Coming into Boxing Day, developer Jonathan Levin is clearly fighting fit, with his second jailbreak tool in as many days. After a tvOS 11 update to his LiberTV jailbreak yesterday, today we have an iOS 11 tool, dubbed LiberiOS.

This initial release is intended for more advanced users only, as it does not yet bundle Cydia. The popular package manager, or more specifically Cydia Substrate which it leverages to inject tweaks, is not yet updated to deal with the new techniques in the iOS 11 jailbreak. LiberiOS also does not yet include offsets for all devices and firmwares, with some of the earlier iOS 11 versions unsupported. If you’d like to accelerate the process of supporting your device, Levin has provided instructions on how to help him add compatibility.

The first version of LiberiOS can be downloaded from the official page now; do not download it from, nor host it, elsewhere. I advise you read the page before using the tool, as it answers many questions you may have, outlines hazards, and includes the developer’s future intent, for example:

“Code injection/tweaks/Cydia WILL be supported. But only when I’m certain it’s a stable jailbreak, and not failbreak material… Happy Holidays! And no, we’re not done yet. More to come. Just not now.”

Using LiberiOS follows the same procedure as all recent jailbreaks. Install the official .ipa via Cydia Impactor from a computer, trust the app in Settings on your device, then run the app and hit Do It.

Once all offsets are added LiberiOS should support all 64-bit devices, including the iPhone 8 (Plus) and X, on firmwares from iOS 11.0-11.1.2. Do not request support for iOS 11.2 or higher, as it won’t be possible with this set of bugs. Similarly, do not harass the developer for Cydia support. This cannot be provided by anyone except Saurik, who is already working on it.

Early reports suggest that apart from missing offsets and lack of Cydia the tool has an excellent success rate, though more users will provide a clearer picture of its stability. If you feel comfortable giving it a try, I’d be interested to know your experiences. If you’re not comfortable using SSH and fixing any problems you may have, I’d recommend sitting it out for a few days until a more complete version is released.

Happy Holidays, and good luck!

  • Mark

    This is great and all, but what ELSE do you have?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      So you don’t like the jailbreak because it doesn’t have an app icon? I don’t think it’s his priority. Anyway, I’m making an interface for it, which will be available soon.

      • f0llows_you

        Wow. Can’t wait ?

    • Renato Faria

      You don’t have a picture, my goodness.

    • AverageBaby

      Lol says the dude with no avatar

    • JCLEE

      You can put app icon yourself later 😀 In iOS 10 have a tweak called Appcon, you can change any icon easily!

  • Kris Prasad

    i would say WAIT especially when you new to jailbreak… you might mess up your device and endup restoring to the lasted ios its better if you wait til they release the final version.

  • Strykker

    Come on 11.2.1…. OK I am stretching it I know.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      “Do not request support for iOS 11.2 or higher, as it won’t be possible with this set of bugs.”

      You’re out of luck I’m afraid, barring a Christmas miracle.You’ll have to jump in next time!

      • Strykker

        Yep.. It was just wishful thinking.

      • JCLEE

        You are not out of luck , if you buy a new iPhone X quickly while some of them is still on iOS 11.1.2 and below or buy a phone from friends who are on iOS 10 or IOS 11.

        If you care about jailbreak… you can also swap your phone with friends… ofcourse depend what iPhone you swap.. and make sure that you not in loose state..

  • f0llows_you

    Works as intended. I also installed cydia via ssh. Changed root passwd. Everything is stable. 11.1.2 6s

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Good job! That’s about as much as I’d do for now. Good security practice too. You can also block updates via SSH too if you like. Hopefully some infrastructure will come soon so we can install unsigned apps and perhaps even tweaks…

      • f0llows_you

        There is built in support for blocking updates in this JB tool. Cydia is also there. It is just hidden. End users only have to run uicache.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        I know, but it’s hidden for a reason. Substrate does not yet work and can cause problems. Just take care is all, it will be made visible once Substrate is updated. And yea sorry about the updates comment, I thought I was commenting on the LiberTV post for a second!

      • f0llows_you

        I have cydia on springboard. It is not opening as intended. ? can’t wait for updates on this JB tool.

    • S3aJae

      After you run the tool and it runs sucessfully Are you SSHing In remotely or locally using an installed terminal? Via localhost or ?

      The tool runs fine on my phone but I can’t get a terminal to connect?

      • f0llows_you

        SSH via terminal on mac

    • Can you tell me how to install Cydia via SSH?
      never had to do this before, and I would like to get Cydia on there asap.

      • f0llows_you

        Nope. It is risky. Cydia is not opening. Just a icon on home screen. So no use. Wait for 2-3 days.

      • all good man. Patience will be rewarded. No point in having a Cydia icon on the home screen if you can’t open it i guess.

      • well, certainly you wont be able to open cydia for now, but if you still want to give a try then here’s how you can do it:

        1. open terminal
        2. type in ” ssh [email protected] ” ( if you dont know where ip address is : its in settings-wifi-select any network-and find the section ip address)
        for eg : ssh [email protected]
        3. it will prompt for some ssh access type in ” yes ” hit enter ( for first time only )
        4. it will prompt for password : type in “alpine” hit enter
        5. now you need to get into the jailbreak directory so type ” cd /jb/usr/bin ”
        6. once done it will start a new line there type in ” ./uname -a ” to get the info of your phone and acknowledge the root access to your device.
        7. then finally type ” ./uicache ” and wait for like 20 secs
        8. check your phone after that and you will have a cydia icon.

    • Jozef Hayek


  • Renato Faria

    My iPhone X on ios 11.2 ?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Unlucky man!

      • Renato Faria

        So sad ?


        Oh dear why did you update? Dumb ass thing to do.

      • Renato Faria

        I do not updated. When I bought came with ios 11.2, like i said, so sad.


        Fair play to you, unlucky bro.

      • Jeve Stobs

        My iPhone X is currently on iOS 11.2.1.
        I’ve saved the shsh blobs of iOS 11.1.2.
        Is it possible to downgrade to 11.1.12 using Prometheus and the saved shsh blobs?
        Or is there any alternative to downgrade using the blobs?

  • Cones1r

    Will this be of the semi-untethered variety? This is amazing news!!! Happy New Year!!!

    • mrgerbik

      yes it is semi untethered

  • Jeve Stobs

    My iPhone X is currently on iOS 11.2.1.
    I’ve saved the shsh blobs of iOS 11.1.2.
    Is it possible to downgrade to 11.1.12 using Prometheus and the saved shsh blobs?
    Or is there any alternative to downgrade using the blobs?

    • craig

      as far as im aware, if your above 11.1.2 then your hard out of luck for now as there is no tool yet to downgrade from any ios higher than 11.1.2 but keep them blobs safe incase the future holds the downgrade tool.

  • ravinigga

    Still hope for 11.2 and maybe 11.2.1.
    I downgraded to 11.1.2 but it’s works horrible on the iPhone X screen unresponsive, slow etc

    • MaRz Franco

      Yeah I downgraded as well and it just started acting buggy. If ur on 11.1.2 your fine, but when upgrading then downgrading , it turns a mess.

  • Does anyone know how to install Cydia on the new jailbreak? I have heard it is possible using OpenSSH – i have no idea how to do this, as looking for it online, it seems you need Cydia to install OpenSSH to install Cydia! lol

  • Michael Pontbriand

    Yes! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    To everyone working on this Jailbreak! From those building, testing or just providing positive feedback and support. This incredibly needed/useful Jailbreak pieces wouldn’t all come together without each one of you!!!!

  • yusslayer

    Thanks ..just installed it in my iphone x 11.1.1..hope saurik will updates substrate soon quickly and the day of jailbreaker in world is breathing again.?

  • Jake Wolin

    My phone keeps getting this error
    You already have a current iOS Development
    certificate or a pending certificate request.”

    How do I fix this?

    • craig

      in cydia impactor when your device is connected, in xcode menu at the top click revoke certificates, when complete, re run the jailbreak,that worked for my 5s

    • akhyar

      maybe you can try to revoke the certificate.. Xcode > Revoke Certificates ?

    • Minh Thanh

      u need to revoke it

  • craig

    what’s the general thoughts on this, is most people jailbreaking now, waiting for cydia to be added to use or is people holding off until its a working jailbreak preloaded with cydia? I’m unsure what to do, knowing my luck ill mess up and lose my iOS 11.1.2 on my iPhone x and forever curse for not waiting 😛

    • Chris Ryan

      personally i always sit back and wait to see how it goes with others doing it…without cydia you can’t really do anything anyways, so might as well wait for a few more stability updates and cydia bundle

      • craig

        that was my gut feeling, so maybe for now ill wait and see when there is updates 🙂

  • pradeep kumara

    is this untethered or tethered /

    • JCLEE

      Is Semi-tethered it means everytime you restart your phone , you need to run the jailbreak again. But LiberiOS is much stable then iPhone 7, iOS 10.1.1 jailbreaks

  • Steelahlive

    Could, in theory, you load up an IPA that stops the resigning requirement every 7 days, and basically have an “untethered” jailbreak via keeping the liberiOS file on your device and just use it anytime you reboot? or would a respring force you to lose too….hmmm just brainstorming outloud here but couldn’t something like this along with…other ipa tweaks become a way to go…and make the tetheredness of this all unnecessary? how about increase the amout of sideloaded apps you can have?

    • JCLEE

      LiberiOS is a app you sideload and if you are not developer or pay Apple for developer account then you have to sideload every 7 days the app again.

      I have iOS 10.1.1 on iPhone 7 and jailbroken with Extra_Recipe and also using Ext3nder to keep Extra_Recipe resigning itself so my iPhone 7 is also permanent jailbreak , only problem if the phone restarts then need to run the jailbreak again till it works.

      So i hope people update Extender / Ext3nder for iOS 11, then people can use the jailbreak permanently without computer.

  • john hammoud

    I tried to sideload it on my iPad Pro runing ios 11.03 I keep getting error 42 it says it’s not for device family has anyone had the same problem

    • craig

      so lets break this down….. you are trying to sideload the APPLE TV JAILBREAK on your IPAD PRO which by coincidence is not a apple tv, so you wonder why the APPLE TV JAILBREAK is giving you errors on your IPAD PRO? and your asking if anybody else has had this problem? its not april 1st is it?

  • john hammoud

    When I try to sideload the LiberTV11.ipa on ipad pro runung ios 11.03 I get this error installationcpp:42. This app was not built to support this device family

    • burge

      Why are trying to put Liber on a iPad ? It’s for the Apple TV.

  • DeDe Schurk

    What are the options for current iOS 10.2 users..? Is it possible to somehow update to 11.1?

    • JCLEE

      No, iOS 11.1.2 below has been stop signed by Apple. You unable to update to there..

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      You can update to iOS 11.x if you have blobs saved for that firmware. Have you saved your blobs?

  • Mike

    So does this have a higher success rate than the extra_recipe+yaluX jailbreak? That jailbreak is very hard to get back into a jailbroken state when you need to reboot or it crashes.

    • Wood1030

      It’s about as easy as could be expected for a simi tethered jb. If you happen to reboot your device, just pull up the LiberiOS app on your phone and press “Get it”, within seconds you’re jailbroken again. Don’t even need to be connected to computer. Easy peasy.

      • Mike

        Sounds just like the extra recipe jailbreak. But with the extra recipe jailbreak, it can take a ton of tries and reboots before the jailbreak succeeds. Does this one work the first try every time?

      • Wood1030

        Works first try for me. I’ve only rebooted my iPhone X 2x’s since installing LiberiOS and that was only to try the success rate of jb reinstall. So far, it’s 100% success rate.

  • nonchalont

    Splendid news! Thanks devs for all your hard and patient work to bring the community a jailbreak. You’re very much appreciated as an iPhone is truly not an iPhone without you all. All the tweaks increase the iPhone experience in my opinion.


  • AB

    How can I upgrade to 11.1.1 from 10.1.1 on an iPhone 7? Anyone have instructions?

    • JCLEE

      You cannot update to 11.1.1 from 10.1.1 because 11.1.1 is not signed by Apple anymore! And if you have iPhone 7, iOS 10.1.1 and jailbroken then i recommend that you stay! I have iPhone X on iOS 11.1.1 but i also have iPhone 7, iOS 10.1.1 and jailbroken with Extra_Recipe and its so stable for me + also got tons of tweaks installed and living happy with this jailbroken iOS 10.

      On iOS 11 have so less tweak working or maybe half of thousands does not work and not be updated… so you should stay on iOS 10.1.1 especially with iPhone 7, alot of people complain that hey have battery drained more with iPhone 7 on iOS 11.

      • AB

        Did you ever have problems on your iOS 10 JB? I’ve tried the extra recipe/Yalu version but it’s so unstable for me. It reboots almost daily, even after uninstalling every tweak. Do you have any other suggestions to making it more stable?

      • JCLEE

        Mine is so stable… before it did reboot itself daily etc.. but it cause from some tweak… i forgot which one. You should try to use iCleaner once and clean with it then see if reboot again or not.. if still reboot then some tweak is caused. Did you installed tweak which is not compatible with iOS 10? Some tweak which is made for iOS 7-9 and not for 10, but works with iOS 10.. only buggy and get your device reboot/respring/crash… And if it reboots then because it crashed by some tweak or cache… with iCleaner you cleanup caches… but dont use it often.. only use when your device reboots alot.. because like now ,, my device not reboot but if i run iCleaner once then it will reboot… maybe some cache is needed to keep the device awake and not to reboot… but sometime some bad cache will cause the device reboot.. so this is like a gambling… hard to know.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      You can update to iOS 11.x using futurerestore if you have blobs saved for that firmware. Have you saved your blobs?

  • Tony Culebra

    Hello, anyone know if this could be use to make downgrade from 11.1.2 to 10.3.3 on iPhone 6?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Downgrades to iOS 10 are no longer possible except on A7 devices, which is not the iP6 I’m afraid.

  • Rahimo

    I read the entire article twice, but I didn’t understand one thing :

    How can you guys call it “a jailbreak” since it doesn’t have Cydia? what’s the point of it??

    • Brett Smith

      A jailbreak is just root access, Cydia is a package manager

    • SwiftNinja99

      Jailbreaks are just root access, Cydia is like an App Store, and Cydia Substrate is like a virtual machine; if the tweak doesn’t work, Substrate will out you in safe mode.

      • Rahimo

        I got it ! but how can I access root if I can’t download tools to do so?? or is it a developers-only matter?

      • Timothy

        It won’t be useful for most people until Saurik releases a Cydia update that works on iOS 11.

  • newbruclass

    Semi-Untethered. I’ll just stay on iOS 10.1.1 as Apple closed almost everything else before iOS 11.2.1.

    Alibaba has made iOS 11.2.1 Untethered so here is hoping that there will be someone who can release that Untethered jailbreak tool before Apple closes the signing window again.
    Been ages we have an Untethered one after iOS 9.0.1 which was the last one ever.

  • Some Dude

    This doesn’t work on Iphone 6 Plus with 11.1.2 IOS. I mean Jailbreak succeeds, but cannot access the ROOT folder on the device. Any tips?

  • Jake Linowes

    i just installed it. does this article mean that when cydia is finished it will automatically be installed onto my iphone 6? or do i have to do something else once cydia is officially released?

  • amat

    this is exciting, should i update to the latest ios 11.2.1 from ios 9.3? while waiting this jailbreak to be official.

    what is the safest way to do that?