Update: As suspected, it was just a bug and Apple has once again stopped signing older firmware versions, making it impossible to downgrade. If you were on of the few that was able to downgrade and install an earlier iOS version, you should be able to use that version without any problem.

Original article below

In an unseen turn of events Wednesday night, Apple began signing older versions of iOS – some of which haven’t been signed for years.

Signed firmware versions are sparse and in between iOS 6.1.3-11.2, depending on the device you wish to downgrade. Unfortunately, iOS 11.1.2 isn’t one of them and this version is considered the gold-standard for LiberiOS. Nevertheless, many of these signed versions can be jailbroken with old or recent tool releases.

Also for the first time ever, this is your chance to ditch iOS 7 or later and downgrade back to the skeuomorphic days of iOS 6.

This is very likely a goof-up on Apple’s part, but it’s still a great opportunity for potential jailbreakers to downgrade their device(s) before Apple realizes and fixes their mistake.

To do that, you’ll need to download the firmware manually from our downloads page and then use iTunes to restore back to the firmware file you’ve downloaded. You should also take advantage of this opportunity to save blobs if you haven’t already.

As always, you should use the IPSW.me website to check the signing status of the firmware you want to downgrade to before moving forward. Apple could stop signing these older firmware versions at any moment, so don’t hesitate; take advantage of this rare opportunity while you can!

Did you manage to downgrade? Share in the comments section below…

  • hartefbrown1

    What website to use to save blobs?

    • Ben

      How do i save blobs?

  • bscaine

    Of course after the throttling scandal that’s a way for user with older devices to go back to iOS versions with better performance.

    • That’s an interesting theory which I would almost adhere to if it wasn’t for the security issues allowing people to downgrade would beget. I just don’t think Apple would be taking that risk. But hey, I could be really wrong on that. Apple has been quite unpredictable in the past few years.

      • bscaine

        Ok, what about this theory: Samsung raising sales Apple panic for loosing ground. Tried to force user to update their devices in order to increse sales.

    • Satyam Panchal

      ok it was bug apple just closed ios 10 siging

  • linkincyde

    Im using ios 11.1.2 now. Should i downgrade to jailbreak, or stay and wait for jailbreak to be release?

    • Stay where you are. iOS 11.1.2 will have a jailbreak, and Saurik is updating Cydia for iOS 11.

  • Satyam Panchal

    how do i save all ios version shsh? reply fast 😛

  • Shailesh Jain

    Downgraded my Ip6+ to ios 10.2 from ios 11 which I never liked in the first place due to battery issues.

    • burge

      Get a new battery in it then. Your issue is battery related on iOS 11

  • mandy singh

    i m trying downgrade my iphone 7 11.1.1 to 10.2 it gives me error 14

    • MasterShowdown

      It’s only for A5(X), A6(X) & A7(X) processors….

      • mandy singh


    • behnam

      I was going to do what exactly you tried to do! Now i saw your comment and I’m confused!
      Did you solve the problem or no?

      • felixtaf

        Bcoz, the signing is closed from iphone 6 up. I jus checked in ipsw dot me website. Only the devices below 6 are signed now. Thats what am seeing in ipsw dot me.

      • mandy singh

        no now i had lost ability of jailbreak now i m on ios 11.2.2


      So you have now lost all ability to jailbreak, glad I didn’t listen to this crap!

  • Jose Rivera

    I have restored two iPhone 5 models to iOS 7.1.1 and 6.1.3. I can say I am pleased. Sadly there was an issue with jumping from 10 to 7. I wasn’t able to go to iOS 8 sadly because they patched it just a few minutes ago. What a fun time that was.

  • behnam

    Signing is now closed on 7 and 6s

  • Max Otten

    nothing signed for iPhone 6s Plus 🙁 I’ll stay on iOS 10.0.2 apparently then

  • Ben Nash

    What bout 6and 6+?

    • felixtaf

      Signing closed or not open at all!

      • Ben Nash

        Fk I missed my chance

      • felixtaf

        Me too! But am on 11.1.2.

      • Ben Nash

        On 10.1 iphone 6 wanted to go higher to 11.1.2

      • felixtaf

        Then you arent unlucky. 11.1.2 was not signed today for any device!

      • Ben Nash

        I checked with ipsw.me
        It saying i can
        Now im chekin again its closed

  • Ben Nash

    Does it have anything to do with iTunes versions?

  • AOGV

    Nooooooo ????. Even though I’m on 11.1.2 I would have gone down to 10.2. All this stuff happens while west coast is sleeping

  • Steve Harvey

    Apple should do this all the time.

  • This is the 3rd this Apple messed up if I remember correctly. First one was in 2013, second one a few months ago, and now this. I wonder why this keeps happening.

  • big Rafa

    that crappy web site was not working back in that time..
    had to use beehind to save all shsh blobs for my devices.. pre ios 9 are just fine with that tool..

  • Joshua Yu

    I was able to downgrade my iPhone 5s from 9.3.3 to 7.0.3 last night! It’s running so much faster now ?

    • Ikimi Mega

      Joshua please mail me the steps to downgrade. I want to go back to iOS 10

  • amnsh13

    i can still see ios 6.1.3 and ios 9.3.5 being signed for ipad 2 gsm. I have an ipad 2 but unsable/super-slow so thought if i could also restore to some earlier versions but no luck.Restoring to ios 6 would still be pain as all other apps now requires ios 8 or 9 or later to get installed.

    • Rahimo

      There’s a way to go back to iOS 8.4.1 (Jailbreakable) and fast on iPad 2 and 3 !! if your iPad is on iOS 9.3.5 then you can go back to 8.4.1 , I did it last week and it is working just fine!

  • Rahimo

    I missed that golden chance !! I have iPad Air 2 , I was updating it to iOS 11.2.1, it stucked in the activation screen (White screen) and it said “Problem with activation server!” ..
    I don’t know what to do !! any suggestions ?