Financial and payment cards company Visa on Friday announced that it will be eliminating signature requirement for Apple Pay and chip-equipped cards starting April of this year.

Chip-and-signature credit and debit cards issued by Visa in the united States and Canada, as well as contactless payment services like Apple Pay, will no longer require signature verification. This will remove some of the friction associated with using Apple Pay with a linked Visa credit or debit card to pay for purchases over $25.

Mastercard, American Express and Discover are also going to stop asking customers to provide a signature when making a purchase in the United States and Canada starting in April.

Obviously, this is an industry-wide move that will make contactless payment solutions faster and more user-friendly for both merchants and cardholders.

Visa says its EMV chip solution, which launched in the US less than two years ago, has helped decreased fraud by 66% at EMV chip-enabled merchants. There are currently more than 460 million EMV chip cards and EMV chip-enabled readers at over 2.5 million locations.

  • nonchalont

    Nice! Def will be a seamless transaction.

  • Daniel

    Interesting, we never had to sign when using Apple Pay in Canada.

    • Tamahome5555

      And I never once was required to sign (in fact I never did) a signature when I made a purchase of $1,000+ laptop at bestbuy in store in Canada since we have pins

    • Urname

      Visa hasn’t required signatures for their Canadian cards for over 10 years.

  • Stefano Polo

    What’s more interesting is that we’re still being asked to sign when using a chip on our credit cards. When the chip was meant to be more secure when coupled with a pin #. However the banks are still reluctant to switch over to a pin # because they charge their merchants more in fees using the less secure signature rather than pin #’s. Walmart actually tried to sue the banks over this. What is the point of forcing us to use chips if you don’t enforce the pin, this makes it just as insecure as the magnetic strips!!! The rest of the world switch to the chips the correct way except for us 🙁

    • Kaptivator

      Money is more important, not security. Its all a sham here in the states.

  • Blip dude

    Yeah, it was tad bit weird having to sign for a $5 purchase at Walgreens of all places when I used Apple Pay, as I thought the whole point of all this was to simply (assuming funds in the bank are available) you tap, you go, simple as that.

  • :D

    Signatures are an odd way to go about payments anyway imo. Here in the UK we use chip and pin (except for contactless/Apple Pay). Signatures can be forged easily, PIN numbers can’t be guessed so easily.

    • Galaxy Life

      Signatures allows your wife and kids to use your card, giving everyone your PIN is kinda stupid.

      • :D

        I can’t tell if you’re joking