

This trick won’t work unless you’ve typed out a number as part of a calculation. In other words, you cannot delete digits in actual results.

Deleting numbers digit-by-digit by way of swiping should be a lot faster than forcing yourself to start over just because you pressed the wrong digit in the middle of a complex calculation.

How do you like this little time-saving gesture?

  • Knew about it but great tip nonetheless. Thanks for reminding.

  • Smasma

    ( <= ) is waaasy easier and faster then this swipe thing

    • Kyle

      What is this supposed to be?

    • johnsm

      damn indians

    • Dude, there’s no Backspace or Delete key in the Calculator app

  • Anonymous

    OMG! Thanks!

  • Kyle

    I can always delete numbers by swiping to the left. No matter if i just type 89, swipe left and have the 8 left over.

  • James G


  • johnsm

    TL;DR: swipe to the left or right across the black area at the top

  • Wood1030

    8 years with different iPhones and this is the first time I heard of this tip/trick!

    Thanks, Christian! 🙂

  • chjode

    Good tip, but one that’s been around since at least 2009, possibly earlier.

    • For sure, which makes it even more useful 😀

    • M_Hawke

      Yes, and think of how many people, ones who even read this blog, that are new to iPhones since 2009?

  • M_Hawke

    Nice! Thanks!