A new Apple support document published two days ago recommends a temporary workaround solution for a weird auto-correct bug in iOS 11.1 where typing the letter “i” can replace it with the uppercase letter “A” and a question mark symbol.

UPDATE: the iOS 11.1.1 software update, released on November 9, has fixed the bug.

If you’ve updated to iOS 11.1 and find that when you type the letter “i” it autocorrects to the letter “A” with a question mark, simply create a new Text Replacement for the letter “i”:

1) Go to Settings → General → Keyboard → Text Replacement.

2) Tap the “+” sign to create a new text replacement.

3) For Phrase, type an upper-case “I”. For Shortcut, type a lower-case “i.”

4) Tap Save to finish making changes.

Apple will fix this bug in a future software update though no timeframe for the fix is offered.

The issue was first noted last week by Reddit user “The Cravin”.

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  • This is so f**king irritating. iOS 11 came an hour early out of the oven, now iOS 11.1 is f**king things up!
    Get your s*it straight, Apple.

  • Jad Boukai

    Is this for everyone? I don’t believe I’ve noticed this on my phone which is on 11.1

  • techfreak23

    People actually use the predictive text feature? Iol

    • Casey H.

      I have predictive turned off, its the autocorrect that’s messing me up.

      • techfreak23

        Interesting. I thought it was only for those using the predictive keyboard. Mine hasn’t been having that issue at all, but I have two friends that have been complaining about it all morning and one of them is using a 7.

  • nova12

    This is the sloppiest garbage ever. Apple has gone to trash. Not gonna put “ever since Jobs died,” because I don’t know the reason. But this company has become worse and worse and worse. Just sloppy. I see very little reason not to start considering alternatives anymore.

    • nova12

      But thanks for the tip. I had done the text replacement, but was using a capital I instead of a lower case i.