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Cody finally received his iPhone X, so he too shares his impressions after using the device for a few days, including talks about the display, the design, gestures, power consumption, Face ID, accessories, and much more.

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How to unlock an iPhone X with Face ID after a failed attempt without leaving the Lock screen

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The best wireless charging pads for iPhone under $30

Apple delays HomePod until 2018

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  • Jay Phillips

    I really wanted to love the iPhone X. I ordered mine at 3:30 am on the day they went on sale. When it arrived and I started using the apps and playing with the new features the one thing I could not take my eye off no matter what I was doing was the notch. If I was reading a web page I kept looking at the notch. If I was playing a game all I could pay attention to was the notch. And if I was watching a video there was that notch screaming at me, “Hey! A chunk of your screen is gone!” And as an app developer I tested my apps with it. Big chunks taken out of title bars and search bars. You can’t see what you’re typing because that part of the screen is gone. And so I went to the various blogs to see what people were suggesting as solutions. One, hide the notch with a black background. Rejected. Apple will reject any app that tries to “hide” the notch. Two, use backgrounds that hide the notch. Someone even released an app that rounds off the top of your background images to hide the notch. Not a solution for apps. I made some adjustments to my current app I’m working on to minimize the effects of the notch, move the search bars and titles down 20 pixels to get below the notch and to use a darker but not black background color, and on non-X devices leave things the way they were. And while it sucked less it still sucked. And what about the millions of other apps out there that will still suck that I will have to look at for the next 3 years while I pay off this expensive phone with a hole in the screen? Forget it. The next day I took it to the AT&T store and exchanged it for an 8 plus with a wider screen without any hole in it. Much better. I will continue to adjust my apps to accommodate people who are stuck with phones with holes in the display, to minimize the defect, but at least I won’t have to look at it.