iOS 11 brings QR Code scanning to the native Camera app, which previously required a third-party app. A Reddit user has now discovered that the operating system allows you to quickly and effortlessly join a Wi-Fi network by scanning a router’s QR Code inside the Camera app.

iOS 11 then puts up a notification on the device with the name of the recognized Wi-Fi network, allowing you to connect to it with a simple tap on the banner notification.

Assuming the user has generated and printed out a QR code which contains their Wi-Fi login details, such as the SSID and the password, anyone with an iOS 11 device can join their network by scanning the QR code, without having the network password revealed to them.

Android at Google I/O 2017 gained a similar router QR Code scanning feature of its own via a new Google Lens feature that uses computer vision to detect text on images. You can generate a QR Code for your own Wi-Fi network using an online service at

iOS 11 also makes it easy to share your Wi-Fi password with nearby devices. The stock Camera app on iOS 11 can also be used to scan other QR Codes with support for launching any linked app or website.

  • have u tried ?

    • Andrieux Querido

      No i Jailbroke on 10.1.1

  • Davie

    Doesn’t work, tried it

    • but it looks legit in the video right ??

      • Davie

        Doesn’t work with BT home hub as it’s just a link to BT website on the back.

      • Emmanuel

        That’s because it has to be a specifically-formatted barcode in order to work. Did BT explicitly mention on the router what the barcode would do?

        On a side note, I recommend against using your service provider’s default credentials. You should always customise the password yourself.

  • Itsmyopinionsopissoff

    Works. Flawlessly. Create the qrcode using login/ssd/password (I used the QrafterPro app to do this but there are online alternatives). I opened the photo app on an iOS 11 iPhone and viewed the qr code and a pop up appeared. I clicked it and was on the WiFi network. Easy. I didn’t do anything on or near the router.