Apple on Wednesday stopped signing both iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11.0, the first official public release of iOS 11 since the software came out of beta on September 19th. With this change, it’s now impossible to downgrade iOS 11 devices back to iOS 10.

The company regularly stops signing older firmware versions to prevent downgrades and keep users on the latest firmware possible. It’s also a measure to thwart jailbreaking, which often requires an older firmware version where Apple hasn’t patched the vulnerabilities used in the jailbreak process.

Since there have been two new iOS updates since the initial public release, iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2, Apple’s choice to stop signing the original firmware isn’t too surprising.

When Apple stops signing a particular firmware version, iTunes won’t allow users to restore to it anymore. Instead, they’re prompted to upgrade to the latest available firmware. In this case, that’s iOS 11.0.2, but users can also still downgrade to iOS 11.0.1 as Apple continues to sign it as of this writing.

This news isn’t too significant for jailbreakers considering there isn’t a public jailbreak for any firmware newer than iOS 10.2, but it still underscores how Apple isn’t letting up on efforts to put everyone on the latest firmware possible and keep them there.

Those already using an older firmware won’t be forced to upgrade unless they try restoring their device from iTunes or allow an OTA update to complete. Anyone with a jailbreak or that doesn’t like the iOS 11 update is advised to stay away from the OTA update mechanism in Settings > General > Software Update and to avoid updating through iTunes.

From a jailbreaking perspective, the cat-and-mouse game between hackers exploiting iOS and Apple releasing updates to patch them makes things more challenging. It becomes a chore for hackers to keep jailbreaks current as a result, and this is part of the reason why jailbreaks aren’t released as often as they used to be.

On the other hand, given how much of a person’s life is stored on a mobile handset today, Apple has a moral responsibility to close security holes with updates. Forcing everyone to update to the latest firmware helps keep everyone safe from malicious attacks that could expose this precious information.

You can actively track what versions of iOS are being signed by Apple with the nifty website.

Have you already upgraded to iOS 11.0.2, or are you using an older version of iOS? Share below!

  • galdamita

    Jejeje i went back on time from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3 until apple stop to test the iOS 11 and offer a good and stable firmware I will consider to upgrade again!

    • Great timing! Did you see problems on iOS 11? I find it to be pretty stable in its current form.

      • galdamita

        I was trying iOS 11 and iOS 11.0.1 in my iPhone 7 but Apple has me very disappointed, this new firmware has many lags in addition that many applications do not work correctly (it’s not Apple’s fault of course). I prefer to use the previous version (10.3.3) because it works very well and smoothly. I consider that Apple rushed to release this new version without testing it properly and this is a surprise for me, because Apple has a good reputation, I have been using apple devices since 2011 and this public iOS 11 seems like beta version yet.

      • ClaudieX X

        I´m also an iPhone 7 user and iOS 11 is driving me crazy too… it made my phone choppy and laggy like hell. On iPhone 6 is worst by far… sometimes it looses the signal/service provider / time line… then it freezes continuously… almost unusable.

      • :D

        My iPhone 6 is practically unusable

      • rafa benitez

        if fact its a beta, they changed many things on background, the way IOS works internally has changed radically with ios 11
        just wait some month.. 1 or 2

      • So Young

        iOS 11 is stable for me too, but battery life is awful.

      • Oscar Miranda

        Did you try a clean restore?

      • So Young

        yes, a DFU restore and a new save and still have battery drain when I use my phone. On iPad its okay.

      • Oscar Miranda

        I have a 7 plus and the battery was kind of regular. But after I disable the handoff mode and all the nunnecessary notification app and background refresh for some apps. I also disable the tracking and other location stuff and a now I have a full day battery with no issue.

      • Vinnie Bones

        10.3.3 is open again

    • rafa benitez

      if aint broke dont fix it.. im on 10.3.1 and will stay there for awhile

  • OtterWithKids

    My iPhone 6 is still on 10.3.3, and I’m not planning to upgrade anytime soon (if ever). My iPad 2 has been fairly unusable since I upgraded it to iOS 8; I’m not making that mistake again.

    • ClaudieX X

      On iPhone 6 sometimes it looses the signal/service provider / time line… then it freezes continuously… it almost gets unusable.

    • rafa benitez

      true, my ipad 2 lags like sh*t on ios 8.. tried for fun ios 9.3.5 and it was like throwing the ipad from the window.. dowgraded to 6.1.3 -> OTA to 8.4.1.. slow, crashes but somehow usable with some features disabled… ios 7.1.2 should had been the last station for ipad 2..
      apple is doing on purpose that lol.. its okay to be updated but the device must be usable lol.. not just a brick with latest ios 😛

      • Juschan

        The sooner they kick out devices the more hate they get… if they continue them its not fine either so what should they do?

      • rafa benitez

        very simple, dont push any update that the device cant handle.. no?
        or support dowgrades for the last slow ios.
        updating its like a trap, once you did it, your screwed ..
        this is NOT FEAR

  • Sailor_V90

    Yeah my iPad mini 2 was unusable on iOS 11 glad I downgraded back to iOS 10 yesterday

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    And just yesterday I saved my blobs.

  • MitchellaTrivords

    Can we download Cydia with online Cydiapro tools? Are they real?

  • So Young

    Jailbreaking is almost a thing of the past now. Its been over a year now since the official pengu release and over 6 months after the yalu one and I dont see one coming soon.

    • MitchellaTrivords

      Is online method is real?

    • Juschan

      Yap its dead but honestly why would you jailbreak nowdays… almost no developers and if you really need customization you would just pick an android device even though its dead there as well

  • MitchellaTrivords

    Can we download Cydia with online cydiapro tools? are they real?

  • atorres

    So, we will have to live from now only with the worse iOS version ever… IOS WindowsVistaEdition

  • DragonPoo

    “Apple has a moral responsibility to close security holes with updates. Forcing everyone to update to the latest firmware
    helps keep everyone safe from malicious attacks that could expose this
    precious information.”

    Although they eventually just EOL products by not doing this. I have plenty of perfectly good iOS devices that are stuck on 9.

    • Apple’s not the only company that eventually moves on with the times when things become dinosaurs. Microsoft has done the same with Windows XP.

      Still, they keep many older devices up to date. Once performance becomes an issue, they drop it. It only makes sense.

  • busheikha

    Thankfully I saved the shsh blobs of 10.3.1 and 10.3.2 for my iphone 6s plus which is currently on 10.2 jailbroken and bought me iPhone 8 plus which runs 11.0.2 and never had any issues with battery and lagging

  • Alexander Figueroa


    • Vinnie Bones

      you can still signed 10.3.3.. they opened it again, but not for long

    • Juschan

      I was on ios 11 3 days before i decided to go back on the 7 plus.. my ipad is runnning just fine on 11.1 so maybe u should consider the beta

  • Vinnie Bones

    They actually opened the window again.. last chance for anyone to go back to 10.3.3!!

    • any source on that?

      • Vinnie Bones

        You’re late.. that was 5 days ago. They had opened it again for like a day or 2

  • Ranko

    Stil on 10.3.3. Wait jailbreak.