Amazon on Friday added Spotify to the list of services that work with multi-room music playback on its Echo range of smart speakers, joining providers like Amazon’s own music service as well as TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora and others that support this feature.

With it, Echo owners can set up multi-room music and stream their favorite songs from Spotify on multiple wireless speakers at once. As an example, you would use the mobile Alexa app to create groups with two or more Echo devices by naming the group, such as “downstairs.”

Once you’ve created the group, say something along the lines of “Alexa, play John Mayer downstairs.” While an important addition to Amazon’s expanding ecosystem of wireless speakers, it’s far from perfect because each Echo can only be allocated to a single group.

This feature is unsupported on Tap, Amazon’s Alexa-powered portable Bluetooth speaker that costs more than Amazon Dot, as well as on the Amazon Fire TV HDMI dongle.

  • jacjustjac

    I was looking at Google’s deal on the Home Mini today, where you can buy one on for $29 and get a $25 Walmart gift card, but after reviewing the limitations compared to Amazon Echo Dot (no Bluetooth or Aux out), I decided I’ll go Amazon’s ecosystem instead. (And I already have a Chromecast 2 that I hardly use).

    Now this seals the deal. I may just get an Echo Dot, paired to my standalone Bluetooth stereo, and find an Echo on Craigslist for the living room.

    Apple is just so late to the game with AirPlay 2 and streaming to multiple speakers directly from an iPhone.

    • Bacillus

      …and so transparent & proactive with HomeNot (ehhhh /Pod)