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Are you annoyed by the fact that videos in Facebook’s desktop interface play automatically when you scroll through your News Feed? Auto-play videos are nice until they are not: they consume system resources, use a large amount of bandwidth and can be quite distracting.

And to some people like this author, auto-playing content constitutes a bad user experience. Facebook defaults to having videos play automatically in the News Feed because of advertisers: a video counts as a view if it plays in your News Feed for more than three seconds.

But what’s good for advertisers usually is not for end users. In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to switch a toggle that will prevent videos from playing automatically as you scroll through your News Feed.

The desktop Facebook interface includes an option for turning video auto-play settings on or off. To stop videos from playing automatically when you browse the News Feed on your computer, do the following:

How to stop videos from playing automatically in desktop Facebook

1) Log in to facebook.com in your favorite desktop browser.

2) From the top right of Facebook, click the icon which resembles a triangle turned upside down and select Settings.

3) On the Settings page, click Videos in the lefthand column. You can also access this section directly by visiting the link facebook.com/settings?tab=videos.

4) In the righthand column, click the drop-down menu next to Auto-play Videos and select Off to disable the feature, On to turn it on or Default to use a Facebook-provided default setting.

How to stop video autoplay desktop Facebook web screenshot 001

“These settings only apply when you use the Facebook website,” reads the description.

If you want to also change your video auto-play settings in Facebook on mobile, you must do so separately, through the Facebook for iOS app’s More → Settings → Account Settings → Videos and Photos section.

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TUTORIAL: How to stop videos from autoplaying in mobile Facebook app

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  • Thanks for the valuable information! I am never on there, but for the 1-2x a month I do get on, I have always been annoyed with the videos playing.

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